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TELiBrahma is an acknowledged brand for contextual mobile marketing and advertising. Its current association with Mantri Pinnacle for the campaign called Interactive Mobile marketing for real estate is a breakthrough in reducing the time constraint for their prospective customers to visit the property in person. This campaign has surely helped in bringing the property closer to their buyers. The campaign was launched through the mobile application called POINT. This application will help the customers to capture any POINT enabled images, logo or QR code, advertisement in newspaper or magazine to access interactive content which included video, audio, 3D views, games, special discount coupons and other exclusive offers.

The use of mobile devise and smart phones is the most preferred choice of tech savvy generation of today. Mobile devices have become the lifeline for various types of information in this fast paced world and therefore mobile and people share a very close relationship. With life wrapped around with smart devices and information being made available at the tap on your screen, the older trends of sending SMS, email, pamphlet have seen a downward pitch. In the present era of Mobile’s arsenal, Mobile marketing gathered a seismic shift in the marketing strategy. Mantri Pinnacle has leveraged this technology for reaching their targeted patrons with aid of Telibrahma through an exciting campaign.

Usage of the POINT application has helped the buyers to capture the print ads on newspapers to experience the apartments and its facilities before visiting the site. The promotion of this feature was done on all mobile and smart devices. TELiBrahma S POINT app brings the buyer and their desired property closer, allowing them to visualize the apartments as well as glimpse the entire environments on their mobile. Just snapping the print images in the newspapers, customers can access the entire Mantri Pinnacle property and decide upon their choices.


The interactive mobile marketing campaign has been a breakthrough in mobile marketing strategies for real estate. This was developed and organized by TELiBrahma with a challenge to make the Mantri Pinnacles target audience to have visual experience of apartments before visiting the site. The POINT app will provide a complete glimpse of the entire property of Mantri Pinnacle and the prospective customers can take a virtual walk through of the apartments and the surrounding areas.

By capturing the print ad published by Mantri Pinnacle through their mobile camera will take them into the virtual property world of complete apartments and help them decide better. Buyers could also get a glimpse of the panoramic view or watch a 3D model of the entire building showcasing pool, gym, garden and all the other amenities. In addition to this, interested customers could mail their queries and book for the site visit at their own convenience simply by emailing or by dropping a call.


The promotion of the interactive mobile marketing campaign for the real estate was an immense success as it could engage the readers for over 134,773 seconds with brands in the very first day of launch. And over 66% of the users engaged with all the engagements promoted. Apart from this 67% of the users experienced the augmented 3D view of the apartments. Almost 40% of the users were identified to have carried smart phones ensuring the right reach for the brand. Duration of brand exposure in comparison to TV programs exceeded 4400 slots. Now the Mantri Pinnacle is able to market much better than they could as in the case of conventional ads.


TELiBrahma is a prominent player in the field of mobile marketing and advertising solutions. Since 2008, the company has been focusing on creative solutions in mobile applications based marketing supporting the retail industries and advertising media with the aid of internet and mobile phone technology. Telibrahma is a trusted partner of many promotional campaigns and has successfully delivered customized marketing and advertising solutions to a large base of satisfied clients across the world. Presently, the company operates from 5 different locations worldwide. The unparalleled service provided by Telibrahma, especially in the augmented reality platform, Buzz and Brand club speaks volumes, about its innovative and creative expertise.

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