A Limo Bus is Really Nice!

by newpost ·

When I found out that a theater was going to have a play that my family absolutely loves, I knew that we had to all go see it together. We bought tickets on the first day so we could all sit together, and there ended up being 47 of us going to see it. We thought it would be really nice to all go together, so I looked at http://platinumpartybusrentaltoronto.com to see how much it would cost us if we all chipped in and rented a party bus together.

I thought that we would end up getting one that has the bench seats all facing forward, so I was in for a treat in a couple different ways. The first one was the price. Split 47 ways, the price of the party bus was ridiculously low. We immediately reserved one for us because we knew that it would make an already great outing that much better. The second surprise was how nice the interior of the bus was. I know that limos are really nice and laid out for maximum comfort, but I just thought that the really big one that would hold all of us would have to look more like a traditional bus.

I was wrong though, because it looked exactly like it should, which is a huge limo. One wall had a long bench seat, and there were seats and small tables against the opposite wall. A huge TV was at one end, and there were strobe lights and speakers everywhere. A long bar went the whole way of the bus too. The floors are hardwood, giving it an even classier look. I was really glad that the theater was 90 minutes away since it meant we would get to spend even more time in the limo bus. Ah, the memories we created that day will stay with all of us forever!


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