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Part 4 – Six Myths of Bankruptcy Investment

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At this point, you might be asking yourself if this is such a
great niche to go after, why isn’t everyone doing it? Well from our
informal surveys of many investors across the country, when people hear
the word bankruptcy, their first reactions are intimidation and
avoidance. The fact that it’s a legal process involving the Federal
government pretty much sums up why.

We believe these two reactions
are largely due to a lack of knowledge and experience. It’s really very
normal and reasonable because we are all intimidated by things we do
not yet understand. By the way, does your local Real Estate Investment
Association offer an educational seminar or subgroup on bankruptcies?
We’d be surprised if the answer is yes.

However, there are so many
incredible opportunities for real estate investors in the bankruptcy
niche that we’ve made it our personal mission to remove the fear
commonly associated with bankruptcies and, at the same time, pass on the
unique pool of knowledge that you need to make bank-accounting bursting

Let’s start with the most common myths and misconceptions:

Myth #1: Bankruptcies are too legally complicated for the average real estate investor.

Do you need to be familiar with bankruptcy terminology and the general
process of how a bankruptcy proceeds? Yes. Do you need to understand the
basic differences between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13? Of course. Do
you need to know the responsibilities of the Trustee? You bet. But you
can easily learn all of these details and more by simply finding and
understanding the right information.

Myth #2: You cannot buy a house in a bankruptcy.

Sure you can buy it. It might (but usually does NOT) require an extra
step versus a house you find through other resources. It is more than
worth your effort to get educated enough about the bankruptcy process so
you can speak intelligently with sellers. The paperwork required for
purchasing a home in a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 is also very basic. The
magic piece of paper you need from the Trustee in a Chapter 7 is called
a Notice of Abandonment. If it’s a Chapter 13, you need to file a
Motion for the Sale of Real Estate.

Myth #3: Only attorneys can deal with the Bankruptcy Court or a Bankruptcy Trustee.

The Court system is designed for the people. That’s you and me. It also
happens to be where many attorneys earn their living. If you’re filing
for bankruptcy, we certainly recommend that you do so through an
attorney. But if you’re just trying to purchase a home involved in
bankruptcy, you can do it on your own! Further, the Trustee is an
officer of the court whose responsibility is to protect both creditors
and debtors. As a potential purchaser of a property under the control of
a Trustee, you can certainly contact that Trustee and walk through the

Myth #4: If there’s any equity in a house, the Court will not allow me to buy it.

False: Indeed, one of the Court’s responsibilities is
to evaluate the debtor’s estate and see how as many creditors as
possible can be paid. However, there’s a big difference between a house
having enough equity for the Court/Trustee to want to go to the trouble
to sell it versus a house having enough equity for a real estate
investor to find a good deal. For example: (a) The Court must factor in a
Homestead Exemption payment to the debtor, a real estate investor does
not have to do that. (b) The Court must factor in yellow pages prices
for any necessary repairs, but most investors have much less expensive
resources. (c) The Court will sell the house through a full-service
realtor, who will be charging a 6% or 7% commission. Whereas, an
investor may sell to a buyer’s list, use a flat-fee listing service or
want to keep the house as a rental. (d) The Court will not negotiate a
short-sale with the lender(s), but we all know that investors can make
TONS of money in the short-sale market!

Myth #5: There are no pretty houses in bankruptcy.

People with nice, expensive houses get in financial trouble just like
folks with more modest or ugly houses. In fact, some of the most
profitable deals we’ve done have been with VERY nice houses in VERY nice
neighborhoods! In fact, we’ve each had the opportunity to do short-sale
purchases on homes in the $300,000 – $400,000 range.

Myth #6: There are no investing opportunities for houses in bankruptcy because mortgage balances are too high.

We looked at this issue briefly in Myth #4, but there’s more to know.
In fact, due to the circumstances leading most debtors to file
bankruptcy, there are more opportunities in bankruptcies than elsewhere.
Four reasons for the many opportunities are: (a) Most investors are
either afraid to deal with a bankruptcy or don’t know how. So there is
less competition and where there’s less competition, there’s more
opportunity! (b) We’ve heard all sorts of figures, but most recently
have been quoted that 86% of all Chapter 13 bankruptcies fail, which
leads to extremely motivated sellers! (c) Many debtors were facing
foreclosure when they filed bankruptcy so when they realize they are
getting kicked out of their bankruptcy, they often realize they have run
out of options and they MUST sell their house to avoid foreclosure. (d)
Mortgage companies that loaned money to these debtors have really been
drug through the legal system foreclosure, bankruptcy, back to
foreclosure. So the mortgage companies are also motivated to negotiate a
short-sale so that they don’t end up owning another house via
foreclosure. Yet another opportunity for the real estate investor!

are just some of the many myths surrounding bankruptcies and the many
hidden opportunities for real estate investors. A little knowledge can
go a long way and make you amazing real-life, spend able cash via this
niche market!


Buy Engagement Ring Insurance To Protect Your Investment

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If you followed the convention of spending two months salary on the diamond engagement ring with which you proposed to your girlfriend, who is now you wife, we are talking about some serious money. So wouldnt you want to protect that investment in case your wife losses the ring or damage it from wearing it every day?

As with any kind of insurance, the right engagement ring insurance makes financial sense. Insurance give you some protection for your monetary investment and gives you peace of mind in case the engagement ring is lost or stolen. While you may not be able to replace the sentimental value connected with the ring, at least youll be able to get a replacement ring without too much of a financial burden.

Most homeowner’s and renters policies come with jewelry coverage as part of the over-all policy. The limit for the coverage is usually low, typically in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, after the policy deductible is met. If you have fine jewelry such an expensive diamond engagement ring that is worth more that the limit of the coverage, you need to pay an additional premium to buy additional coverage for the ring.

The problem with jewelry coverage under a homeowner’s or renters policies is that most likely the policy does not cover damage or loss to the engagement ring outside the home and only provide cover if the loss happens inside the covered property due to fires or theft.

If you want an insurance policy that covers a loss or damage away from home, you need to purchase a stand alone policy thru a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. Many of the major home and auto insurers also offer jewelry insurance policies. Knowledgeable jewelers should be able to give you names of insurance companies that offer that kind of policy, if they dont sell the policy themselves.

Some jewelers, as a service to their customers and to make some additional money, sell stand alone jewelry policies that are underwritten by insurance companies. Just be sure to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are not being over charged for the policy.

The best jewelry insurance policy is a replacement type policy that would replace your loss or damaged ring with a ring of like kind, at the current value. For example, if you own and insure a diamond engagement ring from Tiffany and the ring is loss, the policy will replace the right with a similar ring from Tiffany and not from Kay jewelers, for example.

The most common and least expensive type of policy is the actual value policy, which replace the cash value of your ring, minus any depreciation. This type of policy is similar to an auto insurance policy, where in the event of a total loss; the insurance company would pay the current value of the auto, minus any depreciation.

When shopping for a engagement ring insurance that fits your needs, be sure you know the type of coverage you are getting so you dont get a big surprise if you ever have to file a claim and only then discover that the coverage is not what you thought it was.

Premiums vary depending on the type of policy, the policy limit, the deducible, and where you live. As with other types of insurance, shopping around will get you the best deal. But in general, engagement ring insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the price of replacing a valuable diamond engagement ring, and the peace of mind of being able to wear your ring without constantly worrying about losing it far outweighs the cost of the insurance.


How Training can Benefit the Cleaning Industry!

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Your Internet hub for all things Cleaners “>Currently, commercial cleaning industry is a competitive sector. This is often simply because of the ongoing development of the need for residential cleaning services, professional cleaning services, building cleaning services and many other cleaning jobs. Exactly like any various of industries, commercial cleaning establishments need to work with their most beneficial general performance all the time. This is for the organization to stay alive from the competition. . A number of the job titles in the cleaning industry are custodian, janitor, and day porter. In addition there are cleaning sectors that accept housekeeping services jobs. Nearly all of your team members within the cleaning industries are low skilled because of the possible lack of tertiary based classes for this kind of job. That’s why the majority of the cleaning businesses provide an on-the-job teaching for the newest employees. There are also some corporations which are sending their workers or staff for particular classes conducted by training specialists. However, you will also find establishments who may have not realized the necessity of education for their staff in cleaning staff recruitment agencies. Just what are the positive aspects that a cleaning organization could possibly get from training course? Training reduces harm to customers, properties and increase client satisfaction. It can also help to promote employees safety specially when using cleaning chemicals. Training assists the employees comprehend the priorities of the industry. Training enhances the staff’s professionalism. An on-the-job training will not be always enough to enlighten employees about professionalism, reliability and housekeeping in Melbourne. If they are offered the opportunity to attend a training participated by other people and held by professional instructors, it helps them recognize deeper the essence of professionalism and reliability. Training offers opportunities for any participants to educate yourself about interesting things. For example, training can instruct a cleaner,cleaners,janitors,custodians in regards to the new delicate surfaces in homes which might be turning up today. Training aids the cleaning sector teach their staff about using different cleaning chemicals. Training can help the industry reduce the costs of chemicals, assure the safety of the employees and improve the professional house cleaning quality. If the employees is well experienced in his job, he is able to be much more than simply a laborer but a specialist to his clients. Training can be useful for boosting the morale of your staff. When the companies are helping the staff to extend their skills, they should be more motivated to perform at their best. Through trainings, the cleaning industry are able to keep pace with all the a change in the organization. Training can provide new developments, procedure or techniques coupled with regulation. These improvements are necessary to ensure that this industry to remain competent or in compliance. Training supports best operation from workforce through sharing beneficial habits. Training maximizes morale, boosting productiveness and maintains very high quality of home cleaning jobs. The management of a cleaning industry must bear in mind that the provider will benefit from whatever improvement in the skills of the employees. It is crucial to have an industry to enhance its resources and one of the important resources is all of the man power using a labouring agency. The individuals need to be enhanced too! Training certainly will pay off.Your Internet hub for all things Cleaners


Investment In Pancard Clubs Limited

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We got our first opportunity for utilizing our accommodation rights under Pancard club investment scheme. We had invested in the scheme six months back and were eagerly waiting for our first holiday in Malvan. The opportunity came in the month of August which is the best season to visit Malvan.
The idea of investing in Pancard clubs was a collective decision by all of us after exploring the investment thoroughly. There was a point when we came to know about a fraud scheme complaint notified online by some member. After reading the complaint we were seriously thought of backing out from the investment. But some of us had some reservations regarding the complaints. Some of the things which were mentioned in the complaints were baseless which made us think about the genuineness of the complaints.
After inquiring more about the investment scheme we came to know members who were really happy with the investment scheme. Panoramic Universal Limited is the company that launched Pancard clubs investment scheme. The company got caught in to some sort of controversy after the launching the investment policy. The controversy was created when the rumor surfaced claiming Pancard clubs was not related to PUL. It was later clarified by the company that Pancard clubs is a company which is managed by panoramic group of companies.
After all our enquiries we decided to go forward with our decision to invest in Pancard Club investment scheme. Our first trip under the scheme was to Malvan. We had our accommodations arranged by PUL in Hotel Sagar-Kinara. The accommodation was top class and was totally worth the investment. It was one of the best trips we had that year as the monsoon helped us to see real greenery in and around Malvan. We are still looking forward to our many more picnic/vacations under the investment scheme.
After all our enquiries we decided to go forward with our decision to invest in Pancard Club investment scheme. Our first trip under the scheme was to Malvan. We had our accommodations arranged by PUL in Hotel Sagar-Kinara. The accommodation was top class and was totally worth the investment. It was one of the best trips we had that year as the monsoon helped us to see real greenery in and around Malvan. We are still looking forward to our many more picnic/vacations under the investment scheme.


Job Description Templates for Word

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Job Description Templates for Word: – Free Job Description templates site can help you to find your job description for any desired position. We have added and made several job description templates and offer here for free to facilitate you save money and time next time you need to amplify a job description. On the other hand, you can get ideas and pattern to get encouragement about the index and details to add to your job description letter.

These job description templates are compatible or can be usable to with Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013. And, you can also download job description templates for MS Word 2013 and 2010 with various colors in the content and header variations. You be capable of download the .dotx template for Word using the link below.

Here you would find which are required to be capable of getting a preferable job and get the best knowledge for your preferable position. Job Description templates associate to enrich your thinking and knowing about the job position. Along with this you have to develop yourself to improvise on the position you are deserve to be. Here you of course find the suggestion on what are needed for you to develop your confident according to your yearning level. which offer to get job description templates on….

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And, so on. Surf on – Free Job Description templates site for getting those and many more templates for your choose.

Job Description templates enrich one’s idea and knowledge about the preferable job of him. He or she would get idea about his inclination and this will actually perk up him/her scheme to complete acquaintance on Job Description.


Elss Secret Of Tax Saving With Mutual Fund Investments.

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As the name suggests ELSS (equity linked savings scheme), invests primarily in equity shares of companies. As per financial regulations, the scheme Fund manager has to invest 80% of the total amount in the equity shares and the remaining 20% per cent can be invested in other instruments like bonds, debentures, government securities and others. When you invest in ELSS your money is locked for a period of three years (minimum). Once you invest in tax saver funds you cannot withdraw the amount for three years, this acts as a blessing in disguise as tax saving funds generally yield high returns during a 3year period. The common man is basically afraid of investing his money in equity shares as he is afraid of loosing money. But a look at the recent past shows that investors who have invested in tax saver funds have never lost out on their money, rather tax saver funds have been the front runners in terms of returns to investors. A small illustration will clarify comprehensions.

If you make an investment of Rs 1,00,000/ ( 1 lac), then under section 80c this complete amount is deducted from your gross income for that particular year. If your annual income puts you in the highest tax paying zone, i.e -34%, then the investment of Rs 1,00,000/ will ensure that you get an annual tax deduction of Rs, 34,000/. So logically speaking you invest Rs 66,000/ considering the deduction. Assuming that the Mutual Fund declares an annual dividend of 10% then your total return on Rs 66,000 is [(10,000/66000)* 100] = 15.15%. This particular dividend earned is also tax-free, hence more profit. Another profitable venture out of this investment is that after a period of 3 years the capital gain that you obtain out of the investment is also tax-free. This is what makes ELSS the most attractive investment for those who have the appetite for moderate risk. However, prior to making an investment selecting a good fund house based on its reputation and track record is important. Elss are considered to be the best tax saving mutual funds in India.

ELSS is a good option to save tax and generate long term capital gains. These gains are obtained from the equity market only if you are investing in a long time horizon. Adding money in a disciplined manner creates a good corpus. The basic confusion that the average investor could have is that they consider Equity Mutual Funds and ELSS to be the same, which in true sense isnt correct. Normal equity funds could be purchased today and disposed off tomorrow. Incase of ELSS there is a compulsory 3 year lock in period. As per the rules related to long-term capital gains, profit from equity MFs after one year becomes tax-free. As per latest sources the top 5 ELSS schemes are 1) Principal Personal Tax-saver, 2) DSP ML Tax Saver Fund, 3) Taurus Libra Taxshield, 4) Lotus India Tax Plan, 5) Franklin India Tax Shield ( FIT). Going by the current volatile market trends and with the current fiscal year approaching an end, investing in a good ELSS fund is a clever option to save taxes.


Making Money With Binary Options

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Binary options trading is becoming popular day by day. The reason of this almost insane progress is its simplicity, but this is not the only benefit of this service, it is very profitable. This kind of platform does not demand a particular knowledge and advanced skills. Binary trading is a perfect way to earn money for example for a student who is studying relevant spheres, a good way to earn in a short period of time for a housewife with enough spare time to keep updated with the latest news and overall for everyone who is seeking for smart solutions to earn money without working too much. The simplicity of course does not mean that risk is not included. Not to gamble on binary options platform is a first advise for those who wants to make money in a short period of time, but lacks patience. You do not have reason to be depended on luck, you can just spend some time learning and reduce risks. Managing possible loses is one of the binary trading benefits. If you have decided to increase income by trading make a plan. Put aim yourself and make your plan work. The first of all you have to choose the best binary broker. It must have easy and friendly software, modern and up to date banking services and good customer support centre. Broker usually offers more than 200 various assets including: foreign exchange, (Forex) indices, stocks and commodities. Firstly it is recommended to choose an asset which is the most familiar to you. This will help to get all the ins and outs of trading during the short period of time. Then systematically diversify portfolio just in case to increase your income and of course gain your knowledge and experience. What will you ever have to do while trading binary options are predicting whether the price of the current asset will go up or down, then according to your suggestion click -call- if it’s considered to go up, if you think price makes movement down, consequently click -put-, choose expiration time and this it. That is the technical task you will ever have to perform while binary trading. Choosing a strategy is another level, you have to choose the one that perfectly match the underlying asset you are planning to trade with. The combination of the familiar asset, strategy, options and the time frame when the asset is the most active is a huge step forward to success. The other important thing is the breaking news, you always have to be updated with the latest world news as they have a strong influence over the financial markets. Fundamental and technical analysis will save you time and give you a lot of information about previous price movements.

binary trading a>

online trading market

online trading


Incredible Bullion Tips For Secure Investment

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Volatility is the most evident reality you come across in stock market. This identity carries on with everything, regardless of whether you are trading in commodities, metals or bullions. A large number of investors today are more than interested to trade in bullion commodities given their inherent inclination to invest in gold and silver. However, because of its fluctuating nature, bullion market turns out to be a tough turf for investors and that is the reason why market experts stress on playing safe. If you are an investor and optimistically hope to benefit, you will largely benefit if you keep these bullion tips handy.

Some expert recommended gold tips

A significant sum is at stake when you invest in gold. So as to help you maximize returns and secure your investment, it is advisable keep track of the everyday market developments. Howsoever small or large your investment, a thorough research about the demand and supply ratio of metal you have invested is essential. Never be assured about your profits based upon some speculations; rather associate with a dependable agency that provides adequate financial information together with valuable silver and gold tips.

While it is true that trading in silver and gold can be primarily profitable, it is better to be aware of the stumbling blocks and follow the experts advice at every step. If you make use of the smart bullion tips provided by your financial advisor, you will definitely minimize loss thereby securing your money.

Why are gold tips so imperative?

A professional agency will send everyday tips through calls or SMS. But do you know how experts arrive at specific conclusions before sending you the tips? There hints are based upon intraday commodity reports of trade analysts. Commodity experts closely monitor the price fluctuations and prepare dedicated charts to spot their insights. Bullions have significantly attracted investors for one reason bullion prices rise at an unbelievable pace. But that itself is a cause of risk for the investors. Apparently, it is direly essential for financial agencies to check the market and care their investors money by way of gold tips.

Precisely, tips are the fuel for your investment goals. Ruling out the uncertainties of bullion market, bullion tips carry an assurance. Your reliable financial advisor will aptly provide an accuracy rate close to 95%, which is far steadfast in generating profits from gold and silver. You may have to pay a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription fees to avail the tips, but if you are aiming to generate huge revenue from the bullion market, this investment is worth.

Be prudent with your investment. Choose the smarter approach to secure your money by subscribing to bullion tips with a professional financial firm.


Cult Wines Ltd – best place for fine wine investment

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People are always looking for some new investment sector as per their risk appetite. Yeah many times wrong investment can burn all hard work into ash. So, after having a big recession and still Europe economic crisis on the go one always look for safe investment. In last decade one sector has outperformed in an all recession and it is wine investment and fine wine investment.

Before doing any investment there is certain thing which is very important to take care to be safe and secure. One must have to identify some risk factors and all. So first step is to decide on which sector you want to invest then how much amount, and would you like e o one amount or you want systematic investment plan.

Timing of investment is also plays a big role in high return on investment. The most important point is that when you are investing, the time is very important; its totally depending upon current market condition. If you have analysis of market condition you would opt for wine investment. Look at the statistics for wine investment In UK, before a decade, fine wine portfolio was around 10000 and after decade it is almost 50000.

Wine investment will not have adverse effect if any economic crisis happens globally. As we can see in last recession wine investment standout and gave high return. So one can easily say wine investment can give return even in recession. In last 10 years wine investment has given 900% return which is really impressive and attractive.

Cult wines Ltd is the leader where you can get the rarest wines at very competitive rate and if anyone wants to go to the most safe and secure investment than will preference go to the Cult Wines Ltd also Cult Wines Ltd provides solutions for sourcing, investing, storing, selling and consuming Fine Wine of any kind to the investors or for any type of businessman. Cult Wines Ltd provides the fined tuned portfolio mainly designed for high capital growth and accounts and regulated mostly at warehouses. Cult Wines Ltd mainly deals with active foreign and domestic holdings and if any beginner wants to invest in the market than no safe investment except in wines and Cult Wines Ltd where you will get higher returns on investments and also provides the portfolio management services.

So far by this information I hope one can easily take decision for wine investment and Cult wines ltd can help you to build right wine portfolio.


How To Become A Successful Investment Banker – Some Must Know Facts

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Today, many people are selecting investment banker as their profession. It is really an interesting job that can pay you with a good amount as compared to other professions. The salary of the investment banker can simply reach up to 500,000 dollars. If you also want to become an investment banker, then you should fulfill all the basic requirements that can make you eligible for this job. Well, I would like to tell you that well trained and eligible investment bankers can easily a good amount of money every month.

It is a fact that the job of investment banking is well enhanced with a vast scope. You can easily avail yourself with the opportunity to work with reputable persons. You can also enjoy various opportunities and facilities that are related to the mega money transactions. These transactions can easily enable the company to launch various products. Thee mega money transactions can also protect the company from the harmful consequences of bankruptcy.

The entry in the field of investment banking is really one of the toughest tasks. It cannot be accomplished easily. There are many people who do not get the best investment bank jobs despite of the fact that they are well enhanced with the best academic qualifications. You must always select for the best colleges and universities that provide high level training related to the investment banking jobs.

If you are well enhanced with the MBA degree of “A” grade and the designer qualifications from a reputable or high quality college, then you can simply get admission in the interview session of investment banking. All those people who are well enhanced with the quantitative courses in the student career are mainly preferred for this job. If you want to avail yourself with the job of investment banker, then you should develop your imaginative aptitude. It is just because quality matters a lot in this field.

You cannot expect a skyrocketing salary just after you have acquired this job. The initial days of this job can really prove out to be very hard and struggling for you. You may have to work for more than 100 hours a week. It simply means that you have to put in all your skills if you want to shape your bright future in this field.

I hope that this article will provide you all the necessary information about the investment banker that you require.