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BSES Online Bill Payment By Net Banking

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With millions of residents in Delhi and nearby regions, the need to have a smooth provision of electricity supply was paramount. Since long, people had been suffering due to erratic current cutbacks and lack of streamlined approach in supply. Further devastating was the lack of any rightful method of collection of bills from the residents. A few years ago, the scenario was reflected in long queues in the offices of Delhi Vidyut Board till July 2002. But then, power sector of Delhi was privatized and was taken over by BSES. This takeover also led to the transfer of various liabilities, assets, personnel and proceedings of the Delhi Vidyut Board in compliance with the transfer agreements. Now, majority of Delhi’s power distribution system remains under BSES Yamuna Power Limited or BYPL and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and a third party North Delhi Power Limited, which is a venture between Tata Power and Govt of Delhi. With 3 separate jurisdictions for each of these units, Delhi’s power woes have almost ended. BSES New Delhi Apart from the facilities of efficient power supply by the BSES and NDPL, the losses have come down significantly and infrastructure improvement has been remarkable. But, one of the hallmarks of these changes through privatisation has been the convenience in the BSES bill payment by the residents. Earlier, people were required to pay through cash or demand drafts or cheques, which obviously is a cumbersome process for people in Delhi. They could deposit the bills in the customer care centres and kiosks. Currently, after the revision of the bill payment process and privatisation, a number of methodologies have been put forth by these organisations for the payment of dues. Bill payment kiosks are opened in various centres under the BYPL and BRPL. Residents can go to these places and pay by cheque or cash between 8 am and 8 pm, excepting the public holidays. There are also other options such as payment through counters, cheque in mail and drop boxes. But the one modality which has stolen the show is that of payment through net banking or BSES bill payment online. Online mode of payment is advantageous for few reasons: BSES Online Bill Payment By Net Banking Most people have online internet banking facilities, which are provided by their banks. Almost all the banks have nowadays facility to operate accounts online. Hence, payment of electricity bills monthly, doesn’t pose an issue for people. Rather, they would prefer doing so, as it allows them to make their payments from the comforts of their laptops and computers at homes and offices. It is but natural that electricity consumers in Delhi are opting for the internet banking facilities for BSES bill payment. The process of doing so is also quite easy. Consumers can select mastercard, visa card and other cards for banks like IDBI, SBI, PNB, Axis, and others. They can start by visiting the BSES Delhi official site and click on payment options. There will be an online confirmation and a transaction reference number. Then, the BSES account number would be asked, which consumers can fill in. A page then opens up, where consumers can see their particular bills for the said months, which is due. Payment process proceeds when they click on pay now option. On selecting the net banking option, customers would be redirected to their respective banks, where the user id and password has to be provided. Through a secured gateway, the amount would be instantly debited and it would reach the customer’s BSES account within 5 working days. BSES bill payment online has been a boon to the millions of power users in Delhi. With high end system of fee collections, lots of people have been benefited and quickly adopted this system of paying their bills without fail.