Doing Some Work for My Boss

by newpost ·

I have been given a rather strange assignment, which in a normal company would probably be something that could get you in trouble. In this case the difference between the company and the boss is rather insignificant, so doing stuff for him is not going to get me in trouble. He is going to spend a fortune on his daughter’s marriage and I have been optioned off to his wife, apparently so that he does not have to be involved. Today I was looking at Toronto party buses, because she is thinking that they are going to need to have the wedding reception at some place other than the site of the wedding. They are going to get married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, so the wedding reception is going to be some place else. They have not yet figured out the exact details of where. The question is pretty big. You need a place which is going to be able to handle around three hundred guests the way that it looks right now and it needs to be reasonably close by.

They are thinking about hiring normal buses as well. Obviously not everyone is going to want to drive and then when the reception is over a lot of the guests are going to be inebriated. That is something the boss is really concerned about, in fact he was trying to argue that they should not serve alcohol. I can understand what he means. If some guy gets blasted out of his mind with free booze that you provided, then that leaves you with potential liability issues. There are regularly lawsuits of this kind, people get drunk and then they do something they should not have done. When it goes bad a lot of the time they sue the people who provided the alcohol for not stopping them from doing something foolish.


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