I Feel Like a Important Customer

by newpost ·

I was looking for a new bank because the current bank that I have been with over the years has acquired many other banks and has become so impersonal. They also started charging for every little thing I needed from them. So I went online to do some research and locate a new bank. I did a Google search for Banks and found this website http://www.bankaislemleri.net.

A few different results of different banks came up, but most of them just didn’t have the personal service I was looking for. One of the things I was looking for was the ability to pay my bills online. I don’t like to do the traditional method of paying bills. Printing out checks and mailing to the bill companies. I wanted to be able to do more of an electronic transfer for these bills. Your banking website helped me set up everything for me to pay my bills. Then I was also looking for a new credit card. Even though I don’t like to have a lot of debt, I needed to have a credit card for when I would rent a car or for emergencies. Your bank helped me find the perfect credit card at the perfect APR for me.

I also was able to transfer all of my funds from my old banking institution without any problem. Now I no longer just feel like a number in a long line of customers. I feel like my business actually matters. Another thing that I will be looking for in the future with the bank is a home loan. I am saving up my money to purchase my first home. It is truly a dream of mine to have a home of my own, and thanks to your bank I am sure this dream of mine will be a reality one day soon.


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