Ichimoku Trading Strategies and the Relation to Price and Price Action

by como ·

There are myriad of strategies that you can make use of to trade in the Forex market and among all of these, one of the most efficient are the ichimoku trading strategies. Mainly when you’re trading in Forex, it doesn’t matter what currencies you’re trading in. It doesn’t even matter what method, indicator or strategy you make use of. The main focus of your trading will always be the price and the price action. Once you gain a good understanding of these two things, you’ll be able to enhance your trading system.

In conjunction with using ichimoku trading strategies along with looking at the price and price action of your currencies, you’ll have a good edge in Forex trading. Before, the scenario might be divided between hit and a miss but now you can always make a hit on the profits. If you have a currency pair of the GBP/USD and trading on a daily time period, you’ll have a good way of knowing when it’s time to enter into selling or exit a selling position – it’s the same with entering and exiting a buying position.

On this situation, you only need to look at the price line and the current price. When the price line goes over the chikou span line or the lagging line in the ichimoku, it’s a good indicator that it’s the best time to sell. In contrast, the entry signal to buy will be when the chikou span is above the price line. In relation to the current price, selling is the best move when this is below the cloud and of course buying is the best move when current price are found above the cloud. If you focus your attention on price and price action, you can make the most out of your strategy. If it’s the ichimoku trading strategies, you’re in for some big profits.

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