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Facebook Marketing Software

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Facebook is among the highest profiting websites on the internet weighing it at an estimated value of ten billion dollars. Microsoft has seen the value in the company and has invested into a small fractional ownership with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Perhaps the reason that FB has caught such popularity is because it opens people to free lines of communication with people across the world or across the street in a real time and asynchronous way blending marketing, opinions and ideas and games perfectly for a few minutes of relaxation away from the “real world”.

When people are looking to get a product idea out that is either virtual or physical, Facebook is an excellent marketing tool. Facebook delivers you access to a large group of people and through their advanced campaign setup, you can select demographical regions to target: this allows you to hit the target group of people that may be looking for your product. This technique is best facilitated with research on demographics and their relation to whatever you’re selling. For instance, targeting an ad for mittens and scarves during the summertime in Georgia may not be the best place for profit. During the winter in the New England, you’d be able to achieve a more solid return.

When you’re working towards advanced Facebook marketing, there are tools that can help you get started on your adventure. Marketing through Facebook without any tools is like working with hand tools and trying to take care of a farm. While possible, you’d do much better to invest in capital machinery and power tools to make your job more efficient and profitable. Facebook “power tools” are out there that will boost your ability to market online. Facebook marketing software is just one type: you can hire freelancers to put up ads for your websites on Facebook, you can hire corporations that specialize in SEO marketing who will include Facebook as a facet of their marketing approach or you could even program scripts that integrate Facebook friending and marketing approaches if you’re a programmer. One thing is for certain; Facebook is growing more profitable daily.

Among the ways to market on Facebook, Facebook marketing software is best. Facebook marketing software allows you to automate and target the process of friending people and exposing your group to fan page to large crowds. When you use Facebook marketing software you’ll be giving yourself the competitive edge that you need to sell your products and services. Staying connected with your clientele is essential: when you create a fan-base at your company Facebook page you can issue coupons for free without the need of printing or placement in the newspaper and you can track the results. Facebook is allowed by most free Wi-Fi security systems though may be blocked at public schools. When you make good use of Facebook marketing software, you can establish wide bases of friends and most appropriated target your desired audience for your ads and efforts in business promotion.


Minnesota The Payday Loan Process

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If you are a resident of Minnesota and you find that you have fallen short on a household expense or an unexpected expense comes up, you may want to consider applying for a payday loan. Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we understand that unexpected expenses occur at some of the worst times. For this primary reason, PaydayLoansCashAdvance offers great cash advance services to you.

Before you can apply for a cash advance, you will need to acknowledge the basic requirements for the state of Minnesota. The basic requirements for this state include:

Proof of income
Valid bank account
Be at least 18 years of age
U.S. citizen or equivalent
If you meet all of the criteria that is stated above, the chances of you being approved for a cash advance are perfect. In general, the payday loan application process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. At, we protect all of your private information that you provide.

As far as the state of Minnesota is concerned, there are not any upfront fees. The only costs that will need to be acknowledged are the funds that you agree to repay once you have received the loan.

At PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we want to make sure that your loan experience is excellent. For this reason, we have three alternate methods that you can use to apply for a loan. In this instance, you will be able to apply for a loan via telephone, in person or online.

Everyone goes through rough patches during their life from time to time. At, collateral is not a concern. Many people are concerned about their current credit rating when they apply for a cash advance. Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, your credit score is not an issue. Whether you have poor, bad, average or excellent credit, it does not make a difference. Any type of credit that you have is welcome at
Once the payday loan process is complete, and we approve your loan, you will receive your funds within a 24 hour time frame.


Invest in Fixed Income Fund for long term

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Fixed income connotes a type of investment that does not deal with equity. Investments that are classified as fixed income, obligates the issuer/borrower to make regular payments at a pre-determined schedule.

Another meaning that can be derived from the term fixed income is that it relates to a persons incoming cash flow that does not change with each given period. This may include incomes that are derived from investment instruments such as preferred stocks, bonds or even pensions that assure a fixed income. When retirees and pensioners are dependent on their post-retirement benefits as their only source of income, the term fixed income also carry a connotation that these retired people have limited discretionary income.

Fixed income funds are mutual funds, as such they are a good way by which one can diversify their investment portfolio. But, much clarity is required to understand what fixed income funds are?

Fixed income funds are a type of mutual funds that invest in fixed income securities such as municipal bonds, corporate bonds, treasury bills, etc. Fixed income funds come in many styles and shapes. In India, fixed income funds are also referred to as income funds and debt funds.

Funds that are classified as fixed income typically make investments in debt securities which are issued by companies, banks, government or financial institutions. The various types of debt-securities in which a fixed income mutual fund invest are known as treasury bills and commercial papers of deposit. The instrument is categorised based on its maturity period. For instance, the debt securities are known as debentures and bonds, if their maturity period is more than one year; subsequently, if the maturity period is less than a year than they are referred to as commercial papers or treasury bills.

The borrower/issuer of these debt securities is obliged to pay the principal along with interest at the time period agreed upon.

Fixed income funds have a face value on which the rate of interest is calculated. Usually an investor who wants to invest in a fixed income fund is chiefly concerned with the face value, rate of interest, rate of interest payment, maturity value and time period. On an average, fixed income funds are held till maturity unlike other mutual funds that see a lot of attrition.

In order to have long-term financial stability investing in gold funds is also the right thing to do. It is always advisable to have some amount of your liquidity to be invested in this precious metal. Gold has gained a reputation of acting as a hedge against inflation. As the rate of inflation rises, the money that you have will be less valuable. But on the other hand, gold being a rare and precious metal, its value will continue to ascend. That means the investment done in gold funds will never lose its value.


Collateral Management Systems For Financial Institutions

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Collateral has been used by bankers and other financial institutions to provide security against defaulting borrowers. This is so as to cover any loss that is incurred as a result of a borrower who was lend money but defaulted paying back and hence the banker or lender losing the money. It can be a legitimate and valuable property that a borrower pledges to the bank upon receiving a loan amount. Collateral management is the practice of granting, verification and providing of advice on matters of collateral transactions with the aim of reducing credit risk in unsecured lending transactions. There are several collateral management systems that are used to manage the process. Now that there is several collateral management software available for purchase from several companies, it is easier for banks and other financial institutions to manage their unsecured transactions. Collateral management systems help the customer seeking the load in several ways and also help the financier as well.

The customer who is seeking the credit facility is able to be awarded a good value of loan amount at reasonable rates with the use of such financial services technology. The technology also helps the financier to avoid incurring losses for lending the money to the borrower. The technology was developed by stake holder in the banking industry so as to help all parties involved in the entire naming transactions, the banks and the customers. Financial services technology has been improving the way banks and customers relate and how their products are delivered to customers. This has also been attributed to the increase of technology to make business processes simpler and safer for the parties involved.

The collateral management system process involves quite a number people and teams. There is the collateral team that makes the actual calculations of collateral on spreadsheets and by use of collateral management software. This team also manages the customers security data and shares this information with the middle level office managers and other parties in the collateral management chain.

There is the credit analysis team that is tasked with responsibility of researching, analyzing and setting of collateral requirements all new and existing customers. The job for the team involves periodic reviews and constant reviewing of the customer securities data. Another team in the process of collateral management systems process is the front office sales and trading team. This is the team that signs new collateral documents for new customers; they manage new accounts for counter-parties as well. The middle office interacts with the other team members daily on matters to do with evaluating risks and valuation. Finally the legal department is concerned with drafting and making of new agreements, enforcing legal measure on the agreements such as lawsuits and collections.

Collateral management software programs are sold by developers who create them to willing companies for use. These technologies are worth every bit of investment because the financial services technology used for collateral management is good for avoiding losses. One of the advantages of collateral management is that it is now easier to trade in a market where there are higher margins or predictable profits; there is access to higher risk trades, reduced credit risk scenarios and many others.

Most of the financial institutions available nowadays have incorporated these technologies in their systems and the technology has improved the lending and trading business.


What Kind Of Employment For Senior Citizens Is Available

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Is employment for senior citizens available for men and women, and are there any age qualifications to meet? Does a senior have to be in top physical condition, or are infirmities allowed?

Are your carefully laid plans for a pleasant tour, although perhaps not royal, through your golden years seem to be stalling? Will employment for senior citizens be the answer to your dilemma?

You are not alone? The same feeling is infecting your senior citizen neighbor next door, your sixtyish friend down at the retirement center, your old buddy in the bowling league and your aging sister in Buffalo.

The truth is, you have options! We all do. Too often, we seniors tend to feel betrayed by our government and left to fend for ourselves at the mercy of an indifferent panicking society. Scrub away those thoughts!

You are no different than the forty old accountant that was cut loose by his business firm, or the thirty five year old new car salesman who is left to his own devices.

You are just older than them, but you have a lot more going for you than they do. Most of their experiences and trained talents and skills are still down the road in front of them. Yours are spread out in a panorama behind you.

Look back at your life. Now is the best of times for you to make the things you have learned over the years put you up in front of the growing crowd of employment seekers.

If you were to write down all you have experienced, dealt with, learned from, overcame, and grown from, it would fill an entire library shelf.

Don’t you think that from all of this knowledge and living you can find some things that would increase the performance and productivity of an employers business.

Don’t you realize that the sum of all your hands on training and acquired talents and skills would be of great value to some employer?

There are wheelbarrow loads of gold nuggets kicking around in your head, my friend. Grab hold of a few of them and transform them into that perfect job you are now dreaming about.

It is not as hard to accomplish this as you may think!

Here is a valuable gem of knowledge and fact that should stir up the juices inside of you.
Most vacant employment positions are not even advertised!

Whoa! What does this tell you?

There is no competition for these jobs outside of word of mouth. Why? There are many reasons why this is so.

Maybe the job has not been defined by the manager yet, he knows that the need exists but what will he call it? You can step in and give him a definition. Do some advance homework.

A harried business owner is overworked and wishing for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and provide the perfect assistant. Check out the company and tell him how much easier you can make his life, and earn him more profit as a byproduct.

You read an item in the newspaper, or saw it on the TV news, about a business making substantial growth spurts. That is your cue!

Call the company and inform them all the things you can do for them, and let them know you will be stopping by tomorrow, would he or she have time to spend a few moments with you.

Where can you look for employment for senior citizens? In your own head! Take advantage of your own experience and skills.

There are jobs out there waiting for you. Be creative and bold. It
will happen!


Finding a Good Internet Marketing Company

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A big problem for lots of small to medium sized businesses is finding a Good Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation Company who are able to help their online businesses succeed and prosper. In the last 5 years or so the number of new SEO companies has grow considerable and we are all being bombarded on a daily basis by telephone calls and emails from these companies eager for our business and all claiming to be the best at what they do, but the problem is, how do you know which are good companies, which are simply bad at what they do and which companies are just boiler rooms and have no internet marketing or search engine optimisation skills are all?

One should always be vigilant when employing any third party individual or business to perform any form of work or task for your business or company, internet marketing and search engine optimisation is no exception, think about it, monies paid to these type of companies are usually paid of a monthly basis and can run to thousands and thousands of pounds per year and if the company is not achieving results then you are simply throwing your money away.

The big issue I see with today’s Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation companies is that the field is completely unregulated meaning that absolutely anyone with a computer, a telephone and an email account can advertise themselves as an expert in this field, a field where you don’t need to be part of any affiliated group or have any recognised qualifications at all and or course falling for one of these smooth talking telesales operators or an amazing in-dept email about how great their services are can cost you dearly, and I personally know of at least one person who lost their business after being taken in like this, struggling to pay for their SEO while their business failed but being kept on the hook by an unscrupulous salesman promising that work is being done and to just give it another month and the business and money will start pouring in, which of course it never did.

So what can be done to avoid being taken for a ride so to speak? Well the main thing you need to do is be very, very careful. A busy, professional search engine optimisation or internet marketing company who is legit and good at what they do doesn’t need to spam your mailbox half a dozen times a day and if your contacted by telephone, remember if it’s any kind of high pressure sales, such as asking for your credit/debit card number right away to get their amazing offer that’s available today only, simply hang up, as they are not to be trusted. If your looking for a SEO don’t sit there and wait to be contacted, ask around see who other businesses use and whether these businesses are getting results, Search the internet yourself and if your near a large city search for a local firm by searching SEO Manchester, or SEO London for example because if the firm is local you can pay a visit to their offices and see for yourself whether they seem legitimate or not and if you have a problem you can sort it out in person.

And remember, a good SEO company should be easy to communicate with, talk plain English and be able to provide details of their recent achievements, showing you real results for ‘competitive keywords’ and you should always contact these businesses direct that they claim to work for to make sure.

One final note, we all know about the most common internet scams and many of us laugh at badly put together and badly worded emails asking us for our banking information, or asking for an administration fee to claim the incredible lottery win for a lottery that we didn’t even enter, yet the biggest scam at the moment is SEO. thousands of people and business fall for the scam every day and never know it, nobody involved in this industry ever gets prosecuted for taking thousands off a business and producing zero results, because at this moment in time they are not committing a crime, I’m hoping this changes, but in the meantime, be vigilant..


Online Marketing Increases productivity

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Online marketing is a concept which makes easily available a website for all the customers. Online marketing is activity, with the help of it small business companies can reach to customer in high volume. Online marketing known as web marketing, web promotion, internet marketing. Online marketing is a process of search engine. Online marketing is a squander field for online marketing researcher. People choose online marketing because online services are faster than other techniques. Online marketing can be done by so many other ways like social media, forum posting, Directory submission, Article submission, online business. Online marketing increasing local search and people can get the required product from in and around market. Online marketing helping local audience or customer to get aware about the quality & service of product. There has long been a argue over which internet marketing approach provides better results- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-per-Click (PPC). Even though SEO delivers qua

lity traffic at subordinate price per customer than PPC in the long term, sometimes it is advantageous to go against what seems instinctual, that is, choosing SEO for its low cost.

Nowadays online marketing using different tools, strategy or techniques to promote their business it includes, blog posting, email marketing, banner posting, link building, online keywords links, and static home page ads. Online marketing focus on B2B marketing, blogs of marketing etc.

Online marketing means creating awareness about exacting products and services and selling them successfully to online purchasers.

It requires a huge deal of effort on part of Company to market their products and services, online.

Creation of Website: First step towards online marketing is design of website. A website is a compilation of complete information about products services, along with photographs, specifications, and each and every minute detail that a Company offers through that product. Website is designed to equip the visitor with all related details and convert a visitor into customer.

Selection of Seo Company: A Company is appropriate in manufacturing and trading of its product in physical market. As it is completely unknown about online marketing.

Optimization of site: A website is not at all designed as per SEOs perspectives. So, it is loaded with keywords, and phrases along with meta-data for its compatibility in search engines.

RSS feeds: Companies can share and group their content, through RSS. Unlimited RSS channels are created for additional effectiveness.

Search engine optimization: Optimizing is not all for a site. It has to be integrated in special search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other local Search engines to introduce it amongst various customers in its locality.

Addition and removal of web-pages: A website goes stale without changes. It needs to be frequently updated, for its better functionality and extreme efficiency.

It is very necessary to know that all online marketing tools are based on e-commerce process. Companies as well can sell different products and e-products. Online marketing helped organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve their online marketing objectives and generate better results. Online marketing invite you to partner for a better online presence that gives you increased business, profit, and growth.


Richard Meyer Cayne – Offshore Investment Consulting In Japan

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The landscape for getting investment advice in Japan has changed over the past few years says Richard Cayne at Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Its unfortunate but residents of Japan while they themselves are free to invest anywhere in the world without restriction cant get reliable information these days.

Just a few years ago investment advisors in Japan were able to give advice and help their clients by showing and intermediating hundreds of overseas investment choices but now that the regulatory regime has changed, this is no longer legally possible. Now says Richard Cayne at Meyer Asset Management Ltd investment advisors in Japan are limited as to what activities they can perform under the license they hold. Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange law (FIEL) an investment advisory firm licensed is only allowed to give general advice to clients and only charge clients for this advice. There is no provision to allow for selling, intermediating or introducing their clients to overseas funds which are not registered in Japan with the regulators there. In fact just an introduction whereby they receive a fee is seen now to be a form of solicitation by the regulators helping in the sales process and is no longer permitted by law.

The ultimate looser in this is the Japan client wanting to diversify his/her holdings abroad. There are still some intermediaries in Japan who market themselves as licensed and able to give financial advice which is misleading to clients given the above laws do not permit the said advisory firm to introduce specific securities to residents in Japan regardless of nationality. Richard Cayne of Meyer has assisted the regulators in Japan in defining what the offshore investment market entails and also to inform overseas fund companies that they themselves need to be cautious about dealing with investment advisory firms in Japan and to register their products with the regulators should they want to market their products via Japanese based entities to residents of Japan. Clearly the FSA in Japan wants to have more control over companies that wish to market their products in Japan.

Unfortunately the FSA has set new conditions and companies like UBS, Credit Suisse, and a long list of private banks and investment firms previously offering offshore funds to residents of Japan have shut their offices in Japan and simply assisting Japan clients from abroad while being careful not to solicit clients in Japan. This is the only way forward and means that residents of Japan if they want to invest abroad can do so but must be the ones interested reaching out to the overseas financial firms.

The good news for internationally minded investors resident of Japan is that they are free to invest wherever they like without restrictions unlike many other countries in Asia where residents are not free to do so. Therefore Richard Meyer Cayne recommends that any serious investor should look to the advantages that offshore investments hold for them.

Richard Cayne had lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years and currently resides in Bangkok Thailand. He is Managing Director of the Meyer Group of companies which is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd a London UK stock market listed financial services holding company.


Change Your Thinking to have Financial Security

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To create a stable financial foundation, it is important to review your past remembering your restraining opinions and worries around money. Reviewing your financial history and thinking patterns will help you identify the blockages to your financial security. Being mindful of your financial obstacles gives you the opportunity figure out when you accepted these thoughts. It will also help you eventually reconfigure your financial plan to be financially secure. It’s astonishing that people are repressed by restricting anxieties and views about money. This understanding of money has been rooted in us from our experiences, environment and what we were told about money.

I use a three step process to help my clients understand their money attitude. The three steps are realization, perception and remodeling. The first step is to become conscious of your money mental blocks. The next step is to comprehend when and where these beliefs started. After you have determined what the limits are and their origin, the final step is restructuring that specific thought to an affirmative view.

Below is an outline of three steps to uncover past experiences that may be replaying in your sub consciousness.
Familiarize yourself with your money background: Working with clients, I request straightforward explanations to intriguing questions regarding money in their childhood and how money has come to them in the present. Ask yourself the questions below to help pinpoint contrary beliefs that may be hindering your progress.
What is the money history from your childhood? What did you observe, experience or listen to regarding money?
Who taught you about money? Who was the significant person that affected your thinking about money?

Comprehend the effect your money history has on you currently: After classifying your past experiences and observations about money, you will next review the way this story influence your money actions and decisions. Ask the next questions below.
In what ways did past money experiences and observations appear in your current behavior? This includes, monetarily, your feelings, materially, faith or religion. It also includes any other affects these moments have had on your present life.
What is the bottom-line idea in the money story? Some examples are:
I dont manage money well.
Too much money will decrease my faith.
I dislike people that have lots of money.
Doing work you enjoy will not make you wealthy.

Recondition your behavior: After becoming knowledgeable of your money history and its affect on your current actions, you are now ready to reorganize your thinking. One of the best methods to re-program your thinking is by placing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping yourself for every negative thought that surfaces in your mind regarding money. This works because you become upset and sore from this action. In case you want a milder path, keep a journal to record of every negative thought and prove why its false. Write down the instances, where your life has demonstrated the opposite.Being completely honest, I went through this process a few times discovering deterring beliefs about money that I have accepted subconsciously through life. My parents gave me excellent money management knowledge and also implanted that financial security derives from money earned and perks. Basically, being an employee provides financial security – but this belief is not supportive for a business owner. I changed my thoughts to believe that I could depend on myself.

This practice of analyzing your money beliefs can be more significant than creating a financial plan or knowing your current financial position to decrease debts and accumulate wealth. You need a strong financial foundation which is your conscious and sub conscious state of mind.


Marketing Study Background Color Vs. Profitability

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Ive had this study on the back burner for ages and finally decided it was time to check it out. Heres the deal Tons of marketing gurus tell you that the best way to sell something is with a sales letter. Im not disputing that (at least not in this study). These gurus then tell you that you should set up a one-page web-site that simulates a piece of white paper against a _____ background. That blank is what has been bothering me for awhile. Heres why

I keep seeing different colors for major marketers. I even see some major marketers switch colors from one site to another. It makes me wonder if they have done any testing. Does the color just not matter? If so, why do so many use dark blue, light blue and black?

Then I consider the major money makers on the net and wonder why only one uses a colored background. Im talking about Yahoo, Google, Ebay and Amazon. They all use a white background surrounding their page that is set in a limited width table in the center of the page. Only uses a medium blue background.

It was high time for a study to find out the real answer. I did it in the usual way. I built a list of profitable and unprofitable sites by looking at the duration of ads being placed on Yahoo (Overture) and Google. If an ad had been shown for six months or longer, I placed the target page on a list of profitable sites. If an ad was placed and completely dropped in less that one month, the site was placed on an unprofitable list. The latter list would be less reliable, but the comparison between the two lists would still be statistically valid with a sufficient sample size. The latter list might only represent average sites, but even average sites would be less profitable than the known profitable list.

The results were very mixed. First of all, the white background sites were the vast majority on both lists. You simply cant go wrong with a completely white background. However, it wasnt actually the winner. Here is the breakdown:

Profitable sites with a white background: 85.2%

Unprofitable (or average) sites with a white background: 92.6%

A non-white background actually was more profitable a higher percentage of the time. I then studied the darkness of the background in those minority sites for both profitable and unprofitable sites. Looking at the RGB values, I split the colors into two buckets those that were dark (191 or less average RGB value) and those that were light (192 or higher RGB value). The results were even more clear:

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of profitable sites with dark colors: 92.8%

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of unprofitable sites with light colors: 96.1%

Wow! Thats quite a correlation. Although a vast majority of profitable (and unprofitable) sites have a white background, those that do have a non-white background have a dark background whereas the unprofitable sites were more likely to have a light background both with an extremly high correlation. Thats hard to ignore.

I next had to get the actual answer. What color background had the highest correlation with profitability. Whats the bottom line? The answer was just as clear:

53.3% of the profitable sites with non-white desktop background were black.

Now; I should be very clear about this result. The area under study is NOT the actual web-site text area. We are NOT talking about having white text on a black background. In a vast majority of cases, these sites actually had black text on a white background. The area under study is the theoretical area AROUND the virtual piece of paper. It is the desktop color if you pretend the web-site area is a piece of paper sitting on a virtual desktop. It isnt the color of the piece of paper that is under study. It is the color of the virtual desktop that the piece of paper is virtually laying upon.

So what am I going to do about this result? Ill probably eventually implement it. I dont like it, but the result is very clear. Why dont I like it? Well, take a look at one of my sites:

I use a virtual piece of white paper on a virtual white desktop. I like the fuzzed shadow I use around the edges. That fuzzed shadow wont be possible with a black background. The shadow will simply disappear leaving (in my opinion) a less professional look of a crisp piece of white paper against a black backdrop.

The other reason I dont like it is that it puts me out of the majority of profitable sites in general. It will make future studies more difficult. Instead of simply grabbing profitable sites and comparing them to unprofitable sites, I will need to grab only profitable and unprofitable sites that have a black background. Otherwise other results might not be valid if they come from the majority white background dataset. A good example would be a study of headline color. The most profitable headline color might be different between those sites with a black background and those with a standard white background.

I simply havent decided what to do yet. Will I stick with the safe standard white desktop behind my virtual piece of paper? Or will I go with the black desktop that is less standard, but has a higher correlation with profitability? What will you do?

One result from this study is very clear though. If you do choose a non-white background, it is foolhardy to choose yellow, blue (light or dark), pastel green, or any other color. The correct color for highest profitability is clearly black. The 2nd place color (and the color of the vast majority of sites) is white. All other colors failed miserably in this study.