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Six Of The Best Internet Marketing Tools

by como ·

The majority of successful online entrepreneurs will typically use no more than a half a dozen different internet marketing tools on a regular basis. Their daily, weekly or monthly chores can usually be carried out manually, although that practice is often extremely time-consuming, not to mention tedious. However, the use of marketing software tools means that these chores can be carried out automatically and in a fraction of the time. So lets first look at the typical chores included in the day-to-day activities of the average Internet marketer..

Now.. Whichever type of Internet marketing promotion style any online entrepreneur chooses to implement, the one thing he has in common with his fellow marketers is the need for traffic. The success of his campaigns will be dependant on how much targeted traffic he can bring to his website or favorite affiliate link. So Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be high on the list of marketer’s chores. SEO includes a variety of chores all designed to get to the top of

Nowadays it is generally accepted that the most important aspect of SEO is link building.. Creating a decent amount of backlinks from authority websites will raise PageRank (reflecting Googles view of a website’s importance). This process will boost a site’s ranking in the SERPS, which in turn will drive more quality traffic to the site, and therefore increase sales. But before you can begin link building you will need to search for a profitable niche and research keywords to use in the link building process. There are numerous ways to build links and the two most popular methods of link building are through social network marketing and article marketing. Social network involves the posting of links on authority sites and article marketing involves the submission of articles to the main article directories. Then there is the submission of Press releases, RSS and Blogs which are all part of the link building process.

For my own part I have six Internet marketing tools that I have bought online and the rest of my less important marketing software tools are available as free downloads or free online tools. My choice of six includes SEnuke SEO Software, Keyword Elite 2.0, Bookmarking Demon, Instant Article Submitter and RSS Feeds Submit. These six Internet marketing tools handle the biggest part of my day-to-day chores, and in my opinion they are the best at doing the job they do! So let’s take a brief look at the duties that each of my chosen six Internet marketing tools performs for me week in week out!

SEnuke SEO Software allows you to instantly create a wiki/hub/article/blog with your unique content at thirteen authority websites with high PR. The software also submits you video to the top 14 video websites on the Internet! You can also get instant social bookmarking to the top 22 social bookmarking websites, post as many articles as you want to ALL of your blogs/wikis/hubs with ONE click. This awesome software will also spin your bookmarking titles and descriptions effortlessly, post your auto-generated RSS feeds to the top 16 RSS aggregators, and so much more. You can read my review on SEnuke SEO Software by clicking my Internet Marketing Software Reviews link at the end of this article.

Keyword Elite 2.0 is recognized by many as the best keyword research marketing software tool on the Internet, yet this software offers much more than just keyword research. For example Keyword Elite 2.0 will search and find profitable niches and then advise you whether or not to run with it, Keyword Elite 2.0 also shows you how exactly what your site needs to outrank other sites in your niche. and this is just the beginning..

Bookmarking Demon is in my view one of the best Internet marketing tools on the web, and will auto join and create profiles at over 100 Social Bookmarking sites and then post to them on autopilot and it’s a brilliant tool for creating link juice for your websites and blogs. Once you use this software, you’ll wonder what you did without it!

Instant Article Submitter is my choice for submitting my articles to the directories simply because it is totally automatic set and forget software. Submitting articles is now a breeze and you also get an article creator software tool free when you purchase the submitter.. I have purchased three article submission software programs in the past but Instant Article Submitter is the one I use constantly now..

Press Equalizer is my choice for automatic submission of press releases to the top PR Directories. I love the templates for creating quality press releases and I use this marketing software tool for three weeks solid each time I work on a new project. And it never fails to bring me the desired results. An interesting and well written press release will typically be distributed to hundreds of sites around the net by the Newswires..

RSS Feeds Submit will submit your RSS Feeds to a plethora of aggregator sites but much more than that it submits your blogs too and you get a RSS Feed Writer to enable you to create keyword rich feeds and you can imagine how many quality backlinks that is likely to give your website/blog.

So there you have my choice of six of the best Internet marketing tools for the online entrepreneur. Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science as many would lead you to believe. You are almost guaranteed to get your links onto page one of Google SERPS for highly profitable keywords simply by using these marketing software tools to create more high authority backlinks than your competitors. Click the link below to read my full reviews on these awesome Internet marketing tools.. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Trevor Taylor