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An Overview On The History Of Project Management And Current Project Management Salary

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Just like having any other job with specific duties and tasks as well as corresponding compensation, having a job in project management has a corresponding project management salary. Some of you might have heard about the good benefits and wages this job entails and you want to learn more about it. To define project management in simple terms, it is an effort to successfully accomplish a project by means of careful planning and organization. A project is an endeavor with well defined limits that has an end goal of producing specific result, for instance, a work of art or music, a new software system or an architectural structure.

The definition of this type of job has evolved and progressed over time. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration and all the changes inevitably result in different expectations as well as varying ranges of Project management salary. A project always has restrictions in effect. Ordinarily, the restrictions are money, pertaining to the costs of carrying out the project, time, which means following the set time line within which the project must be completed, scope, which refers to the requirements and the goals as well as the size of the project. The primary consideration in project management is achieving the goal while adhering to the restrictions that had been agreed upon.

Even in the earliest civilizations, the basics of project management had been in play, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that organizations began using project management methods. Project management arose from several disciplines such as engineering and construction. Two of the pioneers in this field are Henry Gantt, famous for the Gantt chart, and Henri Fayol, who created the five management functions. Tools for estimating and managing costs also saw progress. The American Association of Cost Engineers, now known as AACE International or the Association for the advancement of Cost Engineering, was founded in 1956, as well as the International Project Management Association or IPMA which came into existence in 1967 in Europe.

In 1969, the USA also saw the birth of the PMI or Project Management Institute which came to release the PMBOK Guide or A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, containing descriptions of common practices. They also offered certifications of different sorts.
In 1996, post graduate certifications were established by the AAPM or American Academy of Project Management International Board of Standards.

Examples of these are the CIPM or Certified International Project Manager, the MPM, also known as Master Project Manager, the CEC, which means Certified-Ecommerce Consultant, and PME which stands for Project Management E-Business. Something known as the PPM or project portfolio management is steadily gaining popularity as a way of choosing the right projects and implementing project management methods to produce advantageous results for the organization. This is becoming more widely used for choosing and figuring out priorities among projects that share related resources.

Project management is ever present in modern workplaces. Last updated on March 14, 2011, during the time this article was written, a site features submissions by anonymous employees and employers regarding their salaries. Here is an example of the current Project management salary in US dollars of project management jobs in the company Cognizant Tech Solutions. This can be based upon the number of years of experience, the location and other things. For the position of assistant project manager, 609 sources have contributed information. The current salary range starts at $52k and goes all the way up to $91k. The average salary is $72, 858.


Do you Qualify for Home Loan Modification

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If you’re one of the many homeowners hit by the economic crash, chances are you’ve looked into refinancing, short sales, and other ways to help you get back on track. But if you’re in serious default or are at risk of losing your home, your best bet may be a home loan modification. Also called a mortgage modification, this process involves negotiating with your lender for more comfortable mortgage terms. The government has launched a home loan modification plan, known as Home Affordable Modification Program, designed to help troubled homeowners get better terms.

Each lender has a different standard for granting loan modifications, but the general requirements are pretty much the same. Below are some common cases that may make you eligible for a home loan modification.

Financial hardship Maybe you lost your job, got divorced, or had to pay emergency medical bills. These are all valid reasons (especially in this economy) for falling behind on your mortgage. Note that to qualify for a loan modification, the hardship has to be temporary and you have to have sufficient income. Provide bank statements or financial documents to show that youll be able to keep up with the modified loan.

Adjustable-rate mortgages A lot of today’s home defaults can be attributed to adjustable-rate mortgages, most of which were issued during the sub-prime boom between 2004 and 2007. Once the teaser period ended and the rates reverted to normal, many homeowners found themselves unable to keep up. The government’s home loan modification program allows these homeowners to return to comfortable mortgage terms, so they can avoid foreclosure and save their credit.

Falling home values Many people have found themselves unable to refinance because their home values have fallen, sometimes to a point where they owe more on the home than it’s currently worth. However, decreased home value alone won’t qualify you for a home loan modification, as home values are expected to rise and fall during the life of the loan. But combined with other factors, a decreased value can certainly increase your chances.

Lending violations Sub-prime lenders have been found to violate a number of laws on fair lending, and you can use this to your advantage when applying for a Home Loan Modification. Have a qualified loan modification attorney review your case and see if there are any violations you can use for leverage. With an experienced lawyer, you can negotiate more strongly with your lender and come out with a much more agreeable deal.


Vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 Carlyle Group Get Total Ownership Of Semiconductors Paten

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It could well be appropriate to use the saying “fact is stranger than fiction” when it comes to the latest developments reported on the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH-370.

In a previous article echoing the sentiment of other alternative news sources I stated that the official story for the plane’s disappearance did not add up for several reasons:

1. The stated Indian Ocean crash would have left a large easily detectable trail of floating debris…

2. The flight had been detected for at least 4 and up to 7 hours before its signal was lost, which indicated it may well have travelled much further than the Indian Ocean and…

3. No witnesses or dead bodies were found to tie the official story in that it had crashed in the Indian Ocean.

-I concluded with the suggestion that all this suggests a blatant cover-up…

Now the latest story going ’round is even more bizarre.

Out of the 239 passengers on board the flight, 20 were working for a semiconductor company called Freescale. The 20 Freescale employees were on their way to a conference in China. Of the employees, 4 were senior level engineers and owned 20% each of shares tied to patent ownerships (as documented by reporter Shepard Ambellas). While these 4 engineers together therefore owned a total of 80% in Freescale, the remaining 20% of the patents shares worth billions in total were owned by the company.

However, it has been established that the Carlyle group had bought up Freescale some 8 years ago. It has been said that the Carlyle group has a shady history. During 2001 just after 9/11, it was revealed that the Bin-Laden family had invested many billions into the company and were doing business with the Bush family… Post 9/11, members of the Bin-Laden family after they had fulfilled the conditions, that being ‘to invest more money in the Carlyle group,’ were allowed to sneakily fly out of the USA unchecked…

It has been stated that what had convinced the Bin-Ladens to invest more in the Carlyle group was the promise by George Bush senior, chief advisor at the time, that the company’s defence industry profits would be about to increase dramatically post 9/11 and indeed they did. -Other said controversies continued to follow… effectively allowing people in high places to become a law unto themselves…

Now, incredible as this is about to sound, this is where the Carlyle group find their way into the circumstances surrounding the vanishing Malaysia airlines flight MH-370. The above mentioned patients were filed 4 days after the flight vanished and because the 4 engineers, 80% owners of the patents, are now considered dead, total ownership now goes to Freescale, which, remember, is owned by the Carlyle Group!

As told by whistleblower Edward Snowden, surveillance is rife throughout the world and the Carlyle Group has massive ownership and control in this sector too. Could the group have had a hand in the lapse or lack of surveillance in the vanishing flight MH-370 so they could profiteer from the deaths of those 4 engineers..?

Bizarre as this story sounds, some think this might be a plausible explanation for the cover up that I mentioned above with my 3 points.

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Chinese Hardware Industry Highlights The International Competitive Edge – China Sodium

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Hardware industry is a traditional and new and modern industries. Hardware products widely used in the past, people call it hardware, such as nails, scissors, wrench, tool what is, and we need time to shop can be bought several smoothly, no one how much these things as objects. But Do not look at these small metal products, and now has developed into a world influence of the largest industry.
1, hardware development in various categories
With the development of the times, hardware toward personal wealth is that people can feel. Only a small lock, for example, before the family is just general household locks locks, bicycle locks, but with the motorcycle, automobile industry, high-end residential development, a number of companies to develop modern means of transport suitable for all kinds of motor lock, car lock, anti-theft security lock. Not only lock varieties has increased, and the integration of traditional products showed the trend of high-tech, electronic locks, fingerprint lock, and so one after another; traditional tools hardware, but also changed: garden tool to in-depth extension of a simple pruning twig of the scissors, step by step for the new development of family-and community-building manual, power tools, weeding machine, etc. replaced.
According to statistics, China’s hardware products from the early 80s of last century, 40 kinds of products, less than 500 varieties, surge to the present more than 10,000 varieties, an increase of 20 times; product categories have also been the traditional daily-use hardware from the past, Architectural Hardware, tools, door hardware three categories increased, including shower rooms, gas appliances, range hood, kitchen equipment, cooking utensils and other 10 products.
2, hardware, enterprise economies of scale
The number of enterprises in China hardware from the early 80’s to 50000 more than 2,000. Ultra-billion-scale enterprises from the ring in 1988 when the statistics, Zhang Koizumi, solid edge, the Great Wall Seiko, Wen Deng Wei Li, 14 enterprises, the rapid rise to the present more than 100. Today, the hardware scale enterprises are mostly owned by a modern factory. For example, 10000 and the company’s production workshop, the tall plant to natural light, modern style, both conducive to the production, but also environmentally friendly and completely get rid of the hardware business in the past in people’s minds, “small, poor, chaotic,” the backward image.
In the coastal areas of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and other places, has formed a number of characteristics of the economic industrial base, metal industry has become the backbone of local industry or focus on the development industry and hardware industry in the country have played an important role, such as Guangdong Xiaolan Town, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province has become China’s leading hardware production and export base; Yangjiang, Guangdong has become China’s largest production base of knives, scissors; Wenzhou, Zhejiang, was awarded the “Chinese locks are” title; Hebei Anping wire mesh industry base built , Asia 80% of the mesh from Anping.
China’s hardware industry to an annual growth rate of 20% of steady development, the annual output value of 4,000 billion yuan, higher than the household appliances industry. Data show that exports of metal products in 2005 amounted to 30.512 billion U.S. dollars, year on year increase of 26.44%. China’s exports of light industry as a whole accounts for about 25% of the country’s total exports, hardware industry, light industry exports ranked the top three.
Three, metal industry, highlights the international competitive edge
In recent years, China’s hardware industry’s international competitiveness has been increasing. Our hardware products, trade specialization index (TSC Index) remained at between 0.78-0.85, and increased year by year, which shows that our hardware products, import and export trade status has been greatly improved, and the whole still in a relatively advantageous position . On the other hand, China’s comparative advantage index of metal manufactures (RCA index) is basically maintained at 0.8 to about 0.9, indicating that China’s hardware products with a moderate international competitiveness. But it should be noted that in recent years, China’s hardware products, RCA index showing a declining trend, mainly because of China’s hardware products are labor-intensive products, due to capital, technology and content is not high, in the international market more susceptible to the developed countries barriers to trade restrictions. Die 100-hui Luo, CEO pointed out that the view from the products and the enterprises themselves, and many hardware companies approach is a form of processing trade, technological innovation capability is not strong, which makes China’s hardware industry has insufficient capacity for competition in the international market gradually lost their advantage , in the future course of development, for the major comparative advantage of labor costs on hardware industry, at the same time weakening the comparative advantage will increasingly need to rely on and enhance their competitive edge to maintain and enhance the international competitiveness of the industry. According to Die 100-hui Luo, CEO survey said that at present China has formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze Delta and the Shandong Peninsula three hardware industry zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang appeared, Zhongshan Xiaolan, and Jiangsu Qidong other metal industry cluster.
The development of China’s hardware industry cluster reveals eight major advantages:
One is beneficial to the depth of the division of labor between enterprises and technological innovation. Every enterprise will be fully funding, focus on the most advantageous to do their part, that the enterprise’s core competencies, other related outsourcing to professional company to complete, each product is a summary of a number of core competence.
Second, it helps to save transaction costs. Enterprises are faced with the nearest, a large number of raw materials suppliers and equipment suppliers can lower costs, higher demands, faster speed to purchase a variety of inputs, including raw materials, spare parts, machinery and equipment, the kinds of services and human resources.
Thirdly, it is beneficial to industry and the professional market, pushing each other forward. Industrial cluster is conducive to the formation of the professional market, but also has a greater impact at home and abroad the professional market, both pro-business product sales, but also conducive to the information, and timely adjustment of product structure.
Fourth, it helps to stimulate the sense of competition. The same kinds of products from a large number of production among enterprises will naturally compete, so as to continuously improve product quality and grade.
5 is conducive to Investment. Supporting industries within the industrial cluster system and perfect service system, starting a business with low entry costs and exit costs, not only conducive to attracting foreign direct investment, but also conducive to the cluster of enterprises within the domestic and international capital markets.
6 is conducive to governance “credit deficit disorder.” As the regional industry concentration, among many enterprises to know the root Zhidi, once late payments, forgery, and avoiding the debt and other dishonest acts, it will immediately at the local spread, promises difficult for enterprises to locally based, so the phenomenon of corporate dishonesty between low probability.
7, it helps to promote business innovation. A variety of the latest market, product and technical information gathered, coupled with frequent exchanges between a variety of information within the cluster to promote a greater chance of collision of innovative ideas. LAW 100-hui said the competition within the cluster, as well as personnel exchanges also makes businesses more intense desire to learn, easy to drive innovation in the whole industry.
8 is conducive to the creation of regional brands. Regional industrial advantages and product features are conducive to the formation of regional brand, brand high-impact areas to attract more outlets, suppliers, investors, and various talents. Thus further contributing to the prosperity of the upstream and downstream industries, the development of regional economy as a whole are very favorable.


Things To Look For When Dealing With a Financial Adviser

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Financial Planners play a important role in helping their clientele preserve, invest, and consequently grow their capital. Typically they can help plan and achieve specific financial targets like saving for a business or purchasing a house. Based on the experience of whom you work with, you may find that some even specialize in areas like retirement or estate planning.

Don’t mistake advisors with stockbrokers – the marketplace mavens professionals contact in order to trade stocks. Another area that folks confuse a lot would be that they believe that financial advisors are also insurance agents or accountants.

In terms of qualifying criteria to become a ‘financial planner’ presently there isn’t much which needs to be done outside of hanging a sign up that says ‘financial advisor.’ They might tack on an alphabet soup of letters after their names, but CFP (short for certified financial planner) is regarded as the significant credential. A CFP status is essential and is the initial sign that the person you want to do business with is in fact experienced the financial industry. Anyone that carries the CFP status is devoted to taking continuing education and ethics training. The CFP credential is a great signal that a possible manager can give sound financial assistance. That being said, simply because you’ve passed the exam doesn’t mean you have the credibility and skills needed for each customer. As with most significant lifestyle decisions, make certain you are very thorough about deciding on the best manager.

Traditionally, financial consultants earn their income either from commissions or by charging hourly or flat prices for their expertise. Traditionally a commission is paid when somebody buys or sells stock or some other sort of investment. Depending on the person, some people are more comfortable dealing with financial planners that do not rely on commissions. The main reason for this is that there is a feeling that these particular professionals may steer you in a specific direction just for them to earn money, and not because it is in your best interests.

A growing amount of financial consultants earn money only when you pay them a fee for their counsel. If your planner works based on fees then they don’t make any cash from life insurance coverage or mutual funds. That being said, you might pay a set fee such as $3000 for a financial strategy that is customized or you. Or based on your agreement with the financial consultant you can pay an yearly charge that is generally a percentage of the assets they have to invest. However other financial consultants charge a set service charge similar to lawyers or other specialists.

Something to be familiar with is the fact that you will come across financial advisors that do not take clientele with less than $250,000. The reason for this is that most planners prefer to deal with a larger accounts that they are paid more for their time. In conclusion it’s best to find out later that you’re comfortable working with and they will make the time to ensure that your financial concerns and questions are addressed.


What Qualities Are Needed For Self Employment

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Self employment does seem to be quite fascinating and one of the best ways of leading your life, but just pause and think – are you really cut out for self employment? There are people who can do quite well being self employed and there are people who just cannot get into the drift. So, where do you fit in?

Here, list the kinds of people who think will never do well in a self employment opportunity. These categories are taken from the top of my head, and there will surely be some more of them. But these are good enough to give a preliminary idea of the kind of person you need to be to become self employed.

1. If you do not have any kind of drive to create your own thing, then you are better off in a daytime job. Self employment is not for you. All self employment opportunities, whatever their nature might be, require you to create. You have to have at least some talent in you that common people do not have. You should be able to create things, and then love them enough to let others partake in your creation.

2. You have to be money-minded. If you are just thinking of entering into a self employment opportunity without any head of business, you are doomed. This is because the entire onus of expenses and investments will fall on you. You will have to sometimes bargain with your clients and get good deals. You have to have those talents.

3. Every person in a self employment venture needs to be a task manager. Oftentimes, the burden of managing a lot of responsibilities will fall on your shoulders. You will have to look after not just the production, but you will also be responsible for the promotion and the investment. So, you have to have good skills in managing all these kinds of works at once. You will need to allocate different times of the day for different purposes.

4. This is very important, though not often said – you will have to have affection for your own self employment venture and you will have to nourish it like a baby. You don’t have to do this in a job, because someone else has already established it. So, can you muster enough love and affection for the business opportunity you are giving birth to? You might have to sometimes spend long hours on it, do things that you don’t like much, and even stretch yourself to the limit. Be prepared for all this.


Network Marketing Ideas Which Will Assist You

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Network marketing uses representatives to arrive at potential customers that you might not be able to get to on your own. The following paragraphs will supply you with tips on how to get to individuals buyers and everything else you may have to know when it comes to multi-level marketing.

Price range your genuine-daily life shelling out to assist attain your mlm goals. In case you commit the funds you get frivolously you will not be able to reinvest in your enterprise, that will bankrupt you. You also could have a lot more problems reaching your goals, for example getting a home or perhaps a wonderful car, if you aren’t adding any cash away.

Attempt to ensure that your webpage is full of higher positioning keywords and phrases so your company will bring in the interest of multiple search engine listings. This may make your business much increased inside the search engine results, which will mean that your enterprise will get far more business than it earlier do.

A good observe states a great deal with regards to a business person, so make that your particular very first aim when your profits let it. If you get to to shake someone’s hand your sleeve may go up and your enjoy will show. Irrespective of who’s hand you’re shaking, they’ll notice that observe and immediately successfully pass verdict for you. Let’s make sure it’s an optimistic judgment!

When selecting which firm to do business with for your multi-level marketing venture, make certain that straight assist from the business is quickly accessible. Although your coach or recruiter can generally support remedy many of your organization troubles, there will be times when you are going to have technological complications with the service or product that only the firm will be able to help you with. In such situations you want to be sure that the organization can reliably and easily assist you.

Only use labels. When you are meeting with somebody to speak about multi-level marketing, tell them your own name before you get started out to help them bear in mind you and also what you are stating. When you speak, deal with the person by their name throughout your demonstration. This helps to keep the other one man or woman dedicated to what you will be stating.

Make time for the friends and family. In mlm it may be very simple to spend all of your current time with your recruits along with your buyers. But it’s just as crucial that you give your family and friends some time they are worthy of. They are more inclined to be happy for the accomplishment when you make time to them.

You must have a schedule. These hours that must dedicate to developing your home business. Should it be simply be a few hours each day or every single other working day off, the several hrs that you dedicate to the company have to be followed. Stick with your strategy and work if you say you are going to operate.

Details are how you’ll go from the start-up marketer to a productive businessperson in addition to his / her market. When you can make use of the suggestions you’ve learned outlined in this article and implement them correctly, you may without any doubt start to see some good results as time passes. Don’t dash it just use the well informed solution and increase in a optimistic route.


Cash advance loans- online micro loans

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Cash advance loans from online micro loans serve the purpose of fulfilling the financial needs of the customers in times of need and emergency. The requirements to get a cash advance loan are also very easy. In order to be eligible to receive a cash advance loan, you need to be;

a. Minimum of 18 years of age

b. Acquires a stable employment

c. Should be earning at least $1000 per month

d. Current permanent residence

e. Active bank account

You can very easily get a cash advance loan if you fulfill all these criteria’s. Besides, there are no other credit needs to become eligible for your payday loan.

Cash advance loan from online micro loan is a confidential way of obtaining loan in order to stabilize your economic condition. It is far more advisable for all those who require money instantly due to zero credit requirements.

Online micro loans can surely offer a quick and simple personal payday loan. What comes as a bonus in this form of loan is the fact that it does not follow any lengthy application procedure. The online application form is a straight forward one that asks few questions and thus takes minutes to complete it.

Online micro loans are widely regarded as the only cash lenders online that provides you a payday loan approval on instant basis. Due to the quick and instant service, your payday loan funds will be straight away deposited into your account within no time.

Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that receiving your payday loan online is much quicker and simpler. Additionally, you can also avail the opportunity of arranging various payments to meet your financial needs.

So what are you waiting for now? Just fill in the online application form and give yourself a better chance to live a life free of financial worries.


Disciplined Investing Will Overcome All Market Conditions

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When you are a professional, you must be disciplined in your business ventures to succeed. The same goes for stocks when you are investing in the stock market. Disciplined investing takes training and practice. While you may be able to manage your stocks, the discipline part will get better with practice.

Individual investment losses are caused by several different factors. Some of these factors include bear markets, lack of knowledge, poor investment choices, bad advice, companies that go bankrupt, selling off your emotions, and buying at the wrong time. While all of these are factors that play a role in the health of your investment portfolio, with disciplined investment strategies you can overcome all of the factors playing a role in failure.

Any investment expert will tell you that a lack of discipline is the primary reason why investors lose their life savings in the market. While most experienced investors know this, it is a wonder why nearly half of all new investors fail. Is it that investors do not have the drive to stay disciplined or that they simply do not know how to be disciplined in terms of money and stocks? After all, discipline is a character trait that is inherent in most of our species. While children know how to use discipline early on in life, as we age, we choose when we do and do not want to be disciplined. When you are involved in a sport or a hobby, chances are you practice to get better. This discipline is the same type of skill that should be focused on your investment portfolio.

Disciplined investing does not mean there is a special formula for investing to become a millionaire overnight. It means that you must approach the market like you are approaching your favorite sport. One of the main reasons investors have difficulty investing in a disciplined manner is because they don’t follow specific rules about the right type of investing. By following proven rules, you can succeed.

Having successful strategies that are geared towards long term earnings should be considered rules in investing. It is important to learn strategies that work and then follow them to the “T.” Just like when you are playing a sport, you cannot choose to ignore a flag on the play if you do not feel like losing 10 yards on second down. The same goes with investing. You cannot simply ignore a precursor because your emotions are telling you to ignore it. This will lead to failure quickly.

Successful investing can be simple, methodical, and logical. The rules you should follow when you are learning how to invest are not complicated. With the proper set of rules you will be able to act decisively under all market conditions, avoid large losses, and manage your portfolio on your own. Stand on your own two feet and determine your own financial future with disciplined investing.


Benefits Of Using Gis Services In Oil & Gas Petroleum Industry

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The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is gathering momentum in Oil and petroleum industry as a powerful tool for analyzing and displaying data.

GIS services can be applied in various stages during the development of projects, including: Petroleum Exploration, Production, Managing Facilities & Pipeline Management

Petroleum Exploration:
Gis facilitates the analysis and integration of a lot of different types of data such as satellite imagery, seismic surveys, digital aerial photo mosaics, surface geology studies, subsurface and cross section interpretations and images, well locations, and existing infrastructure information.

Innovative GIS technology is ideally suited for the overlay analysis of geographic, infrastructure, business conditions, and environmental factors and which can be integrated with other business risk or economic business planning engines to provide a focused business solution tool set.

Managing Facilities:
A large integrated oil company must keep track of every minute detail from drilling platforms to pipeline networks and to refineries for their advancement in this highly competitive business area. Geospatial information can be aptly used to map the gathering and transmission of products to a facility.

Pipeline Management :
GIS programs can be utilized to monitor the condition and flow of pipelines and determine the best pipeline locations to transport oil off the fields and to the refineries.

Some of the GIS solutions currently offered by SBL In Oil and Petroleum Industry:

3D Modeling
Lidar Data Processing
GPS Navigation
Corporate GIS data management
Map production and presentation
Digital Elevation Modeling and Hydrological Modeling
Environmental sensitivity analysis and modeling
Network analysis
Pipeline route optimization and pipeline leakage risk
Internet mapping and image web server solutions
Work flow analysis
Conversion of data to GIS format
Linkage of oil spill model to GIS.
Retail market analysis.
Distribution analysis.
Market pattern analysis by demographics.
CAD Drafting and Designing
CAD to GIS conversion
Retail outlet supply routing and many more

We hope you found it useful. For more information about the applications of GIS Services in various sectors Please visit the following link.