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Differences In Management Consulting And Investment Banking

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The decision was relatively straight forward for me. The negatives of investment banking – long hours, repetitive work, lack of non-finance exit options – mattered more to me than the money.
I considered sales & trading (in fact, I spent a summer at CSFB in NY), and was tempted to continue in that line of work after graduation.
Instead of defining the characteristics of each industry (there are plenty of resources out there for that, including my Management Consulted blog), I will address a short list of differences between the two career paths.
Let me caveat by saying THESE ARE NOT YOUR ONLY OPTIONS. People get carried away into thinking thats all there is.
This is the primary superficial distinction. Thats not to imply that salaries aren’t important. Banking salaries average 50-100% higher than consulting salaries, with the gap increasing as your seniority increases. Consulting attempts to compensates with small perks – from better travel allowances to more generous retirement packages.
Consultants always like to say this:
I know investment bankers make more money. But from a cashflow perspective, its exactly the same!
This means that consultants and bankers make similar base salaries, but at the end of the year, bankers are awarded a significant bonus which can be more than half of their total annual compensation.
Cashflow or not, the extra money is substantial and a defining driver of why many people do investment banking over business consulting. This is also a difficult issue for consulting firms with respect to employee retention. In my years as a McKinsey management consultant, easily half the people who left the firm went into the financial world (from hedge funds to PE), and salary was undoubtedly a major factor in the decision.
My advice is – after considering the 5 factors Ive listed here, you still think the pay difference (for analysts, averaging between $30-60K per year) would mean a significant difference in your professional job satisfaction, choose investment banking over consulting.
The big differences here are:
-Hours. Bankers work brutal hours, no surprise. They can average 14-16 hours/day but it can get FAR WORSE.
My roommates in New York (both investment bankers at Goldman Sachs) would sometimes go several weeks before wed even exchange a word. Which meant not only were they getting in after I went to sleep (around 2am), but going back to the office before I woke up (around 7am).
Your second year as an investment banker gets easier – often in the 10-12 hours/day range but with occasional tough periods.
Management consultants average 12 hours/day, with the typical variations depending on client, team goals, etc
-Travel. Bankers do a little travel for roadshows, due diligence, etc but spend 90% of their time in one office until youre partner-level (you can expect more travel in private equity and asset management). Depending on firm – management consultants travel a lot. At the Big 3 (Bain, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey), you can expect travel 50-75% of the time
-Relationship with firm employees and coworkers. This is an important but oft overlooked issue. Consulting firms have a very collegial atmosphere, where the focus is on getting work done and ensuring your professional success. This attitude permeates all interactions. Managers never yell, coworkers are supportive whenever possible, and companies are organized to provide consultants support with training, expertise, etc. Finally, networking is critical at consulting firms, and social events are focused on helping business consultants build contacts and relationships throughout the company.
Investment banks, on the other hand, have a more competitive and tense work environment. You can expect more stressful relationships with your bosses, youll probably be yelled at occasionally for mistakes, and coworkers are much less willing to help out colleagues (your success means theres more competition for the biggest bonuses).
In addition, youll have limited exposure across the company to other groups, departments, etc – less ability to network across the company.
Part 2 of this series on consulting versus banking continues tomorrow!


Prospective Jobs Through Lic, Karnataka And Kotak Mahindra Bank Recruitment 2013

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They might go for the banking sector or the railways, or any other place and they apply for the different positions advertised, according to their educational qualifications and eligibility criteria. In India, banking sector jobs are in high demand and are pursued by many people. it has been seen in the past few years that the students are seeking the government jobs and banks are a favourite choice among these. Also, there are plenty of applicants for the posts which are advertised by the Life Insurance Corporation of India or LIC.

Private banks have give a new lease of life to the banking industry in India. Not only are they provide a wide range of banking facilities to the customers, they are also having plenty of vacancies for the jobs aspirants. Karnataka Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank in India have been offering a variety of jobs for the interested candidates. People are choosing these jobs because of three important reasons.

Karnataka bank as prospective employer

Jobs in banks, especially in the private sector, are found in plenty. There are branches all over the country, offering financial solutions to the customers. It is in these banks that there is a need of skilled and enthusiastic people to work for the benefit of the customers. Due to expansion of the branches and offering of better services, banking personnel are being recruited. Karnataka Bank, which had a strong presence in the state of Karnataka, now is planning on expanding to the other states in India. Karnataka bank recruitment 2013 would be done for a variety of posts such as sales manager, relationship manager, and other posts. Since there are varieties of activities related to banking transactions, life insurance, mutual funds, private equity, realty fund, investment banking, etc.

Kotak Mahindra for offers

Kotak Mahindra Bank recruitment 2013 is also in the pipeline for various posts. This is one of the largest private sector banks in the country, which has a strong presence in banking sector. People, who are interested for the private banks, will have to be alert and check internet portals and the official site of Kotak Mahindra Bank to know about these offers in proper time. They will then be called for interviews or written rounds before being finally recruited into the different posts as advertised and the different branches. In these private banks, the pay scale is quite good but the icing on the cake is the rapid promotion which people can avail, by working with dedication and handling their jobs efficiently.

Job offers in LIC

Life Insurance Corporation is the leading government organisation dealing with insurance products and it has a large number of customers. There are plenty of branches of LIC in various cities all over the country. Some of the job offers are development officers, service executive assistants, AAI, and so on. Due to the sheer number of branches and the need for skilled workers in these areas, people will be able to get lots of job offers in the LIC recruitment 2013.

Many prospective job offers are out there for grabbing by people. But the important thing is to have the right qualification and know about the publication of these offers, whenever these are advertised. People should be ready with adequate preparations and should submit their applications in time for being considered for the interview and other screening rounds.


BSES Online Bill Payment By Net Banking

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With millions of residents in Delhi and nearby regions, the need to have a smooth provision of electricity supply was paramount. Since long, people had been suffering due to erratic current cutbacks and lack of streamlined approach in supply. Further devastating was the lack of any rightful method of collection of bills from the residents. A few years ago, the scenario was reflected in long queues in the offices of Delhi Vidyut Board till July 2002. But then, power sector of Delhi was privatized and was taken over by BSES. This takeover also led to the transfer of various liabilities, assets, personnel and proceedings of the Delhi Vidyut Board in compliance with the transfer agreements. Now, majority of Delhi’s power distribution system remains under BSES Yamuna Power Limited or BYPL and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and a third party North Delhi Power Limited, which is a venture between Tata Power and Govt of Delhi. With 3 separate jurisdictions for each of these units, Delhi’s power woes have almost ended. BSES New Delhi Apart from the facilities of efficient power supply by the BSES and NDPL, the losses have come down significantly and infrastructure improvement has been remarkable. But, one of the hallmarks of these changes through privatisation has been the convenience in the BSES bill payment by the residents. Earlier, people were required to pay through cash or demand drafts or cheques, which obviously is a cumbersome process for people in Delhi. They could deposit the bills in the customer care centres and kiosks. Currently, after the revision of the bill payment process and privatisation, a number of methodologies have been put forth by these organisations for the payment of dues. Bill payment kiosks are opened in various centres under the BYPL and BRPL. Residents can go to these places and pay by cheque or cash between 8 am and 8 pm, excepting the public holidays. There are also other options such as payment through counters, cheque in mail and drop boxes. But the one modality which has stolen the show is that of payment through net banking or BSES bill payment online. Online mode of payment is advantageous for few reasons: BSES Online Bill Payment By Net Banking Most people have online internet banking facilities, which are provided by their banks. Almost all the banks have nowadays facility to operate accounts online. Hence, payment of electricity bills monthly, doesn’t pose an issue for people. Rather, they would prefer doing so, as it allows them to make their payments from the comforts of their laptops and computers at homes and offices. It is but natural that electricity consumers in Delhi are opting for the internet banking facilities for BSES bill payment. The process of doing so is also quite easy. Consumers can select mastercard, visa card and other cards for banks like IDBI, SBI, PNB, Axis, and others. They can start by visiting the BSES Delhi official site and click on payment options. There will be an online confirmation and a transaction reference number. Then, the BSES account number would be asked, which consumers can fill in. A page then opens up, where consumers can see their particular bills for the said months, which is due. Payment process proceeds when they click on pay now option. On selecting the net banking option, customers would be redirected to their respective banks, where the user id and password has to be provided. Through a secured gateway, the amount would be instantly debited and it would reach the customer’s BSES account within 5 working days. BSES bill payment online has been a boon to the millions of power users in Delhi. With high end system of fee collections, lots of people have been benefited and quickly adopted this system of paying their bills without fail.


Queries On Mobile Banking Services That Taunt Customers

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Financial institutions are exploring avenues to find ideal ways and means to render good services to customers, and to earn their confidence in the bargain. In their effort to offer good services, banks have started offering mobile banking services that work to the advantage of the customers. With the aid of banking software companies, financial institutions are rolling out mobile solutions to cater to the demands of customers. Though mobile solutions have attracted the attention of customers, there are queries about mobile banking services that taunt and haunt customers. What are the queries that deserve proper answers?

Why apply for this facility?

In the first place, a customer wants to know as to why he should apply for this facility. Mobile banking has made things easy for banks and customers, and with this banking facility, a customer can carry out banking transactions from any part of the world, and at any time that suits the convenience of the customer. By applying for this facility, a customer can make good use of the anytime anywhere banking mode, and save his valuable time in the process.

What are the requests to be made?

Another query that demands a suitable answer is the query about requests that can be made by a customer, with respect to the mobile services rendered by a financial institution. A customer can make use of this mobile banking facility to check his account balance, to glean details regarding the check status, and about details of the transactions among other types of services.

What is the specialty?

Financial institutions seek the services of Banking software companies to introduce mobile solutions that work to the advantage of customers. These solutions are so special, where the solutions offer a wealth of benefits in the process. With the help of mobile phones, customers can gain access to their account, and conduct several transactions without having to invest more time and energy to accomplish such tasks. Whether it is the need to glean details on recent transactions, or the need to access card statements, this facility makes it easy and comfortable for a customer to gather the needed details.

Though mobile banking services have gained popularity amid customers, queries concerning this facility taunt and haunt some of the customers who look for suitable answers to these queries.


MBA Education for Banking and Non-Banking Managerial Jobs

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Business schools in many countries offer management courses tailored to full time, part-time, executive and distance learning MBA programs. Since MBA degree from any well-known institute not only offers recognition, but also a high salary package, a wide range of MBA programs are tailored with specialized concentrations like finance, marketing, accounting, information technology, human resource management and many other fields. In India, some MBA colleges offer post graduation diploma courses called PGDM programs which are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). AITCE is an apex Indian government undertaking with a view to improve the qualitative technical education system throughout the country and regulate the norms and standards for planning the quantitative growth and matters connected therewith. Since the strength of any country’s economy lies in finance and banking sectors, the importance of MBAs in these sectors cannot be understated.

In India, all types of commercial banks, public sector banks, rural banks, foreign banks, private banks and urban co-operative banking institutions play a significant role in boosting the economy and financial position of the country. MBA degree is considered to be the foremost qualification which is required by these banking and financial institutions for their managerial level positions. MBA education in finance provides important knowledge about the financial skills and solutions for the issues relating to the domestic and international banking and services. Market analysis and cash management skills are two important areas which every MBA student must know how to handle. MBA with specialization in finance offers to learn a variety of subjects like costing, budgeting, corporate finance, international finance, investments, working capital finance and securities etc. MBAs pursuing their courses in finance can start their career in any investment firm or any banking institute as an associate manager. MBA in finance from top MBA colleges offers lucrative job placements from big companies and financial institutes. An MBA in finance has options to work with leading banks and non-banking institutions. He or she might have an option to work as a securities analyst or working with brokerage firms dealing in buying and selling of securities.

Degree of MBA in India from any reputed college is considered to be one of the most sought after degree aimed at providing high class management studies. Since the studies of marketing teaches about the art of selling products and services, MBAs has to analyze and assess the feasibility of products and services according to the market demand. They are required to introduce marketing strategies for marketing new products. They have to set marketing goals and have to work on branding, planning and adoption of promotional campaigns. In other words, marketing MBAs have to bring out new ideas and concepts which can help the companies and organizations to grow and prosper. Marketing MBA courses are designed to help inculcate good reasoning and problem solving skills which can help the individual to sell and market the products in difficult situations. MBA in marketing offers good pay-scale packages and jobs in this area are always in demand for all commercial, industrial and corporate sectors.

About Author: ISBF has been established to impart quality education with international recognition in the area of Economics, CFP, Management and MBA Education courses in India.

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Grievance Letter And Court Structure Illustrated By Emilio Botin Grupo Santander Banking

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UK employment disputes grievances and court structure is illustrated by the high-profile Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins (2006) legal case, where the Tribunal made a finding of racial discrimination which led to the record 2.8 million compensation award. Abbey Santander banking group (the UK retail bank due to be re-branded as Santander price, and being part of the gigantic Emilio Botin Banco Santander Central Hispano Group, BSCH) terminated Balbinder Chagger’s employment in 2006, asserting compulsory redundancy as the reason. Mr Chagger, on the other hand, believed the true reason behind his dismissal was racial discrimination. Mr Chagger was of Indian origin and worked as a Trading Risk Controller for Santander 2009. He earned about 100,000 per annum and reported into Nigel Hopkins.

An employee who has suffered employment related unfairness and/or discrimination could decide to make an appeal. The initial place of appeal would be to the employer, in the form of a formal grievance. The employee lodges a formal grievance letter with the employer, and the employer is responsible for processing the grievance and deciding the outcome. Thus, the employer is given the first the opportunity to handle the employment dispute and to close it satisfactorily. Mr Chagger’s grievances and issues, however, were simply dismissed out of hand by Emilio Botin Abbey Santander share price.

If the employee and the employer are unable to resolve their employment dispute by themselves, then the employee may appeal to an Employment Tribunal for an objective resolution. UK Employment Tribunals will hear matters about redundancy payments, unfair dismissal and discrimination. Mr Chagger took his matter to the Employment Tribunal by initiating legal action against both Santander Abbey and Mr Hopkins, on the grounds of unfair dismissal and racial discrimination. The Employment Tribunal considered the evidence and ruled that Mr Chagger had in fact been both dismissed unfairly and racially discriminated against by both Abbey Santander and Mr Hopkins. In order to remedy the wrong of race discrimination Santander Abbey had committed, the Employment Tribunal ordered the company to reinstate Mr Chagger. However, Santander Abbey refused to comply with the Employment Tribunal’s reinstatement order. The Employment Tribunal then ordered Abbey Santander to pay Mr Chagger 2.8 million compensation for his loss, as an alternative to reinstatement.

The party that is dissatisfied with the Employment Tribunal’s ruling may appeal to the next higher-level court, being the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). The EAT will look into appeals against rulings made by the Employment Tribunals. The appeals must only be about points of law (i.e., an appeal must only be about mistakes in legal reasoning by the Employment Tribunal). The EAT will not look into matters about facts of the case. In 2008, Santander Abbey and Mr Hopkins appealed to the EAT against the Employment Tribunal’s ruling of racial discrimination and against the record-breaking 2.8 million compensation awarded. The EAT considered the appeals. It upheld the original Employment Tribunal’s ruling that Santander Abbey and Mr Hopkins had racially discriminated against Mr Chagger in respect of his dismissal. However, it accepted Santander Abbey’s appeal concerning the 2.8 million compensation award and decided to send back the compensation amount to the original Employment Tribunal for reconsideration.

The party that is dissatisfied with the ruling of the EAT may make an appeal to the next higher-level court, the Court of Appeal (the second highest court in the land). The Court of Appeal will look into appeals against rulings made by the EAT. As before, the appeals must only be about points of law (i.e., an appeal must only be about mistakes in legal reasoning by the EAT). The Court of Appeal will not look into matters about facts of the case. In 2009, the Chagger v Santander Abbey case was appealed to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal’s List of Hearings showed that the case was heard on 7 and 8 July 2009. The Court of Appeal’s records concerning the outcome of the hearing were not available at the time of writing this article. The 11KBW set of barristers’ chambers (who represented Santander Abbey and Mr Hopkins), had reported that the hearing was to be only about quantum (i.e., compensation) and not liability also (i.e., not racial discrimination also). That would appear to suggest that the wrong of race discrimination committed by Abbey Santander and Mr Hopkins was finalised by the EAT (it upheld the original Employment Tribunal’s finding that Mr Hopkins and Santander Abbey had racially discriminated against Mr Chagger), and that Mr Chagger had appealed against the EAT’s ruling to send back the compensation amount back to the Employment Tribunal stage for reconsideration.

The party that is dissatisfied with the ruling of the Court of Appeal may appeal to the next higher-level court, the House of Lords. Appeals to the House of Lords require the Court of Appeal’s approval. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal must require the House of Lords to decide upon a question of general public importance. As previously, appeals to the House of Lords must only concern points of law and not be about facts of the case. The House of Lords is the highest court in the land and the final stage of appeal for most legal cases in the UK. Occasionally, cases may be approved for appeal to the European Court of Justice, which has jurisdiction on matters of European Community law.


Best Careers in Banking and Finance

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Banking involves a number of areas, specializations and a wide range of roles. Careers in banking and finance can be a very exciting option but given the vast and varied industry that it is, arriving at a career path and making a choice to follow it, can sometimes be daunting. In addition, the vast number of designations and specializations in each area differ from bank to bank and sometimes there might also be overlaps in certain areas. However it is a given that the number of career opportunities within banking and finance are numerous. For example, some careers might involve client interaction, some might be operational in nature, and some would involve trading and derivatives and so on and so forth.

Large investment banks are usually divided into two main areas: corporate finance or investment banking and sales & marketing with trading. Careers in banking and finance in an investment bank usually involves capital raising, debt and equity, mergers and acquisitions, services involving financial advisories and in some areas activities concerning merchant banking. Within the sales and trading division an employee might be engaged in analysis and research, distribution and brokerage of trading securities amongst other such activities. It is important to know the difference between the numerous functionalities within an investment bank during your quest for the right career path in banking and finance.

If you are a young graduate who has just passed out from a management school or college, you might want to enroll in a specific training program or banking internship that will provide you the valuable opportunity of gaining an understanding of what a financial institution is all about and kinds of opportunities available. These specific programs in different banking departments maybe of varying nature; some programs may offer a cyclical structure in various areas while others might have a specific emphasis on a particular specialization. An internship that offers a cyclical structure can give you the chance of experiencing the various opportunities available in a particular department within the bank. Prior to entering into an internship program or graduate plan, remember to look into the duration of the program. At the end of the day, irrespective of the kind of program you enroll in, a good internship will give you valuable knowledge about the basics of banking or finance before you even start on your career path. In addition to the technical and soft skills needed to succeed in careers in banking and finance, a good training program will also offer you an inside knowledge about the institution’s vision and strategy and a broad introduction of what the company stands for.

Careers in banking and finance are usually well paying, but if you are starting out your career as an intern do not look at the salary, rather look at the reputation of the banking or financial institution you are going to be a part of and the valuable knowledge that you will gain for your future.

Monster one of the leading online career and recruitment resource, works for everyone by connecting job seekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies instantly with leading employers. Now a day’s various kinds of Careers in banking and finance available today. Monster offers to candidates from around the world and the kind of training received on latest jobs. Update your resume on Monster and search for a suitable jobs.


Tips On Applying A Savings Account At Pnb Bank Philippines

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Philippines National Bank (PNB) is among the largest banks in the Philippines in terms of assets. It is one of the most established bank in the country and included in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

During the American colonial period, PNB was established by the Philippine government on 1916. In 1980, it became the first universal bank in the country.

If you are thinking to apply for a bank account at PNB, you must prepare all the requirements before going to the bank to have a smooth processing of your application. It would be better if you can also apply for online or mobile banking once you applied for a new bank account.

Internet or phone banking is a good service offered by PNB since it will give you access to your account anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. You can also pay your bills like utility bills online if you have Internet banking account.

The guide below can give you an idea on how to open a new PNB bank account. You can follow it for quick processing of your application.

1. Choose the PNB branch you would like to apply for a new bank account. It would be better to select the branch near public roads where there are many means of transportation.

2. Bring complete requirements when opening PNB bank account.

3. Prepare your money for initial deposit of your new bank account. Normally, for ATM and passbook account, the initial deposit would be P5,000 and P10,000 respectively. For applying a peso checking account, the minimum initial deposit would be P10,000.

4. Make sure to bring ball pen because sometimes there is no ball pen available at the bank. It is better to be ready than to have none.

5. Proceed directly to the new account desk when you arrived at the bank. Inform the bank officer you would like to open a new savings account. Fill up all forms and signature cards that will be given to you. Make sure you complete all the required data.

6. After finishing filling up all application forms and signature cards, handle to the bank officer you initial deposit, requirements and forms. This process may take 20 minutes or more since it will undergo checking and approval.

7. Normally, ATM or passbook will be available for pick-up to your PNB branch after 5 banking days had passed or you may ask the bank officer when it will be available to be sure.

PNB is one of the best banks in the country if you are considering to apply for a new savings account. If you want quick processing and approval of your application, remember to bring with you all requirements for opening a new bank account.


Opening Us Bank Account For Non Resident Aliens

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NRA or Non Residents Alien is a widely used term, which refers to the non-US citizens, having no residential base in the country. It is generally put in to the use by the countrys banking sector. Why does a NRA require a US account? Lets try and analyze the various benefits that everyone around the globe can extract from a US account.

With emerging trends and the Internet boon, everything seems to be happening online. Whether you are a small free-lancer or big exporter of goods, your entire transactions are possibly going to be online. Whatever be size of your business you cant escape the fact that there is big drift of trade towards the Internet. And its evitable that with the US currency being the currency with the maximum reach, you should also have an easy to handle place to trade in the same. A US account is what you really should opt for. Let me list some unique benefits that a US account offers.

1.Savings on Tax: The amount of strictness that US ensures as far as protecting its people is concerned is great but despite of that when it comes to the Tax laws of NRAs the laws are such that you would end up saving a lot on your taxes. If you open the same international account in some other country you would end up give a lot more tax. So this is one important and solid benefit.

2.No Physical Presence: An account in a US bank usually comes fully loaded with a huge amount of solid services. There is a lot of support for online transactions and this in turn makes physical presence not a necessary requirement. You can handle all the functions of your account from the comforts of your home or office.

3.Reference: This is a very interesting point and not many people know about it as well. There are some nations in which it is impossible to open an account directly. But after having been the customer of a US bank for six months or so you can easily ask your bank to refer you to other banks in other nations including these nations. And this makes way for you being able to open accounts at even other places via the US route.

4.Safe: Your money in the US bank is safe. I have friends who are webmasters and who have used other systems, which accept money online. One of them recently lost around $3000 with such an online system, as the system simply froze his account. In another instance one of my other contacts was charged so much as charge back money that he lost a sum of around $2400 just like that. And this is not limited to these to instances only. Once your business starts flourishing and you start earning a good amount of money, you would realize that you require something much better and more reliable than these online systems. And a merchant account in a US bank is the best solution for you.

5.The stringent laws of US banking sector almost made it impossible to open the accounts for NRAs. However the things are not that grueling anymore; though it would be incorrect to call the procedure easy and simple going. The things are still complex and complicated. However the best solution that I found after a lot of research on the website, rather an online guide: It is a complete step-by-step procedure, which teaches you how to open a US bank account as an NRA.

I feel the importance of a US account for a NRA is now quite evident and the fact that it shall really help you grow your client base. So dont waste you time, act now and go for a US bank account.


Internet Banking Is A Timesaver

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You are a busy person. You do not have time to stand in line waiting for the teller. You have no time to go to the post office for stamps. Solve all these time wasting problems by doing your banking online. Internet banking may be the biggest timesaver you find. Pay your credit car bills directly online from your checking account. Most importantly, your account numbers are not in danger of getting in to the wrong hands as they are with paper bills.

It is important to simplify your financial dealings and the convenience of banking on the Internet will do that for you. Relax at home while you take care of record keeping and paying those bills. Easily keep track of checks paid and credit card bills that have to be paid.

You can have email warnings and daily balance information on all your accounts. You do not have to concern yourself with accidental overdraft situations as you do when mailing checks directly and forgetting to write them in your checkbook. Your credit cards will email you to announce a payment that is due. You can more easily keep track of all your financial information.

For contact information, why write it in you address book when you can put it in your online address book where you will not misplace it. The bank has an emergency number in case you have your credit card stolen and they will immediately cancel that card and send you a new one with different account numbers. Numbers for general services are also listed on the website of the bank.

Look up an address for sending something by snail mail with one click of your cursor. They provide toll free numbers for your convenience. A banker is available during business hours and late at night you can check your balances online with an automatic message system. It is immediately available.

You will hear of any special offers right away. You might want to take advantage of a special transfer balance opportunity with no interest for a year. When the offer is sent online directly to your email, you cannot miss it. You have sufficient time to make a decision about whether or not it is right for you.

Information is at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Make sure you do not incur any overdraft charges by keeping up to date on your balance. It is important in these times, when identity theft is prevalent, to make sure our financial information is private.

I was terrified about identity theft on the day my pocketbook was stolen. A purse snatcher grabbed it in a grocery store. With my cellphone in my pocket and my bank number stored automatically, I notified my bank before the thief could make use of my credit card information. The bank was able to cancel out the current accounts and set up new ones for me within days.

One day you may be a in a rush to get your banking done. Internet banking is accurate, easily understood and most of all fast. Snail mail is not as fast as email. When you need a question answered email is fast. The friendly face of a banker is the only thing you will miss when you bank on the Internet. However, the friendly and polite voice of the teller or the informative email more than make up for the loss.