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time management in the Kitchen

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The key to better cooking at home is efficiency at your kitchen. Planning, preparation and organization are all part of any successful chef’s arsenal in creating the top-most meals whether at home or at a busy hotel restaurant.

Better, hotter and fresher dishes will be easier when you put an effort to manage your time at the kitchen. Preparing even the most extravagant dishes can be easy as long as you have made a plan from start to finish. Lower stress and more confidence is the results of a time managed kitchen.

Managing my Kitchen time?

Having a plan will make any master chef or cook at home wannabe more confident the dishes they prepare. Memorizing the meals in your head can be easy if you are just preparing one meal. But if you are simultaneously cooking two, three or more dishes using just your head might produce a kitchen disaster.

The plan starts out hours before the cooking time. If you can spend 5 minutes to skin and chop up onions that you will be using for the week, you can save tons of time when it’s actually time to cook them. You can prepare several items this way. Eggs, vegetables, garlic, onions, garnishing can all be sliced or cooked beforehand. In fact some hotels pre-cook their poached eggs the night before breakfast buffet. That is the only way they can keep up with hundreds of guests for breakfast.

Pre-cooking meat is an open secret in many a posh restaurant. You may think that your steak has been freshly grilled but in fact it was half cooked hours before your order. Fresh lobster? Think again, that crustacean was sitting on the pot long before you sat down on your reserved seat.

It is absolutely essential to save as much time as you can in doing the things that aren’t related to the act of cooking itself. You can measure your sugar, salt, pepper, paprika or any spice and put them in little plastic containers ready to be used instantly when they are needed. Gourmet dishes can be prepared at lightning speed with this method.

Doing the dishes can be done in fast-forward mode. It just takes four fills of your sink. The first one being the pre-rinse stage to get rid of all the leftovers. The second stage will have the dishes pass through a soapy water fill and wipe briskly with a sponge. And the last two to rinse. Try it and save tons of time.

Preparing for any situation if the real key to time management in the kitchen. If you know that you may run out of hot water for your chop suey and you have a few quarts ready to pout you will definitely save time. Writing down all the ingredients and steps with the meal your currently doing will boost your confidence and productivity.

All great cooks have several arsenals in their kitchen. And the kitchen timer is the prime weapon. Not one cook in the world can cook several dishes together without a trusty kitchen timer. In fact a cook can use as many as 5 at a time. One for eggs, one for that chicken soup. One for baking and one for timing that icing mix. Several more high end kitchen timers can time all of those in one digital timer device.

A kitchen timer will mean no second guessing if you beef is already tender enough or if your toast has been down the oven long enough (French toasts need an oven to be done well, another secret from a chef).
Make sure you have a kitchen timer right on a convenient place on your kitchen. Free from anything that would obstruct its view and would cause it to fall. Along planning, preparation and the other techniques mentioned in this article, time management in the kitchen can be easy for anyone learn.


Why Study Management

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You may be wondering why you need to study management. If you are an accounting major, a marketing major, or an major other than management, you may not understand how studying management may help you in your career. We can explain the value of studying management by looking at the universality of the management, the reality of work, and the rewards and challenges of being a manager.

The Universality of Management:
Just how universal is the need of management in organizations? We can say with certainty that management is needed in all types and sizes of organizations, at all organizational levels and in all organizational work areas, and in all organizations, no matter what country they are located in. This is known as the universality of management. Managers in all these settings will plan, organize, lead, and control. However this is not to say that management is done the same way. The differences in what a supervisor in a software applications testing facility at Microsoft does versus what the CEO of Microsoft does are a matter of degree and emphasis, not of function. Because both are managers, both will plan, organize, lead, and control, but how they do so will differ.

Graduation students
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Since management is universally needed in all organizations, we have a vested interest in improving the way organizations are managed. Why? we interact with organizations every single day of our lives. Does it frustrate you when you have to spend three hours in department of motor vehicles office to get your driver’s license renewed? Are you irritated when non of the sales persons in a department store seems interested to help you? Do you get annoyed when you call an airline three times and their sales representatives quote you three different prices for the same trip? Theses are all examples of problems created by poor management. Organizations that are well managed develop a loyal customer base, grow, and prosper. Those that are poorly managed find themselves with a declining customer base and reduced revenues. By studying management, you shall be able to recognize poor management and work to get it corrected. In addition, you shall be able to recognize good management and encourage it, whether it is in an organization with which you are simply interacting or whether it is in an organization in which you are employed.

The Reality of Work:
Another reason for studying management is the reality that for most of you, once you graduate from college and being you career, you will either manage or be managed. For those who plan on management careers, an understanding of the management process forms the foundation upon which to build your management skills. For those of you who don’t see your self in a management position, you are still likely to have work with managers. Assuming that you will have to work for a living and recognizing that you are very likely to work in an organization, you shall probably have some managerial responsibilities even if you are not a manager. Our experience tells us that you can gain a great deal of insight into the way your boss behaves and the internal workings of organizations by studying management. Our point is that you don’t have to aspire to be a manager to gain something valuable from a course in management.

Rewards and Challenges of Being a Manger:
We cannot leave our discussion of the value of studying management without looking at the rewards and challenges of being a manager. What does it mean to be a manager? Being a manager in today’s dynamic work place provides many challenge. It can be a tough and often thankless job. You may have to deal with a variety of personalities and many times have to make do with limited resources. It can be a challenge to motivate works in the face of uncertainty and chaos. And managers may find it difficult to effectively blend the knowledge, skills, ambitions, and experience of a divers group of employees. Finally, as a manager, you are not in full control of your destiny. Your success typically is dependant upon others, work performance.

Despite these challenges, being a manager can be very rewarding. You are responsible for creating a work environment in which organizational members can do their work to the best of their ability and help the organization achieve its goals. In addition, as a manager, you often have the opportunity to think creatively and use your imagination. You help gather find meaning and fulfillment in their work. You get to support, coach, and nurture others and help them make good decisions. You shall get to meet and work with a variety of people-both inside and outside the organizations. Other rewards of being a manger may include receiving recognition and status in the organization and in the community. Playing a role in influencing organizational out comes, and receiving attractive compensation in the form of salaries, bonus, and stock options. Finally, organizations need good managers. Nothing greater ever happens by it self! its through the combined efforts of motivated and passionate people that organizations accomplish their goals. As a manager, you can get satisfaction from knowing that your efforts, skills and abilities are needed. Author of this article also writes articles about cost and management accounting.

Rashid Javed is an Asian author. He writes about financial statement analysis, contribution margin, and Operating Leverage.

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Gurgaon Needs Better Local Transport and Waterlogging Management for a Better City Life

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Strategically located by sharing borders with Delhi, the national capital of the country, Rajasthan and UP on different locations, the millennium city has it all what people hail in it for. From skyscraper buildings housing large and reputable MNCs, corporate offices, shopping complexes and more to local markets, high-end golf course clubs, and more, Gurgaon seems to be serving the needs of local as well as inter-state and people from across the world for miscellaneous purposes including employment, business, politics, economy, entertainment, leisure, accommodation, food, luxury, modern infrastructure and more.

Despite that the city offers everything right on a single platter for all types of people, there are some severe issues which it is grappling with. Local transport problem and waterlogging are two of the burgeoning issues that every local and traveller will have to inevitably face while roaming routinely or occasionally in and around the city.

Local transport problem has been disrupting the routine city life for years due to the lack of number and frequency of public transport means including buses, taxis and autos etc. The arrangements from the state and city authorities have proved futile to handle the problem in the absence of proper coordination and concrete action plan, increasing population, traffic congestion and shortage of vehicles among other things.

Barring city buses (which are not available in abundance), the cost of travelling in private auto rickshaws and taxis is high enough to burn a hole in people’s pockets. Though shared autos are cheaper than private ones but their out-of-sync connectivity is more like no connectivity at all for most of the places. There are no direct shared autos from a place to another. People will have to run from pillar to post to catch an auto and travel to and from their offices and homes. Since rickshaws cannot travel long distances in the city, people have to rely on shared and private autos, buses and taxis.

Buses are again not a feasible option as they are not well connected to all the city routes due to the complex transport map. There is not even a single bus that well connects to different routes to serve the transport needs of people. Besides affecting the locals and travellers, the problem has resulted in increased migrations of companies and even people to the bordering cities. The question of tourism does not even arise due to the local transport problem in the city.

This is not just earning the city defame but is also causing the revenues to go down which could have otherwise been utilized for the welfare of the natives, improvements in infrastructure and utilities, betterment of roads and more.

Let alone the transport, waterlogging problem in Gurgaon is another equally burgeoning issue here. Barring heavy downpours even a short and mild spell of rain can turn the millennium city into a seasonal lake through which people have to wade to reach to and from their places. It ain’t easy to do so either as waterlogging turns the entire city into a circus of lights with jampacked vehicles, not moving, or moving from bumper to bumper at a pace that even a snail can beat it.

Traffic congestion is inevitable in the waterlogged city and other related problems are bound to occur because of it. The -Smart City- has till date found no cure and action plan to deal with such grave issues. In the wake of making the city smart and ultra-modern, Gurgaon Renewal Mission, a movement supported by the HUDA administration, civil bodies, corporate, city developers, police commissioner, and more, was launched in 2011.

The movement is aimed at improving the quality of life in the city by overcoming the shortage of power, water, transport means, safety measures, and proper governance; managing waste and introducing more green initiatives, improving gender equality, enhancing safety for public properties, and minimizing environmental loss among other things. Despite that the movement is executing its action plans in full swing, Waterlogging Problem in Gurgaon and local transport problem should be dealt with on the priority basis to help city get rid of unnecessary traffic problems and prevent criminal activities, especially against women from flourishing in the absence of proper transport means.

The author has written on various topics related to social causes like Local Transportation Problem in this article author raises the issue related to traffic congestion in Gurgaon. For more information Visit: –


Baking Arts Management Programs In Canada

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The job of pastry bakers is no longer limited to turning raw ingredients into baked treats. Instead it extends to quantity bakery production, labour cost controls, purchasing for commercial kitchen, menu planning, practices of nutrition, and human resource planning.

Traditionally, pastry bakers were expected to just bake pastries, cookies, breads, cakes and chocolates. However, times have changed. Now, the industry offers them more legitimate career options in the areas of supply management, hospitality management, human resource planning, and sanitation, hygiene and safety, marketing of baked goods, and kitchen management.

The professionals are now required to have excellent baking skills combined with strong business acumen. They should be able to work in state-of-the-art kitchens, while using the latest equipments and ensuring their smooth transition into the workforce. They are not only required to bake cakes and pastries, but are also expected to innovate and bring a new product or concept to the market.

Baking Arts Management Programs

Prospective pastry bakers in Canada are required to go through a formal and intensive training in baking arts management before entering the world of work. In fact, this is considered as the basic requirement to pursue an entry level job in the industry.

Previously pastry bakers were trained on-the-job and paid decently after several years of hard work. However, nowadays, structured post-secondary educational programs are available in Canada with the colleges of repute.

Bakery arts management programs are designed to provide students with the skills to effectively manage commercial bakery outlets. They learn to expand their knowledge of baking and produce commercial quantities of breads, muffins, cakes, pastries, pies, rolls, sweet dough and savoury. They also learn to mange product costs, labour costs, purchase and storage of materials, product marketing, hiring and managing personnel.

Program Details

Centennial College’s baking program runs for two years and offers a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on baking lab and an individualized internship with industry partners. The program focuses on helping students develop pastry baking arts and business management skills.

The post-secondary program in baking arts covers a wide range of subjects including

– Baking and pastry arts theory and practical
– Hospitality accounting
– Sanitation, safety and hygiene
– Quantity bakery production
– Principles of food, beverage and labour cost controls
– Principles of hospitality management
– Purchasing for commercial kitchen
– Human resources management
– Marketing strategies
– Principles and practices of nutrition for culinarians
– Supervisory practices for Kitchen Manager

In addition, the program lays a strong emphasis on professional communication, report writing, mathematics for bakers, and knowledge in computers.

Benefits of Baking Programs

The graduates of baking arts programs are capable of

– Working on the latest baking equipments
– Producing baking goods in large quantities
– Managing commercial bakery outlets
– Managing materials purchase and storage
– Marketing baked products effectively
– Hiring and managing personnel at a commercial bakery
– Ensuring sanitation, safety and hygiene

They can find employment with hotels, restaurants, retail pastry outlets, bistros, resorts, camps, department stores, supermarkets, and other related businesses. The graduates can also start their own pastry establishment.

Students looking for better job prospects can also consider studying further by enrolling into advanced bakery arts program with associated universities.


Content Management Script, Content Management System, PHP Content Management System, Readymade Cont

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Content Management Script is a simple Content Management System which will allow you to create your own website in minutes. Our content management script site settings are easily customized with the Full web based administration control panel and administration interface.

PHP content management system is MySQL database backend is delivered open source; Web-based installation wizard which will lead you through the installation process; Customization of your content system and development of any web site management module; Easy integration with add-ons and plug-ins, online catalog and shopping cart included.

Here you can contact us: No.1, Ayyavu Street, Opp. to Indian Bank (Aminjikarai Branch), Shenoy Nagar, Aminjikarai P.O, Chennai – 600030 Cell: (+91) 9841300660


Classroom Management Strategies How To Get Any Class Quiet In 5 Seconds Or Less

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Classroom Management Strategies: How to get any class quiet in 5 seconds or less

This is a very simple classroom management strategy which I often used in class, and now use at seminars and workshops to demonstrate the power of giving students responsibility for their own behaviour. Not only can this technique get a group of students quiet in as little as 3 seconds, it also strengthens staff/student relationships, injects a little humour into the session and gives challenging students the attention they crave. It also works equally well with 8 year olds, 18 year olds, and even 48 year olds (I haven’t gone higher than that!).

Indeed, it is so effective that at a recent teacher training seminar in Dubai I overheard some of the participants talking during the break and one of them remarked… “Rob Plevin just got a room of 150 students quiet in 3 seconds!”

And this is how?

This highly effective classroom management strategy relies on two key principles:


Some of your students will respond very well to being given a responsibility. In fact, it’s probably your most challenging students, the ring leaders, who will respond best to responsibility because they crave attention so much. A great way to give them this attention (in a very positive way) is to give them a job, and for this classroom strategy we are going to award three or four students with the job of getting the rest of the class quiet. These students are going to be our ‘Shushers’ and it is their responsibility to ‘shush’ the rest of the class members (in a special way) when asked to do so.

To give them every chance of success we are going to train them. Each nominated Shusher is asked to give their best and loudest ‘Shush’ – complete with an angry scowl and finger on lip gesture. After a few practices the Shushers are then told that whenever the teacher shouts out “Shushers!” they are to give their best and loudest “Shush” in unison. The rest of the class are told that when they hear the Shushers shush, they must stop talking and sit in silence. After two or three practices, they all get the idea and we now have the makings of a very effective routine in place.

To give the shushing routine the best chance of success there are three additions which I have found to be useful. Firstly, your Shushers need regular feedback. They need to be told when they are doing a good job and given hints and pointers when they are slacking or messing around. Both positive and negative feedback should be given in private, out of earshot of other students. Remember that the students you use as Shushers are likely to be natural livewires so they will need careful management to make sure they continue to do a good job.

Secondly, I like to give each of my Shushers a uniform to wear so that they can be easily identified. The “uniform” is actually just a silly hat or joke school cap but they love wearing them, even though I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it makes them feel special, maybe it just makes the whole affair less serious but whatever the reason, it works.

Finally, I have found that Shushers sometimes need a little extra help to get a particularly rowdy class to settle. I give them this by using another routine prior to calling on them – the Countdown:

“10”You should all be sat on your own seats now with your bags away and your hands on the table” excellent Carly and Sophie, you got it straight away.

9″ Brilliant over here on this table let’s have the rest of you doing the same.

8″You need to finish chatting, get that mess away and be sat facing me.

7″All done over there at the back, well done, just waiting for a few others.

6″ Come on, still some bags out at the back and people talking.



3″ We’re just waiting for one group now. Ah, you’ve got it now and you’re sitting perfectly, thank you.

2″ Well done everyone, nearly there”

1″ Brilliant”



The countdown is a proven classroom management strategyfor getting students quiet at the end of an activity or session and it creates a settled environment so that the “Shushers” only then need to deal with the minority who are still talking.

So there you have it. A great way to get rowdy groups of students settled in record time. Enjoy.

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Best Short Term Finance Management Training Courses Banking Delhi

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Best Short Term Finance Management Training Courses Banking Delhi: The one year PGD-AFPWM is a breakthrough innovation as far as post graduate professional courses in India are concerned. Conceptualized by Mr. Niamatullah, former MD SBI Mutual Fund and currently Director Academics of IIFP, this one year course provides to fresh graduates from any stream an opportunity to pursue a lucrative career in personal finance.

The one year at IIFP makes the student a dynamic professional comparable to the best in the world and ready to be absorbed in the industry.
IIFP continuously update and revise the course content to keep it relevant for the requirement of industry.

IIFP have innovated a unique teaching methodology where students are regularly given case studies and asked to apply their knowledge to find solutions of financial problems. Group assignments, presentations, continuous evaluation of lessons learnt etc are other highlights of this policy.

A significant part of the role of teaching fraternity is that of facilitators, guides and mentors.
IIFP has also developed world class study material and work books for the entire CFP Certification Education Program.

IIFP has received excellent feedbacks from student fraternity on the quality of study materials and this fact is amply reflected in the popularity of IIFP across the country for training and education in finance.

IIFP has a dynamic placement wing which closely interacts with the industry people, on a regular basis, and maintains excellent relationship with HR managers.

The placement department also plays an important role in grooming of students.

Some of the key activities performed by the department are
Career counseling to help the student select right profile and company
Helping the students prepare effective resume
Conducting mock interviews to help the students master the right attitude and skills

IIFP has about 95% placement record since inception. The average package provided to the PGDAFPWM students in the year 2010 was ‘ 3.5 lacs with ‘ 6.5 lacs as highest package. Around 60% of the students got a package higher than the average package.


Enhance Knowledge with Experience While Study inBusiness Management

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Business Management is just like an art that’s why Arts Business Management is one of the most popular degrees in the commerce field. Now there are many short and diploma courses has been introduced in thisarea of study to enhance this educational area among business holders and for the people who are doing a job in an organization’s management department. There are different higher studies schools and business related institutes are offering part time business degree in Singapore. Themost established schools are part of the list that are offering arts business management short and long courses for part time study.

With the study in Business you will be able to take part in the strategy making activities in local and international organizations as you will be aware with different type of organizations. There are many professional industries are offering jobs in their management departments and this diploma will be helpful for the people who want to get a good job.

For the people who are running their own businesses and they want some higher studies to run their business in a better way. Part time business degree such as Arts Business Management diploma or any other course having relevant subjects will be a perfect choice for a businessman chick here.

Career Opportunity: The marketing and management subject that you will study during your academic duration will help you to know about finance it’s formation and organization. You will be able to handle the international and external business affairs with your talented skills and study.

The job or business experience during your studies will make you more reliable and give you better decision making skills in order to enhance your revenue or to impress your employer.

Why Admission in Arts Business Management? The national university in Singapore is one of the most favorite institutes for part time business degree in Singapore. They are offering different course for arts business management study.

Bachelor of Arts (Arts Management) (Hons) Bachelor of Creative Arts Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science Bachelor of Creative Industries Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Curatorship) If you have done any of the given courses it will be very easy for you to study in business management. It is also possible you would be exempted a semester or a year if you have passed the above given degrees with good marks more visit.

Now you don’t need to wait for more time get admission and start your studies and give enhance your knowledge skills along with a job or while running a business.


Right Payroll Software Delhi and Its Merits for Business Management

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Payroll management is an integral function which cannot be overlooked yet the traditional system of accounting did not serve the purpose in error free manner. Thus, buying payroll software from Delhi is a decision to be taken after analyzing its worth.

Protection of wages by managing it and its components proves to be an obligation for every business owner to ensure just payroll. To begin with, salary structure of all the staff members varies depending on their designation. Nevertheless, missing out any allowance or deduction while ruling out payroll, the glitches pertaining to calculations can prove to be major interruption in the mechanism of accounting officials! On the other hand, if these issues get neglected due to miscellaneous reasons, then, the entire episode can leave a negative impact on employees. Well, this can be avoided if ERP solution has been purchased by the company owner which compiles necessary modules those in totality make payroll management simplified.

Moreover, this software which is specifically developed for monitoring payroll and its constituents has absolute automated functioning. This in turn is a basic feature which lessens the burden of officials to a greater extent enabling them to make salary slips in most convenient way. In fact, payroll software Delhi has undergone improvisation several times and the best version which is available at present delivers advanced solution. The best part to be mentioned over here is the customization of software which can allow entrepreneurs to make the most out of its mechanism. Before actually proceeding with the finalization of best service provider based in Delhi, it will be ideal to take a look at points of significance those can influence your decision by and large:

USP of the solution has to be determined initially: Ever since payroll solutions powered by high-end technologies have emerged as resourceful yet when it comes to invest on highly advanced payroll management system Delhi, one has to check for its USPs. In other words, the whole idea is to select the solution of managing salary and its components after checking its promising nature that makes it superior as compared to others.

Chalk out your priorities to get tailored services: In case, pre-designed software of payroll available in Delhi does not meet your business targets effectually, then, you should identify the unique needs. After maintaining this checklist, you will be able to request for HR payroll software on the basis of the same rightly. However, you have to make sure your all the requisites have been presented forth the service providers appropriate so that they can offer profitable solution.

Ask the expert to avoid goofing up: In case, you are unable to take a final call with respect to finalization of payroll software Delhi, then, it is ideal to involve consultants. These experts will not just offer free demo of their software of payroll instead they even suggest the potential output. To cut it short, due to their immense experience in dealing with distinct business types, the consultants can recommend which variation of modules within the interface of payroll software will be beneficial for you.

On a whole, it can be affirmed that buying best payroll management system becomes quicker process, if all the aspects are borne in mind beforehand.

Payroll Software Delhi developed by HR Software Solutions is regarded as one of the best and easy to use software comprising of Payroll management system Delhi of both windows and web based modules.


An Overview On The History Of Project Management And Current Project Management Salary

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Just like having any other job with specific duties and tasks as well as corresponding compensation, having a job in project management has a corresponding project management salary. Some of you might have heard about the good benefits and wages this job entails and you want to learn more about it. To define project management in simple terms, it is an effort to successfully accomplish a project by means of careful planning and organization. A project is an endeavor with well defined limits that has an end goal of producing specific result, for instance, a work of art or music, a new software system or an architectural structure.

The definition of this type of job has evolved and progressed over time. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration and all the changes inevitably result in different expectations as well as varying ranges of Project management salary. A project always has restrictions in effect. Ordinarily, the restrictions are money, pertaining to the costs of carrying out the project, time, which means following the set time line within which the project must be completed, scope, which refers to the requirements and the goals as well as the size of the project. The primary consideration in project management is achieving the goal while adhering to the restrictions that had been agreed upon.

Even in the earliest civilizations, the basics of project management had been in play, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that organizations began using project management methods. Project management arose from several disciplines such as engineering and construction. Two of the pioneers in this field are Henry Gantt, famous for the Gantt chart, and Henri Fayol, who created the five management functions. Tools for estimating and managing costs also saw progress. The American Association of Cost Engineers, now known as AACE International or the Association for the advancement of Cost Engineering, was founded in 1956, as well as the International Project Management Association or IPMA which came into existence in 1967 in Europe.

In 1969, the USA also saw the birth of the PMI or Project Management Institute which came to release the PMBOK Guide or A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, containing descriptions of common practices. They also offered certifications of different sorts.
In 1996, post graduate certifications were established by the AAPM or American Academy of Project Management International Board of Standards.

Examples of these are the CIPM or Certified International Project Manager, the MPM, also known as Master Project Manager, the CEC, which means Certified-Ecommerce Consultant, and PME which stands for Project Management E-Business. Something known as the PPM or project portfolio management is steadily gaining popularity as a way of choosing the right projects and implementing project management methods to produce advantageous results for the organization. This is becoming more widely used for choosing and figuring out priorities among projects that share related resources.

Project management is ever present in modern workplaces. Last updated on March 14, 2011, during the time this article was written, a site features submissions by anonymous employees and employers regarding their salaries. Here is an example of the current Project management salary in US dollars of project management jobs in the company Cognizant Tech Solutions. This can be based upon the number of years of experience, the location and other things. For the position of assistant project manager, 609 sources have contributed information. The current salary range starts at $52k and goes all the way up to $91k. The average salary is $72, 858.