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Effective Features Of Breeze Mobile Banking

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One of the most interesting things about technology is that when developers introduce different applications to the public, they mistakenly believe that the more features and the more complex the features, the more impressed customers will be. Unfortunately, many uninformed consumers are sucked into buying products because they are loaded with what appear to be incredible and robust features. However, these people soon discover that all the fluff is just that, meaning the features are usually over-rated and rather than making the experience smoother, they actually make things more complicated and time-consuming.

When Standard Chartered Bank developed Breeze, the online and mobile banking solution that runs on iPhone and iPhone, they wanted bank customers to have a genuine, user-friendly application with features that added true value to the overall experience. The final product rolled out to beta testers in Singapore and Malaysia achieved the banks goal.

However, for the primary features seen on other mobile banking applications, the bank developed Breeze so these were enhanced. In addition, Breeze provides bank customers with new features, one in particular called eCheques, which is the worlds only electronic check processing system. Along with these features, Breeze has something unexpected in the form of functional but also fun features.

Some of the standard features that have been made more robust on Breeze include things like viewing account balances and transferring funds. Along with the new eCheques feature, Standard Chartered Bank also incorporated an ATM finder, which makes it possible for people to find the closest ATM anywhere needed in a matter of minutes. Instead of making unnecessary phone calls or driving around aimlessly, the information can be pulled up using Breeze with no effort at all. Standard Chartered Bank will also be introducing new features as time goes by to meet growing customer demand.

The entire online and mobile banking application enhances the customers banking and financial experience but the designers and developers added a few fun features just because they were just that fun. When people look at the enhanced conventional features, the revolutionary features, the future features, and the fun features, it is clear that Breeze is unlike any other mobile banking application ever created.

One of the fun features is the background of the iPhone when Breeze is downloaded. During the day, the background is bright, sunny skies that represent daytime but then at night, the background changes to a dark sky filled with shiny stars. Although the application is not necessarily something that adds value, it is fun.

Another fun feature of the Breeze application is the ability for users to personalize their accounts by using different icons, colors, and even avatars. Some people appreciate the ability to add a little personality into the way their account appears while others are not as concerned but either way, this feature is fun. Then one of the most interesting features is moving money by shaking the iPhone. Standard Chartered Bank wanted customers to enjoy the experience with Breeze while also having a mobile banking solution that would save time and effort when managing accounts.


Tips On Applying A Savings Account At Pnb Bank Philippines

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Philippines National Bank (PNB) is among the largest banks in the Philippines in terms of assets. It is one of the most established bank in the country and included in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

During the American colonial period, PNB was established by the Philippine government on 1916. In 1980, it became the first universal bank in the country.

If you are thinking to apply for a bank account at PNB, you must prepare all the requirements before going to the bank to have a smooth processing of your application. It would be better if you can also apply for online or mobile banking once you applied for a new bank account.

Internet or phone banking is a good service offered by PNB since it will give you access to your account anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. You can also pay your bills like utility bills online if you have Internet banking account.

The guide below can give you an idea on how to open a new PNB bank account. You can follow it for quick processing of your application.

1. Choose the PNB branch you would like to apply for a new bank account. It would be better to select the branch near public roads where there are many means of transportation.

2. Bring complete requirements when opening PNB bank account.

3. Prepare your money for initial deposit of your new bank account. Normally, for ATM and passbook account, the initial deposit would be P5,000 and P10,000 respectively. For applying a peso checking account, the minimum initial deposit would be P10,000.

4. Make sure to bring ball pen because sometimes there is no ball pen available at the bank. It is better to be ready than to have none.

5. Proceed directly to the new account desk when you arrived at the bank. Inform the bank officer you would like to open a new savings account. Fill up all forms and signature cards that will be given to you. Make sure you complete all the required data.

6. After finishing filling up all application forms and signature cards, handle to the bank officer you initial deposit, requirements and forms. This process may take 20 minutes or more since it will undergo checking and approval.

7. Normally, ATM or passbook will be available for pick-up to your PNB branch after 5 banking days had passed or you may ask the bank officer when it will be available to be sure.

PNB is one of the best banks in the country if you are considering to apply for a new savings account. If you want quick processing and approval of your application, remember to bring with you all requirements for opening a new bank account.


Which Is Better Onshore Or Offshore Banking

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There are a lot of factors that made onshore banking as well as offshore banking different. Although they all have their own features and advantages, one is always better than the other. It is really hard to choose sometimes because of lack of knowledge regarding which is good and which works for you. Here are some questions that surely have crossed your mind as well as answers to help you decide on what to pick.

Which one would reduce your tax?

Onshore banking is subject to the tax and foreign exchange rules of the country in which the account is held, and depending on the size of your savings, and the tax regime of your onshore jurisdiction, the price you pay is likely to be fairly high if your savings are ‘considerable’. Therefore, if you are interested in reducing your tax exposure, and in relatively higher confidentiality levels, it would make sense to examine the possibilities available to you offshore.

Would you use an offshore bank account if you are with an onshore savings already?

Onshore banking is subject to the tax and foreign exchange rules of the country in which the account is held, and depending on the size of your savings, and the tax regime of your onshore jurisdiction, the price you pay is likely high if your savings are ‘considerable’. Therefore, if you are interested in reducing your tax exposure, and in relatively higher confidentiality levels, it would make sense to examine the possibilities available to you offshore.
Sure it is always advisable to stick to the one you are used to but if changes will alleviate everything then why would you settle for less?

How long does it take to open an offshore/onshore account?

Most of the time it is easier to get an offshore accounts rather that an onshore account because there would be lots of requirements needed for processing on onshore banking. Signature Card With an onshore account you must provide notarized specimen signatures, notarized copy of passport or drivers, license, bank reference, utility bill/s showing residential address and many others. This is a very exhausting list isnt? But you need not to worry because many offshore institutions do not require all of the mentioned documents, or require them in different combinations, but this is normally well documented in their brochures.

How secure is my money? Isn’t it more risky to invest/bank offshore?

It is definitely not risky. It is always better to regard offers and institutions which seem too good to be true’ with suspicion, as they generally are! You should begin your research with well established institutions to give you a frame of reference regarding industry standards, and regard with skepticism interest rates or benefits which seem exceptional’. Also, check that the reputation of the bank that you are planning to deal with is good
Finally, bear in mind that even as taking advantage of existing legislation to legitimately minimize your tax burden with a reputable service provider presents very little risk, unreported offshore activity for the purposes of tax evasion is risky. Some offshore jurisdictions have deposit protection system.

With an offshore bank account, you can be rest assured that there is no information that will be provided for those who would like to investigate or learn your banking status. With an offshore account, it is clear that confidentialities are like norms that should be strictly followed.

Will I able to deposit and get access to my money fast?

Depending on your needs, there are many ways of obtaining access to your money. This can be done by post, courier, fax, telephone, over the internet or bank wire transfer. By having an offshore debit card you can then also easily access your bank account on all ATM machines.

How does an offshore debit card works?

Debit Card works in the same way as a Credit Card for purchase transactions at Merchant Outlets, with the only difference being that the cardholder will be able to spent only up to the balance available in the account thus making it batter than a credit card for it will not lead the owner onto serious debts. Because the owner of the card will just use his own money he will not be subjected for any high rates that a credit will give.

2GetCash offshore debit card is one of the most convenient and reliable offshore debit cards. Through this, you can easily have an access to your bank account at the same time calling your love ones abroad at very low rates.