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The Muffin Top Mystery – It’s A Crazy World

by como ·

This is a crazy world. We’re stuck in the middle of a pop culture that is addicted to everything. It’s almost the norm, even fashionable, to list “Rehab” on a resume. Corporate America is full of existential, relativistic MBA’s who only care about living in the moment with no boundaries because everything is relevant.

So we have a food industry that intends to get us hooked on eating for the answer while simultaneously we are trying to emulate the stars in the entertainment industry who eat nothing or gets lots of surgery. So, on the one hand, “eat” but on the other hand “don’t get fat”.

Bring all of these good well meaning fat folks into some sort of diet regimen and all hell breaks loose. We’ve grown up with the “have it your own way…NOW” message. Problem is we don’t have the right code written into our DNA which allows us to eat any-thing, any-time, in any-amount and not end up with a muffin top.


To say we need to change our paradigm is an understatement. We need to change everything! I’m not against the sprinkle your food thing, or the spray your food thing, or the pop a pill thing, or the juice thing, or,or,or,or,or???? There no end to the diet “thing”. There’s no end to the problem of media, and culture, pulling us to and fro, while trying to find some truth and balance somewhere that can set us free.

There are scientific breakthroughs which can help us with the biggest enemy of our muffin tops: SUGAR. Sugar, sugar, sugar, – it’s everywhere, so great a problem is it that the sugar substitute industry alone is worth nearly 14 Billion dollars and most of those substitutes actually cause people to gain weight.

One has to have one’s wits about oneself when one is researching “scientific breakthroughs” that have to do with glucose control. Start here if you’re seeking wisdom.

Purchase nothing that offers Quick Results. Purchase nothing that you can’t document “offline”. Purchase nothing that sells sizzle more than steak.

But don’t give up…this is not only the worst of times to get rid of a muffin top but the best of times to get rid of and keep rid of a muffin top. Science is accelerating at an amazing pace to meet the demands of a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR Wellness Industry. There are amazing breakthroughs in weight loss.

All we need is to be pointed in the right direction and that is not a diet. Nor is it just trying to eat healthy and exercise a ton.


Strong stuff huh? You need to get the whole story. Read the NEW YOU REPORT. We may not have found the only way. It’s a big world out there. (Some project that all the world’s current data will grow 50X in the next decade)

But after kicking this can around for many years we can point you in one direction that is documented, (offline) peer reviewed, clinically tested and patent pending. A breakthrough in glucose control discovered by real PhD’s not those guys that took the correspondence course on the internet, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Everybody’s an expert on the internet.

You and I need to be our own best advocates and it’s not that difficult to do. All we need is the courage to ask all the questions, accept nothing without proof, and rely on something more than what we see on a screen…remember, common sense? It’s still alive and well.

So take some action and Judge for Yourself. Get the FREE NEW YOU Report.