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Which loan is right for you

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Home Loans

If you’re a homeowner, home loans are usually defined as secured loans, and should benefit from the best APR’s available. Home loans are available with some of the most established lenders in the UK. If you have defaulted on a payment in the past or have CCJ’s (County Court Judgments), you can still be eligible for a good rate if you choose a home loan.

Sometimes lenders will offer a repayment holiday with a home loan if you need to take a breakfrom making repayments. You should always ask when applying. Home loans are amongst the most popular loans products.

Car Loans

Car loans are amongst the most popular loan types with UK consumers. If you’re looking to finance a new car then the car loan is usually the best option.

Specialist car finance companies process thousands of car loans every year and has tailor their services to suit the demands of the car finance market. If you don’t have a specific vehicle in mind, some car loan lenders have the facility to supply the car as well as the finance effectively offering a one-stop shop.

Of course this is not an ideal solution for everyone, however some customers do like the extra convenience of being able to sign one contract and drive their car away the same day.

Personal Loans

There are now a wide variety of financial comparison web sites allowing you to search and compare practically all of the most competitive personal loans and personal loan plans available in the UK. Whether you’re a tenant or homeowner you can find the best loan to suit your needs and more importantly your financial circumstances.

Finding the time to search for personal loans cannot be easier today there are over 300 personal unsecured loans available in the UK and now a plethora of comparison companies allowing you to source competitive personal loans and personal loan plans.

Bad Credit Loans

If you’ve already been refused credit or have missed payments or have defaults from the past your most likely options are bad credit loans. For customers with an impaired credit history bad credit loans are available to these people who fall within the sub prime category and are usually associated with above average interest rates if the customer is a non homeowner, a tenant.

However it’s not all bad news, if you are a homeowner it is more likely that your lender will off you a secured loan because they have the added benefit of the loan being secured on your home.

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Here Is What You Should Know About Txtloan, The Text Loan Provider

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TxtLoan is a payday loan provider in the UK market. They are unique in that they offer loans from the convenience of your mobile phone. You have to register once and you might need to fax in some documents, but after that, you just have to send a text and you will receive a loan fast.

In case you are not familiar with payday loans, they are a type of short term financing for bridging the gap until your next pay day. It is not a long term financial solution, but if you have expenses that you must cover today, then these loans can be a great help.

If you are getting a loan from TxtLoan, then you can borrow 100 only, no more and no less. Usually pay day lenders give the option of choosing from a range of amounts, but TxtLoan is unique in this respect.

You can expect an APR of 894% on your loan. This is one of the lowest APRs on the market today. It is typical to see APRs of 1500%, 2000%, and even more with other lenders.

All loans are same day transfers, even if it’s past 5pm or it’s not even a business day. These text loans are available around the clock, so it can be a lifesaver if you need the money fast on a Sunday.

However, there is a same day transfer fee of 5.50. The typical repayment amount on a 7 day loan is 10%, so for each 100 borrowed, you repay 110, plus the same day transfer.

Usual terms apply: you must be over 18 years of age, be a resident in the UK, and receive a regular salary. The minimum monthly NET salary you can apply with is at least 400. You must also have a bank account which can receive direct debit.

In addition, this lender, unlike almost all others on the market, requires you to have a mobile phone and an e-mail address. But these days, that should not be a problem.