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Pink Limo for Breast Cancer Patient

by newpost ·

When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer it scared everyone. She is a very important part of the whole family. She underwent surgery and radiation. Fortunately, her chemo agents were just oral. All she had to do was take pills. She had to go in for a few radiation treatments. When she had her last one, we picked her up in a pink limo from Exec Limo Rental in Toronto. She cried. We all did. The plan was to go out for lunch in the limo. She was planning to go out to a local restaurant with my father-in-law anyway.

We took a ride around the city. The riverfront was pretty that time of year. We congratulated her on successfully completing her cancer treatments. The pink limo from was the perfect color for her ride home that day. We had lunch in the party room of a local restaurant. There was a bunch of us. (more…)