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International Marketing Mistakes Dr. Deborah Swallow

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If were lucky our cross cultural marketing blunders will only cause great hilarity. When were not, they can cause offence and cost us money. Here are a few of the blunders that some big boys made. With all their marketing budgets they can still get things wrong. Cross cultural communication runs deep so it is important to research carefully the Cultural Codes for specific products or brands and do some well-undertaken market research.

Below you will find a selection of marketing blunders:

1.United Airlines unknowingly got off on the wrong foot during its initial flights from Hong Kong. To commemorate the occasion, they handed out white carnations to the passengers. When they learned that to many Asians white flowers represent bad luck and even death, they changed to red carnations.

2.A company advertised eyeglasses in Thailand by featuring a variety of cute animals wearing glasses. The ad was a poor choice since animals are considered to be a form of low life and no self respecting Thai would wear anything worn by animals

3.Pepsodent tried to sell its toothpaste in Southeast Asia by emphasizing that it whitens your teeth. They found out that the local natives chew betel nuts to blacken their teeth which they find attractive

4.Locum is a Swedish company. As most companies do at Christmasthey sent out Christmas cards to customers. In 1991 they decided to become ecologically friendly and produce just one ad. The body copy in the ad goes on about Locum saving trees by printing only one ad as a holiday good wishes rather than sending out lots of cards.They decided to give their logo a little holiday spirit by replacing the o in Locum with a heart. You can see the result

5.The Swedish furniture giant IKEA somehow agreed upon the name FARTFULL for one of its new desks

6.There are several examples of companies getting unsuccessfully entering the German market bad translations of products due to the word mist. We had Irish Mist (an alcoholic drink), Mist Stick (a curling iron from Clairol) and Silver Mist (Rolls Royce car) all flopping as mist in German means dung/manure. Fancy a glass of Irish dung?

7.The Japanese company Matsushita Electric was promoting a new Japanese PC for internet users. Panasonic created the new web browser and had received license to use the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker as an interactive internet guide. The day before the huge marketing campaign, Panasonic realised its error and pulled the plug. Why? The ads for the new product featured the following slogan:Touch Woody The Internet Pecker. The company only realised its cross cultural blunder when an embarrassed American explain what touch Woodys pecker could be interpreted as!

8.A US telephone company tried to market its products and services to Latinos by showing a commercial in which a Latino wife tells her husband to call a friend, telling her they would be late for dinner. The commercial bombed since Latino women do not order their husbands around and their use of time would not require a call about lateness.

9.Proctor & Gamble used a television commercial in Japan that was popular in Europe. The ad showed a woman bathing, her husband entering the bathroom and sponging her back. The Japanese considered this ad an invasion of privacy, inappropriate behaviour, and in very poor taste.

Deborah Swallow is an International Keynote Speaker , seminar leader, consultant and author. Working with senior executives, diplomats and entrepreneurs around the globe, Deborahs special blend of professionalism, insights and shot-in-the-arm tactics have won her many fans and a loyal client base. Her clients include: Barclay Business Banking, Nokia, Motorola, Diplomatic Academy of London, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and many more.


Reinforcement Theory Implications for Managers

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Reinforcement Theory Implications for Managers

Reinforcement theory provides implications for managers. 1st managers should keep in mind that motivated behaviour is influenced by employee’s learning what is acceptable / unacceptable to the organization,

When working with employees to develop motivation, managers should do the following:

-Tell individuals what they can do to get positive reinforcement: the work standard lets all employees know what kind of behaviour is acceptable;
-Tell individuals what they are doing wrong: if rewards are not coming, the employee must know why. Providing feedback/information will allow the employee to improve motivated behaviour;
-Base rewards on performance: managers should not reward individuals in the same way. The higher the performance the better the reward should be;
-Administer the reinforcement as close in time to the related behaviour as possible: to achieve maximum impact, the reinforcement should immediately follow the good performance;

-Recognize that failure to reward can also modify behaviour: if a manager does not praise for good performance, the employee will not know what behaviour the manager wants.

By applying these guidelines managers help employees to focus on the organizational objectives while at the same time modifying employee behaviour.


Military Loans – Serving Financial Need of Those who Serve the Country

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Military loans are overcoming financial difficulties for army
personnel who have served the country with a dedication which can’t be
put in words. Military loans are offered to both serving army persons
and those who have retired from the service. Military loans are an
exclusive and resourceful way of providing army personnel with loans to
make their home improvement, or getting higher education or vacation or
car buying or any other personal use.

Military loans are offered
at lower interest rate as compared to the loans offered to other people.
Military loans are flexible and have special offers with easy approval.
Many private online services offer military loans to active duty and
career retired men and women of armed forces.

Applying for
military loans would require you to show the details about your military
identification along with your personal information. Your application
will be analyzed keeping in mind your level of duty, credit history and
financial needs. There are innumerable military loan plans to compliment
your rank and financial situation.

Most military loans do not
require any collateral to be place, so you don’t have to pledge any of
your valuable assets like your property or home. Military loans for army
personnel are typically unsecured loans. However, unlike unsecured
loans the interest rates are low and can be paid early without any
penalties, fees or penalties.

A good credit history is integral to
finding a good military loan. You won’t find a better military loan
product in case you have an awful credit history. Past credit history
can do all the work for you, if you are trying to find a good loan rate.
There are discounts and offers for military personnel but nothing can
compensate for a truly upright credit history. But it does not mean
under any circumstances that you cannot get a military loan with bad
credit. However, it is still good to keep out of debts and keeping
credit history clean.

Military loans are provided to all ranks and
enable you to borrow loan amount ranging from


How 3D Scanners are Used in the Precision Parts Industry

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The use of 3D scanners is widespread among companies that make a large range of precision parts. A 3D scanner is a highly accurate measuring device, making it perfect for jobs that have a low tolerance for error.

Specifically, 3D scanners use laser technology to sample or scan a surface. There are various ways these scanners can be utilized, with the main difference being the amount of power used. When the surface of a part or object has only to be digitized, a 3D scanner will be set for low power.

3D scanners allow technicians to uncover information about a scanned surface.
3D scanners are versatile and programmable, allowing technicians to perform a number of delicate precision measuring tasks.

Among various 3D scanners on the market are very high-accuracy instruments that perfectly measure a three-dimensional shape. This use of 3D scanners is common in the casting and sheet metal stamping industries. Another type of 3D scanner is used when its necessary to measure three-dimensional shapes of plastic parts, press-formed parts and cast parts.

There are 3D scanners that use a technology known as laser beam light-sectioning. Here, technicians scan parts and other work pieces with a slit beam. A CCD (charge-coupled device) camera collects the light that is reflected from the part, then distance information is created from the 3D data by a process called triangulation. This gathering of information would be impossible without 3D scanners.

A use for high-precision 3D scanners includes dimensional measurement of dies, forging, sheet metal, casting and the production of molded plastic parts. In the precision parts industry, workers typically are engaged in making work pieces that must adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines. 3D scanners give them the required accuracy.

Adherence to exacting guidelines is critical, because parts and pieces that are off-spec can cause injury or worse to those who end up using them. A 3D scanner uses advanced technology to tell the devices operators much important data about the piece being worked on and assures that the piece will be finished correctly.

To sum up, high-accuracy, portable 3D scanners are ideal technology for any precision work that calls for dimensional analysis, reverse engineering and industrial design. 3D scanners are also excellent research and development tools.


Cease the Bleeding in Your Retirement Account, Component two of 3 – Land Banking With ten Essential

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Farmland Investment Money

As with any investment fund, every agricultural fund will have it really is own parameters of investment and investment model, a Fund Supervisor or Investment Committee. Some will invest in farmland by yourself, others will acquire farming corporations, and other people will get support companies corporations. Most farmland investment funds will undertake to make investments in agriculture applying a selection of investment tactics covering all of the

Obtaining the best agriculture investment can be challenging for the inexperienced investor with tiny or no expertise of the sector, but there are of course a lot of unique selections offered which includes agriculture investment funds, direct agricultural land investment, and acquiring equities in agricultural organizations. In this document I will go some way to explaining the different choices, the pitfalls they present to investors, the mechanics of how every sort of agriculture investment functions, and the returns that are presently currently being achieved. You can also download?a entire agriculture investment information at the link at the bottom of this write-up.

To start with we will appear at the relevance of agriculture investment for the existing financial local weather, and whether or not this certain sector displays us the symptoms of getting ready to make development and cash flow.

The Existing Financial Climate

The world wide economic climate is nevertheless in a state of turmoil, and the Uk in unique is cutting back public shelling out to lessen an unmanageable nationwide credit card debt, the population is rising, and quantitative easing is possible to lead us into a period of prolonged inflation. Also, the lack of financial visibility suggests that it is pretty difficult to worth assets these types of as stocks, and curiosity prices currently being so small means that our dollars deposits are not creating any tangible revenue to talk of.

So what does this suggest for traders? It indicates that we want to get assets that have a favourable correlation with inflation i.e. they go up in worth quicker than the fee of inflation, these assets need to also produce an revenue to switch the revenue we have misplaced from dollars, and lastly any asset that we get need to also have a strong and measurable track record.

It is extremely distinct that agriculture investment, especially investing in agricultural land, displays the characteristics of progress, cash flow, a good correlation with inflation, is effortless to benefit, and has a obvious and evident track file to analyse, and as these kinds of agriculture investment ticks all of the applicable boxes to potentially grow to be the perfect asset class for investors today.

Agriculture Investment Fundamentals

The fundamentals supporting agriculture investment are quite simple to measure as the world wide population grows we want far more foods, to develop extra food we require far more agricultural land as this is the resource that delivers all of the grain and cereals that we try to eat, and all of the space to graze the livestock that conclude up on our plate. So we are dealing with a quite common question of provide and desire, if demand boosts and supply can’t preserve up, the worth of the underlying asset raises, so let’s look at some of the crucial indicators of provide and demand for agriculture investment.

The best Land Assset Group web site on the Internet

Land Assset Group


Advance Use Of E-mail Marketing Software

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The application of improve e-mail marketing software program will provide you a number of instruments that will help you get the most from the program and also the news letter marketing campaign. You will gain an easy way to promote your email marketing campaign whit minimum coast and effort, by doing so.

E-mail marketing computer software Need to supply:

1. If you put a form like this in your website every person that registers will automatically be included in your mailing list, Crating a registration form -.

2. segmentation- your data basic provide a serves that enables you end up picking a segment of people out of your checklist by just about every meaning there exists (era,gender,contrey) and mail only them a specific e-newsletter.

3. content according to the recipient- the system provides the option of writing a newsletter whit all of the relevant mail and subjects it so that every recipient will only see the part that interest them.

4. Mailing by date- there is an choice to set up the newsletter application so that it will send quickly on a specific date a particular e-snail mail. It can be being a react to an activity, like registering, or as being a greeting card on a birthday.

5. Crating a form to get a review- you may send out a form that this receiver of the email must fill and send again. It might be an invite for any gathering or even a information develop, any method for you to also select one of three ways for the postal mail to be set aside within your body:

#immediate for your postal mail- in such a case you will definately get an e-snail mail for every single recipient

#to some specific postal mail pack- great for making sure inventions

#a file- get all of the details in a CSV file.

6. Mailing by characters- soon after mailing an e-snail mail you can see which recipient clicked on on each object. According to this details you are able to deliver him or her a much more perfect mail with items which passions them.

If you know how to really use the system you can benefit a lot more from it, in conclusion, it is clear that.

Keep this in mind: it is very easy to do email deliverability, but it is not that easy to do it well.


Guide to Mortgage Loans in California

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Mortgage loans are absolutely handy in purchasing a real estate or property. Now, are you looking for such mortgage loans to buy a new property in California? Getting the loans might initially seem tedious. However, with the best experts and the most unfaltering services from these experts, you can easily purchase a property in California with these mortgage loans. The lucrative interest rates and the plethora of advantages associated with these loans add to the brownie points.

Lucrative mortgage loans

You can avail the best Mortgage Loans in California from any reputed bank which offers proper interest rates along with some viable refunding schemes and policies. The best companies offering you these real estate schemes make sure to offer you the best loans in the most commendable interest rates. Besides that, they also make sure that the entire procedure of applying for these loans and getting them sanctioned is simplified without much hassle. All in all, the companies offering these loans are inherently keen in offering you the best loans to choose from.

Viable home renovation loans

Is your home asking for its renovation? Well, if you are not prepared financially at the current stage, you can avail some outstanding Home Improvement Loans in California provided by many reputed companies all over the city. The loan schemes and policies of repayment are simple and easy to follow. Borrowing up to 150% of the approximate value of your property is granted by all the bank of California. So, you can easily get your required improvements done in this budget and start your repayment at low interest rates gradually.

The best mortgage brokers

The mortgage broker performs as an intermediate body between the lenders and borrower to cater mortgage loans. These mortgage brokers in California are innately competent and they also have a proper broker licence. The Best Mortgage Brokers California, are adept in offering you the best loan sanctions in a jiffy. They have ample information about these loans and thus they offer you an apt and holistic insight about these loans and their various proceedings.

A reliable mortgage broker can easily get your loans sanctioned. As an addendum, they charge a nominal percentage commission as a service charge. So, if you are planning to purchase a real estate in California, simply consult these experts for complete information on the best loan packages.

Prolific Home Equity loans After purchasing your new house you will require home equity loans for its proper maintenance. In fact, you can opt for these home equity loans for any and every purpose. The experts helping you with these loans will make sure that about 80% of the proper and authentic value of your homes is sanctioned in these home equity loans. Moreover, you will also have to pay interests not for the entire property, but only for the amount you are using. These loans can be repaid and can be used from time to time as per requirement. So, choosing the home equity loans in California can indeed be a viable decision. Choose these loans to enjoy some commendable benefits from your property, in the long run.


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The Importance Of Mastercam Software In The Manufacturing Industry

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Mastercam software is one of the most important breakthroughs in manufacturing technology. Together with CAD software, they are collectively referred to as CAD/CAM. CAD/CAM is an acronym that stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture. With these special programs, engineers, architects and designers can use computers to design products and structures with relative ease. Using Mastercam software, engineers and machinists can use the digital information created using CAD software to manufacture products and parts accurately in a timely manner.

The first CAD/CAM software was introduced back in the year 1983 and the technology has steadily been improving since then. Professionals from different industries can use these programs to create modern conveniences like machines and structures that make our way of life possible. The industries that benefit from these tools include the construction industry, the manufacturing industry, the engineering industry, the architectural industry and many others. Computer Aided Design software allows designers to create and design virtual blueprints of parts on a computer. These virtual blueprints contain important data like measurements and dimensions. On the other hand, Computer Aided

Manufacturing software like Mastercam software allows machinist to implement the virtual blueprints created using Computer Aided Design software during the manufacturing process. Computer controlled machines use the data from these blueprints to accurately manufacture parts that conform to the data from the CAD files. If you want to pursue a career in the modern manufacturing industry, then you will have to undergo Mastercam training. Only then will you be eligible to work with the expensive and complex machines that produce the things that make our way of life possible.

While there are many examples of CAD/CAM software out in the market today, Mastercam software is arguably the industry standard. This is partially because this software was created by one of the oldest and most trusted players in the development of CAD/CAM software. Mastercam software uses a large array of predefined toolpaths that can control processes like advanced multiaxis, surface high speed, engraving, peel mill, face, pocketing, drill and contour. This software was also designed from the ground up for use by engineers and machinists. Aside from the predefined toolpaths, machinists and engineers can also create their own toolpaths. This software is extremely versatile and an able professional who has undergone proper Mastercam training can accomplish a lot with it.

Aside from the features stated above, Mastercam software is also compatible with many third party applications that can be used to further extend its capabilities. These third party applications are referred to as C-hook and they may be used to create customized machine specifications for use in special situations.

In the world we live in, computers are playing a more important role. These days, we use computers for almost any task you can think of and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Mastercam software allows companies to manufacture products and parts at higher speeds and greater efficiency while maintaining high levels of quality, uniformity and consistency. Without CAD/CAM software, engineers and other professionals would be hard pressed to meet the growing demands of our increasingly technology-dependent society.


Kuka Ag (ku2) – Financial And Strategic Swot Analysis Review

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KUKA Aktiengesellschaft (KUKA) is mechanical and plant engineering automation company. It is the leading suppliers in the field of robot technology as well as in plant and systems engineering. The company engages in the provision of solutions for the automation of industrial manufacturing processes. It focuses on industry markets, such as solar and aircraft, as well as the medical systems, logistics, metals and plastics. The company categorizes operations into two business divisions namely Robotics division and Systems division. The Robotics division develops, manufactures and sells robots, which are used in a variety of industries, such as medical, metalworking, plastics, electrical and electronics. The Systems division is an application engineering services provider for the automation of manufacturing processes. The company has its operations in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Korea, India, China, South Africa, the UK, the US and many other countries. KUKA is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. ( )

This comprehensive SWOT profile of KUKA AG provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the companys businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by GlobalData to bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the companys key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.

The profile contains critical company information including:

– Business description A detailed description of the companys operations and business divisions.
– Corporate strategy Analysts summarization of the companys business strategy.
– SWOT Analysis A detailed analysis of the companys strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
– Company history Progression of key events associated with the company.
– Major products and services A list of major products, services and brands of the company.
– Key competitors A list of key competitors to the company.
– Key employees A list of the key executives of the company.
– Executive biographies A brief summary of the executives employment history.
– Key operational heads A list of personnel heading key departments/functions.
– Important locations and subsidiaries A list and contact details of key locations and subsidiaries of the company.
– Detailed financial ratios for the past five years The latest financial ratios derived from the annual financial statements published by the company with 5 years history.
– Interim ratios for the last five interim periods The latest financial ratios derived from the quarterly/semi-annual financial statements published by the company for 5 interims history.
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Singapore Employment Pass Rikvin Singapore Offers Fast Track Premium Ep Application

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More and more foreigners are coming over to Singapore either to get employed or start their own companies. This is highly due to the healthy financial environment in Singapore which attracts foreigners and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world.

However, before engaging to work or be employed in Singapore, there is a need to obtain a permit or visa so that your employment or business will be considered legitimate. This employment visa is more popularly called a Singapore Employment Pass (EP).

EMPLOYMENT PASS (EP) DEFINED. A Singapore Employment Pass is a work visa issued to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors so that they can legally setup and personally manage their business in Singapore. However, an EP can also be issued as a work visa for supervisors and managers, key employees, professionals, and workers with a specialized skill who are employed in a Singapore incorporated company.

EP ELIGIBILITY. In order to be qualified to obtain an EP, the foreigner must have a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$2,500 and must possess any or all of the following qualifications: acceptable diploma/degrees, professional qualifications, specialist skills, and relevant work experience. Aside from the foregoing qualifications, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also takes into consideration the foreigners age, current citizenship, and his roles and responsibilities in a company. Possessing the requisite educational attainment does not necessarily guarantee issuance of an EP. Sometimes the MOM also makes exceptions especially for applicants who have outstanding professional skills and highly relevant qualifications for the job they are performing even if they fall short of the educational requirement.

EP CATEGORIES: The EP is divided into three categories and are based primarily on an applicants monthly salary. These categories are: P1 Pass, P2 Pass, and Q1 Pass.

P1 Pass. This pass is given to foreign applicants with a fixed monthly salary of more than S$7,000.

P2 Pass. This pass is given to foreign applicants with a fixed monthly salary of more than S$3,500 to S$7,000.

Q1 Pass. This pass is given to foreign applicants with a fixed monthly salary of S$2,500 to S$3,500.

EP APPLICATION. All applications for Employment Pass must be submitted to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The application must be accompanied by all relevant documents showing competency and qualifications especially as to education, skills, and relevant work experience. It also has the discretion to deny applications especially if there is a lack of supporting documents. In case of denial of EP application, an appeal may be made to the MOM providing the agency with relevant documents which were lacking during the first application. Review of the appeal takes more than three weeks.

EP VALIDITY. An Employment Pass is valid for two or three years, depending on the type of pass and the individual holder. Two months before the EP expires, the holder will receive a notification from the MOM informing him that the pass is about to expire and there is a need to renew the same at least four weeks before expiration.

Processing Employment Pass can be a bit exhausting most especially if you are compelled to secure it at once. Fortunately, it is possible to get them at once with Rikvin Immigration Services an independent immigration advisory agency serving professionals and businesses from around the world to relocate in Singapore. Rikvin always think out of the box. They provide a very valuable service by just letting you submit your employment pass (EP) application online and possibly get the EP Visa approved within just 24 hours. Although this service can be served for those who are applying for a Employment Pass (EP) work pass category that can be manageable under the fast track premium service, any option to expedite EP processing would surely create a big difference.