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Advance Use Of E-mail Marketing Software

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The application of improve e-mail marketing software program will provide you a number of instruments that will help you get the most from the program and also the news letter marketing campaign. You will gain an easy way to promote your email marketing campaign whit minimum coast and effort, by doing so.

E-mail marketing computer software Need to supply:

1. If you put a form like this in your website every person that registers will automatically be included in your mailing list, Crating a registration form -.

2. segmentation- your data basic provide a serves that enables you end up picking a segment of people out of your checklist by just about every meaning there exists (era,gender,contrey) and mail only them a specific e-newsletter.

3. content according to the recipient- the system provides the option of writing a newsletter whit all of the relevant mail and subjects it so that every recipient will only see the part that interest them.

4. Mailing by date- there is an choice to set up the newsletter application so that it will send quickly on a specific date a particular e-snail mail. It can be being a react to an activity, like registering, or as being a greeting card on a birthday.

5. Crating a form to get a review- you may send out a form that this receiver of the email must fill and send again. It might be an invite for any gathering or even a information develop, any method for you to also select one of three ways for the postal mail to be set aside within your body:

#immediate for your postal mail- in such a case you will definately get an e-snail mail for every single recipient

#to some specific postal mail pack- great for making sure inventions

#a file- get all of the details in a CSV file.

6. Mailing by characters- soon after mailing an e-snail mail you can see which recipient clicked on on each object. According to this details you are able to deliver him or her a much more perfect mail with items which passions them.

If you know how to really use the system you can benefit a lot more from it, in conclusion, it is clear that.

Keep this in mind: it is very easy to do email deliverability, but it is not that easy to do it well.


Six Of The Best Internet Marketing Tools

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The majority of successful online entrepreneurs will typically use no more than a half a dozen different internet marketing tools on a regular basis. Their daily, weekly or monthly chores can usually be carried out manually, although that practice is often extremely time-consuming, not to mention tedious. However, the use of marketing software tools means that these chores can be carried out automatically and in a fraction of the time. So lets first look at the typical chores included in the day-to-day activities of the average Internet marketer..

Now.. Whichever type of Internet marketing promotion style any online entrepreneur chooses to implement, the one thing he has in common with his fellow marketers is the need for traffic. The success of his campaigns will be dependant on how much targeted traffic he can bring to his website or favorite affiliate link. So Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be high on the list of marketer’s chores. SEO includes a variety of chores all designed to get to the top of

Nowadays it is generally accepted that the most important aspect of SEO is link building.. Creating a decent amount of backlinks from authority websites will raise PageRank (reflecting Googles view of a website’s importance). This process will boost a site’s ranking in the SERPS, which in turn will drive more quality traffic to the site, and therefore increase sales. But before you can begin link building you will need to search for a profitable niche and research keywords to use in the link building process. There are numerous ways to build links and the two most popular methods of link building are through social network marketing and article marketing. Social network involves the posting of links on authority sites and article marketing involves the submission of articles to the main article directories. Then there is the submission of Press releases, RSS and Blogs which are all part of the link building process.

For my own part I have six Internet marketing tools that I have bought online and the rest of my less important marketing software tools are available as free downloads or free online tools. My choice of six includes SEnuke SEO Software, Keyword Elite 2.0, Bookmarking Demon, Instant Article Submitter and RSS Feeds Submit. These six Internet marketing tools handle the biggest part of my day-to-day chores, and in my opinion they are the best at doing the job they do! So let’s take a brief look at the duties that each of my chosen six Internet marketing tools performs for me week in week out!

SEnuke SEO Software allows you to instantly create a wiki/hub/article/blog with your unique content at thirteen authority websites with high PR. The software also submits you video to the top 14 video websites on the Internet! You can also get instant social bookmarking to the top 22 social bookmarking websites, post as many articles as you want to ALL of your blogs/wikis/hubs with ONE click. This awesome software will also spin your bookmarking titles and descriptions effortlessly, post your auto-generated RSS feeds to the top 16 RSS aggregators, and so much more. You can read my review on SEnuke SEO Software by clicking my Internet Marketing Software Reviews link at the end of this article.

Keyword Elite 2.0 is recognized by many as the best keyword research marketing software tool on the Internet, yet this software offers much more than just keyword research. For example Keyword Elite 2.0 will search and find profitable niches and then advise you whether or not to run with it, Keyword Elite 2.0 also shows you how exactly what your site needs to outrank other sites in your niche. and this is just the beginning..

Bookmarking Demon is in my view one of the best Internet marketing tools on the web, and will auto join and create profiles at over 100 Social Bookmarking sites and then post to them on autopilot and it’s a brilliant tool for creating link juice for your websites and blogs. Once you use this software, you’ll wonder what you did without it!

Instant Article Submitter is my choice for submitting my articles to the directories simply because it is totally automatic set and forget software. Submitting articles is now a breeze and you also get an article creator software tool free when you purchase the submitter.. I have purchased three article submission software programs in the past but Instant Article Submitter is the one I use constantly now..

Press Equalizer is my choice for automatic submission of press releases to the top PR Directories. I love the templates for creating quality press releases and I use this marketing software tool for three weeks solid each time I work on a new project. And it never fails to bring me the desired results. An interesting and well written press release will typically be distributed to hundreds of sites around the net by the Newswires..

RSS Feeds Submit will submit your RSS Feeds to a plethora of aggregator sites but much more than that it submits your blogs too and you get a RSS Feed Writer to enable you to create keyword rich feeds and you can imagine how many quality backlinks that is likely to give your website/blog.

So there you have my choice of six of the best Internet marketing tools for the online entrepreneur. Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science as many would lead you to believe. You are almost guaranteed to get your links onto page one of Google SERPS for highly profitable keywords simply by using these marketing software tools to create more high authority backlinks than your competitors. Click the link below to read my full reviews on these awesome Internet marketing tools.. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Trevor Taylor


Things You Can Do Now To Cash in On Social Marketing

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Seven is a magic number. Why? Because there are seven simple strategies every small business can employ to jump on the social marketing bandwagon. The best part: most require only a moderate investment of time and/or money.

1.Start Blogging – Blogging is old news to many. Not quite the distant past, but still not the futuresort of a Web 1.5. Is blogging whats hot at the moment? Well, no. It certainly doesnt compare with chasing a link from the front page of Digg. But blogging is alive and well! It continues to be a great way to get interactively connected with your customers. Dialoguing is the reason social marketing exists. How much time you invest in your blog is up to you, but youll get out what you put in. You dont have to drive yourself crazy putting in daily entries, but you should establish a regular schedule for your blog updates. Otherwise, when people check your blog theyll see the same-old/same-old so often that theyll stop visiting your sitewhich is the whole reason you started the blog! So dont shoot yourself in the foot by creating a blog thats a visitor-repellent rather than a visitor-magnet.

Blogging is not a monologue. Your blog is not the electronic equivalent of Hamlets soliloquy. Just the opposite! Blogging is about creating conversations and joining others in progress. Take time to read what others in your industry are saying. Get in on the discussion (and get your name out there) by posting your comments on other blogs. It’s free, and again, the amount of time you invest can bring some very big returns. The beauty of blog posts is that youll almost always be encouraged to supply your name and URL when leaving a comment. This is a great way to build visibility and create a springboard to catapult traffic from other blogs to yours.

2. Take and Share Digital Photos – Flickr can be a tremendous marketing tool thanks to its incredibly active photo groups. The time and cost investment are minimal, and you can use Flickr to reach thousands of highly targeted prospects with compelling images of your product.

3. Be The Answer Man (or Woman) at Yahoo Answers – Theres one thing you have to offer that no one else does your expertise. If you’re a service-based business, your knowledge is your #1 marketing tool. Yahoo Answers is a great place for you to hammer away at prospects. Imagine being the go-to person that people seek out. Thats who youll be at Yahoo Answers.

Theres no better way to share your expertise and make an instant and direct connection with potential customers. I know dozens of marketing pros like me who spent as little as an hour or two each week answering SEO and promotion-oriented questions there. They tell me that theyve been able to track big results from even that small investment of time.

4. Get Into the Movie Business – Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but moving pictures are worth their weight in solid gold marketing. Fortunately, good video cameras are cheap these days, and a short video needs little editing/production work in todays “everyones a filmmaker” environment. And if youve got the creative “chops” to add some sizzle to a video, go for it! Be the next Scorsese, if you can. Fortunately, the software you need to add special effects won’t break the bank. The most “viral” videos are usually spontaneous and unproducedmerely “captured” by a videographer. For marketing purposes, however, a produced video is the way to go and a how-to video featuring your product is a good choice. If the look or location of your business is a selling point, “tour” videos of a workplace, a restaurant, the homes you sell, the real estate you landscape, etc. are your best bet.

Marketing videos are finding a home on local search portals like CitySearch. The find-it-in-your-town site announced that local video ads will be added to its listings. is also exploring the idea of video opportunities.

Upload your videos to a unique page on your own website or add them to your blog page. But dont stop there! YouTube is the most obvious and the most active sharing destination. And there are so many others. Just nose around the web and youll find em.

5. Dont Wait To Visit – There are many so-called discovery type sites in social marketing. The best-known are Digg, Reddit, and Netscape, but theyre also a bit complicated. StumbleUpon requires the lowest time investment. The sites functionality makes it much quicker and easier to join groups related to your industry and add friends from those groups.

Once youve joined and created your lists, you can start to upload “sticky” (appealing to visitors) content and before you know it, other users will “stumble upon” what you’ve added. Thats when the “magic begins”. When visitors give your pages good feedback, your content is shown to even more users.

You cant sell your product or service on StumbleUpon. The benefit it offers is increased traffic, which can lead to increased profits. Those profits are just a click away because your site is just a click away. Think of StumbleUpon as a way to increase awareness, Blog readership, grow subscribers, etcall of which ultimately feed into your profit stream.

6. Join Up – A HUGE part of social marketing is detective work. You need to find your customers where they like to hang out. Well, if your customers are like most people on the planet, its pretty likely that they hang out at Yahoo Groups or Google Groups to share interests and opinions.

Fetch, Marketer! Go get those prospects.

Like Flickr, the groups at Yahoo and Google are organised into interest-based lists. When you join the lists and discussions, you can offer your expertise (theres that word again) and become a trusted member of the communitythe person that other people will want to do business with.

Theres no better outcome to marketing than that!

7. Make Friends, Not Noise – As you explore social marketing opportunities across the web, be sensitive to the rules and regulations posted on various websites. As a member of a social community, its your obligation to play by the rules so make sure you know them and follow them! But here’s one general rule for using these sites as marketing tools: Don’t spam the system. Flickr doesn’t want your entire product inventory posted, and they have rules against doing so. But a few high-quality photo submissions that add to the community are fine.

Whatever social marketing you do, make a contribution to the community. Try to add content and comments of value, not an endless spew of “Buy my product” messages. In other words, dont be a leech thats merely there to suck up prospects. Give back a little. Or, better yet, give back a lot! When you do that, you’re on the road to social marketing success. (Translation: more money than youll know what to do with!)

And remember, with social marketing were not talking about any old traffic. Were talk about platinum, USDA Prime, pre-qualified, eager to do business, trusting, ready and willing prospects who dont think of you as a business they think of you as a friend.

So be a good friend. Deliver on the promise of quality and service. If you do that, social marketing will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

So stop dreaming and start marketingsocially


GSAT Sample Questions Paper with Solution and PDF

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Samsung is the world’s largest Consumer electronics South Korean company with over 4 Lakh employees globally which was established in 1938 by Lee byun chull in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises affiliated businesses and numerous subsidiaries. Samsung industrial subsidiaries include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Heavoy Industries and Samsung C&T.

To get a job in Samsung industry, Samsung Conducts GSAT i.e. Global Samsung Aptitude Test and students who clear this exam are called for Interview. GSAT consists of 50 Aptitude Questions which is to be covered in 1 hr. or 60 minutes.

Global Samsung Aptitude Test (GSAT) GSAT Sample Paper with Solution

Here some GSAT sample questions with answers are given in the following section. Remaining are attached with the PDF of GSAT Sample Paper.

Some Important GSAT Sample Questions with their solutions:-

1. Out of the following which supports error checking and error correction in data link layer

a) 802.2 LLC b) 802.3 CSMA/CD c) 802.4 Token Bus d) 802.5 Token Ring

Ans: a

2. Which of the following is not CDMA technology

a) DS-FH (Discrete spectrum-freq hoping) b) DS_FT C )DS- d) TDMA-FS.

Ans: d

3. A and B are two stations 330km apart. A train starts from A at 8pm. and travels toward B at 60kmph. Another train starts from B at 9pm. And travels towards A at 75 what time do they meet?

(a) 11am

(b) 12pm

(c) 11.30am

(d) 11.45am

Ans. a

4. Advantages of digital over analog signal:

a) noise immunity b) data security and integrity c) efficient transmission d) all of the above

Ans: d

5. If it costs x dollars for making certain item if quantity is 1000 and if quantity increase then the item is made using y dollars. If z number of items are made which are greater than 1000 then what is the total cost.

Ans: 1000(x-y) +yz

6. Problem on average ages given age of captain 25 and wicket keeper’s Age 3 years more than captain’s age. now the average of the remaining team is one less than the avg of whole team. what is the avg age of each.

Ans: 22

7. How many bits of IP address are required to make 8 subnets

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

Ans: 4 (as 000 and 111 0f 3 bits are not valid subnets so take 4 bits)

8. In 1.5 fixed format how is -1 represented

a)0xFFFF b)0xF000 c)08000 d)00001

Ans: a

9. what is the advantage of ADSL(asymmetric digital subscriber line) over modem?

Ans: It has normal uplink band width but higher down link bandwidth (something like that).

10. What will be the output?

#define Sqr(b) b*b; main( ) { int i=3; printf(-%d-,SQR(i+2); }

Ans: 11

To get more Solved Questions on GSAT must go through this article- GSAT Sample Questions Paper with Solution and PDF on . I hope it’ll be helpful for you.


Benefit From Using Online Marketing to Enhance Your Business

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Online marketing has been around for quite awhile and have been used to increase sales. The idea is to make your business attractive, to engage new customers in order to make your business succeed. This route will cut the expense of companies who use ordinary or traditional business marketing to make their business known. Nothing is wrong with traditional marketing, mind you, but the whole idea of online marketing is to make your business more accessible to the wider community of potential buyers. This can put your business out there to enable people both nationally and internationally have the opportunity to see what you have to offer.

This kind of marketing not only enhances sales but provides all persons closely involved the needed information that is essential for running a thriving business. The rationale behind online marketing enables customers the opportunity to see what is available by your business, it gives staff the flexibility to be able to monitor product flow and be able to replace needed stock as required. It gives them the tools needed to make purchases and ensure on time deliveries are made to keep customers satisfied. Management is able to see the potential of their product and do expansions wherever they are needed.

Online Marketing brings to the company’s site the merchandise as close to the customer as possible while giving them the option to buy. There is the comfort and ease of having all the necessary information that they will need available to them. Customer care or service is maximized because they are able to communicate directly with the representative on a one to one basis. This eliminated any delay and problems or queries can be dealt with quickly. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of online marketing as the customers are the ones that will keep the company in business. The strategy of information that is available to the consumer like email address, telephone number, search engine services, special offers for delivery and return policy, are just some of the many areas they companies engage to ensure customers are satisfied.

The utilization of online Marketing can be compared to social media as the two is somewhat similar. The sites visited by consumers through social media are treated the same way when business sites are visited. They are easily circulated by clients and are used to ensure friends tell friends, of the excellent service that was received. Such is the benefits of good customer relations.

For more information about ecommerce Design and development please have a look at IWD company or visit


Chiropractic Marketing – hiring a marketing assistant

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Chiropractic Marketing – Hiring a marketing assistant

Today lets learn how to develop the practice and life of your dreams and the life of your dreams, as well. We are going to talk about how to develop an internal marketing person, someone who can help you get out into the community and do big things in your town. One of the things that you want to do is first, if you are going to have somebody doing something for you in the way of marketing, before you delegate, one of the things that we always teach is that you have to get good at it on your own. You can’t just hire somebody and have them do it, because if you don’t understand it yourself, if you don’t understand how to do different parts or segments of the marketing, then it is very difficult to monitor, and track, and manage the success of any type of marketing program that you have in your office.

So it is very, very important that you understand the dynamics of any marketing program or any marketing person you put in place in your office. That is first. So you have to be good at it. You have to come up with the learning curve. You have to develop some level of mastery before you bring somebody on. That is the first issue regarding a marketing person.

The second thing that I talk about with you today would be how to pay that marketing person. Now, the best scenario: if they are purely a marketing person, if they are doing telemarketing, if they are setting up workshops, setting up talks, indirectly and directly bringing patients into your office, then that person should be paid based upon some type of bonus structure, some type of commission structure, of course, because as they bring people in, the more they bring in, you want to incentivized them to bring more and more people into the office, because, again, you don’t want to deincentivize them, because if they get paid the same thing for more and more, then, again, that can actually be quite demoralizing.

So it is very important that you get the pay structure correct. And this is something that we offer through our products that you will find on The last thing I want to mention in regards to this marketing person that you bring on, for instance, in our office, we have someone who runs our screening program. And the screening program has ongoing training each week, and it involves many people on a team that go out into the community and screen in different locations throughout the week.

One thing that is absolutely critical, the third element of our discussion today, would be regarding the ongoing training of these teams. So whoever you bring in, whether it is a team to do spinal screenings, whether it is an individual person who is doing telemarketing, who is setting up workshops, dinners, talks in general, whatever marketing scenario it may be, this person is going to be looking toward you and at you for ongoing training, addition training.

So it is very important that you look at that consideration, not only bringing somebody on and managing, and training, and evaluating, and meeting with them, but also ongoing training is absolutely critical for making sure whatever marketing program and marketing person is in place becomes a success for you.


Facebook Marketing Software

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Facebook is among the highest profiting websites on the internet weighing it at an estimated value of ten billion dollars. Microsoft has seen the value in the company and has invested into a small fractional ownership with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Perhaps the reason that FB has caught such popularity is because it opens people to free lines of communication with people across the world or across the street in a real time and asynchronous way blending marketing, opinions and ideas and games perfectly for a few minutes of relaxation away from the “real world”.

When people are looking to get a product idea out that is either virtual or physical, Facebook is an excellent marketing tool. Facebook delivers you access to a large group of people and through their advanced campaign setup, you can select demographical regions to target: this allows you to hit the target group of people that may be looking for your product. This technique is best facilitated with research on demographics and their relation to whatever you’re selling. For instance, targeting an ad for mittens and scarves during the summertime in Georgia may not be the best place for profit. During the winter in the New England, you’d be able to achieve a more solid return.

When you’re working towards advanced Facebook marketing, there are tools that can help you get started on your adventure. Marketing through Facebook without any tools is like working with hand tools and trying to take care of a farm. While possible, you’d do much better to invest in capital machinery and power tools to make your job more efficient and profitable. Facebook “power tools” are out there that will boost your ability to market online. Facebook marketing software is just one type: you can hire freelancers to put up ads for your websites on Facebook, you can hire corporations that specialize in SEO marketing who will include Facebook as a facet of their marketing approach or you could even program scripts that integrate Facebook friending and marketing approaches if you’re a programmer. One thing is for certain; Facebook is growing more profitable daily.

Among the ways to market on Facebook, Facebook marketing software is best. Facebook marketing software allows you to automate and target the process of friending people and exposing your group to fan page to large crowds. When you use Facebook marketing software you’ll be giving yourself the competitive edge that you need to sell your products and services. Staying connected with your clientele is essential: when you create a fan-base at your company Facebook page you can issue coupons for free without the need of printing or placement in the newspaper and you can track the results. Facebook is allowed by most free Wi-Fi security systems though may be blocked at public schools. When you make good use of Facebook marketing software, you can establish wide bases of friends and most appropriated target your desired audience for your ads and efforts in business promotion.


Online Marketing Increases productivity

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Online marketing is a concept which makes easily available a website for all the customers. Online marketing is activity, with the help of it small business companies can reach to customer in high volume. Online marketing known as web marketing, web promotion, internet marketing. Online marketing is a process of search engine. Online marketing is a squander field for online marketing researcher. People choose online marketing because online services are faster than other techniques. Online marketing can be done by so many other ways like social media, forum posting, Directory submission, Article submission, online business. Online marketing increasing local search and people can get the required product from in and around market. Online marketing helping local audience or customer to get aware about the quality & service of product. There has long been a argue over which internet marketing approach provides better results- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-per-Click (PPC). Even though SEO delivers qua

lity traffic at subordinate price per customer than PPC in the long term, sometimes it is advantageous to go against what seems instinctual, that is, choosing SEO for its low cost.

Nowadays online marketing using different tools, strategy or techniques to promote their business it includes, blog posting, email marketing, banner posting, link building, online keywords links, and static home page ads. Online marketing focus on B2B marketing, blogs of marketing etc.

Online marketing means creating awareness about exacting products and services and selling them successfully to online purchasers.

It requires a huge deal of effort on part of Company to market their products and services, online.

Creation of Website: First step towards online marketing is design of website. A website is a compilation of complete information about products services, along with photographs, specifications, and each and every minute detail that a Company offers through that product. Website is designed to equip the visitor with all related details and convert a visitor into customer.

Selection of Seo Company: A Company is appropriate in manufacturing and trading of its product in physical market. As it is completely unknown about online marketing.

Optimization of site: A website is not at all designed as per SEOs perspectives. So, it is loaded with keywords, and phrases along with meta-data for its compatibility in search engines.

RSS feeds: Companies can share and group their content, through RSS. Unlimited RSS channels are created for additional effectiveness.

Search engine optimization: Optimizing is not all for a site. It has to be integrated in special search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other local Search engines to introduce it amongst various customers in its locality.

Addition and removal of web-pages: A website goes stale without changes. It needs to be frequently updated, for its better functionality and extreme efficiency.

It is very necessary to know that all online marketing tools are based on e-commerce process. Companies as well can sell different products and e-products. Online marketing helped organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve their online marketing objectives and generate better results. Online marketing invite you to partner for a better online presence that gives you increased business, profit, and growth.


Marketing Study Background Color Vs. Profitability

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Ive had this study on the back burner for ages and finally decided it was time to check it out. Heres the deal Tons of marketing gurus tell you that the best way to sell something is with a sales letter. Im not disputing that (at least not in this study). These gurus then tell you that you should set up a one-page web-site that simulates a piece of white paper against a _____ background. That blank is what has been bothering me for awhile. Heres why

I keep seeing different colors for major marketers. I even see some major marketers switch colors from one site to another. It makes me wonder if they have done any testing. Does the color just not matter? If so, why do so many use dark blue, light blue and black?

Then I consider the major money makers on the net and wonder why only one uses a colored background. Im talking about Yahoo, Google, Ebay and Amazon. They all use a white background surrounding their page that is set in a limited width table in the center of the page. Only uses a medium blue background.

It was high time for a study to find out the real answer. I did it in the usual way. I built a list of profitable and unprofitable sites by looking at the duration of ads being placed on Yahoo (Overture) and Google. If an ad had been shown for six months or longer, I placed the target page on a list of profitable sites. If an ad was placed and completely dropped in less that one month, the site was placed on an unprofitable list. The latter list would be less reliable, but the comparison between the two lists would still be statistically valid with a sufficient sample size. The latter list might only represent average sites, but even average sites would be less profitable than the known profitable list.

The results were very mixed. First of all, the white background sites were the vast majority on both lists. You simply cant go wrong with a completely white background. However, it wasnt actually the winner. Here is the breakdown:

Profitable sites with a white background: 85.2%

Unprofitable (or average) sites with a white background: 92.6%

A non-white background actually was more profitable a higher percentage of the time. I then studied the darkness of the background in those minority sites for both profitable and unprofitable sites. Looking at the RGB values, I split the colors into two buckets those that were dark (191 or less average RGB value) and those that were light (192 or higher RGB value). The results were even more clear:

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of profitable sites with dark colors: 92.8%

Looking only at non-white backgrounds of unprofitable sites with light colors: 96.1%

Wow! Thats quite a correlation. Although a vast majority of profitable (and unprofitable) sites have a white background, those that do have a non-white background have a dark background whereas the unprofitable sites were more likely to have a light background both with an extremly high correlation. Thats hard to ignore.

I next had to get the actual answer. What color background had the highest correlation with profitability. Whats the bottom line? The answer was just as clear:

53.3% of the profitable sites with non-white desktop background were black.

Now; I should be very clear about this result. The area under study is NOT the actual web-site text area. We are NOT talking about having white text on a black background. In a vast majority of cases, these sites actually had black text on a white background. The area under study is the theoretical area AROUND the virtual piece of paper. It is the desktop color if you pretend the web-site area is a piece of paper sitting on a virtual desktop. It isnt the color of the piece of paper that is under study. It is the color of the virtual desktop that the piece of paper is virtually laying upon.

So what am I going to do about this result? Ill probably eventually implement it. I dont like it, but the result is very clear. Why dont I like it? Well, take a look at one of my sites:

I use a virtual piece of white paper on a virtual white desktop. I like the fuzzed shadow I use around the edges. That fuzzed shadow wont be possible with a black background. The shadow will simply disappear leaving (in my opinion) a less professional look of a crisp piece of white paper against a black backdrop.

The other reason I dont like it is that it puts me out of the majority of profitable sites in general. It will make future studies more difficult. Instead of simply grabbing profitable sites and comparing them to unprofitable sites, I will need to grab only profitable and unprofitable sites that have a black background. Otherwise other results might not be valid if they come from the majority white background dataset. A good example would be a study of headline color. The most profitable headline color might be different between those sites with a black background and those with a standard white background.

I simply havent decided what to do yet. Will I stick with the safe standard white desktop behind my virtual piece of paper? Or will I go with the black desktop that is less standard, but has a higher correlation with profitability? What will you do?

One result from this study is very clear though. If you do choose a non-white background, it is foolhardy to choose yellow, blue (light or dark), pastel green, or any other color. The correct color for highest profitability is clearly black. The 2nd place color (and the color of the vast majority of sites) is white. All other colors failed miserably in this study.


Interactive Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

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Traditional and interactive marketing are the two phase of the marketing. Traditional marketing was mainly based on assumptions. In traditional marketing the group of marketing executives used to assume that through which means audiences can be targeted and attracted and those factors were then considered for marketing. Custom campaign was build on the basis of the assumptions. Earlier in the traditional type of marketing assumptions was made from the past reports of the company. This marketing technology was used for the years which were then replaced by the interactive marketing.

The difference between the interactive and the traditional marketing is that in the traditional marketing things were predicted with the help of the past performance, but in interactive marketing, customers are the main consideration. In interactive marketing customers are asked that what their requirements are and what are they looking for and expecting from the companies. After that the marketing experts try to mold the services and the products according the requirement of the customers. interactive marketing is very much appreciated by the customers as they are considered the main factor. Personal thoughts and the feelings of the customers are considered by the companies. By this the customers of the particular company start taking more interest in the products and the services of the company. After all customers are the one main important factor for all the business owners, if they will have no customers, then they will have no business. Business owners gain more trust in the customers.

This type of the interactive marketing is important in todays world if the company wants to be on the top position. Web site is the basic form of this type of marketing. With the help of the web site owner is able to remember the previous purchases by the customers. Web site advertisement is the essential part of the interactive marketing. Also by doing this owner will able to direct more traffic to the web site which indirectly will increase the sale of the business. When a person visits the web site for the first time, he/she searches for the product of their interest. Second time when the person login to the web site the record will show all the products which the customer searched previously and the new ones matching with it. Not only this to attract the customers regular mails are dropped in their mailbox regarding to the new products or the services of their interest. This technique attracts the customers and they become more loyal to the particular company which is assisting them regularly.

A survey is made in which the customers are offered to give their personal views about the available products of the company. When this process gets completed a list is made in which the requirements of the customers are written. The products and the services are matched accordingly.
This type of marketing approach is becoming popular as it considers customers as the main factors. If the owner will ignore the customers factor, will suffer loss in business.