An Overview On The History Of Project Management And Current Project Management Salary

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Just like having any other job with specific duties and tasks as well as corresponding compensation, having a job in project management has a corresponding project management salary. Some of you might have heard about the good benefits and wages this job entails and you want to learn more about it. To define project management in simple terms, it is an effort to successfully accomplish a project by means of careful planning and organization. A project is an endeavor with well defined limits that has an end goal of producing specific result, for instance, a work of art or music, a new software system or an architectural structure.

The definition of this type of job has evolved and progressed over time. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration and all the changes inevitably result in different expectations as well as varying ranges of Project management salary. A project always has restrictions in effect. Ordinarily, the restrictions are money, pertaining to the costs of carrying out the project, time, which means following the set time line within which the project must be completed, scope, which refers to the requirements and the goals as well as the size of the project. The primary consideration in project management is achieving the goal while adhering to the restrictions that had been agreed upon.

Even in the earliest civilizations, the basics of project management had been in play, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that organizations began using project management methods. Project management arose from several disciplines such as engineering and construction. Two of the pioneers in this field are Henry Gantt, famous for the Gantt chart, and Henri Fayol, who created the five management functions. Tools for estimating and managing costs also saw progress. The American Association of Cost Engineers, now known as AACE International or the Association for the advancement of Cost Engineering, was founded in 1956, as well as the International Project Management Association or IPMA which came into existence in 1967 in Europe.

In 1969, the USA also saw the birth of the PMI or Project Management Institute which came to release the PMBOK Guide or A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, containing descriptions of common practices. They also offered certifications of different sorts.
In 1996, post graduate certifications were established by the AAPM or American Academy of Project Management International Board of Standards.

Examples of these are the CIPM or Certified International Project Manager, the MPM, also known as Master Project Manager, the CEC, which means Certified-Ecommerce Consultant, and PME which stands for Project Management E-Business. Something known as the PPM or project portfolio management is steadily gaining popularity as a way of choosing the right projects and implementing project management methods to produce advantageous results for the organization. This is becoming more widely used for choosing and figuring out priorities among projects that share related resources.

Project management is ever present in modern workplaces. Last updated on March 14, 2011, during the time this article was written, a site features submissions by anonymous employees and employers regarding their salaries. Here is an example of the current Project management salary in US dollars of project management jobs in the company Cognizant Tech Solutions. This can be based upon the number of years of experience, the location and other things. For the position of assistant project manager, 609 sources have contributed information. The current salary range starts at $52k and goes all the way up to $91k. The average salary is $72, 858.

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