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Shaping Quality Management Processes

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Whether you offer services or products to your customers, ensuring quality to your customers is vital to help to shape a better and more profitable business. You cannot, however, just expect quality and especially if you are running a busy and hectic company you need to have good quality management processes in place to ensure that quality is consistent throughout the organisation.

Before setting the processes involved in quality management, you need to decide what kind of level of service you are expecting in other words, to write a quality policy which sets out a baseline level for the quality you expect each member of staff in your organisation to give. With this policy, everybody knows where they stand and exactly what is required of them in their day to day work tasks.

Quality management isnt only about ensuring customers are happy, although youre likely to want to include a way in which you handle complaints and customer feedback in your management processes but it can also benefit the business in a number of different ways. It will help, for example, to track make records of invoices and receipts in a more efficient and effective way, ensure your staff members are correctly trained and working towards their personal development aims alongside good HR processes and an overall higher level of service or product.

Once youve identified your quality policy, and the areas you would like to cover, the next step is to outline the processes which you already have in place youll find that even if you dont think you have processes in place, there will be a few informal ones you already use. If youve noticed problem areas, or find places where you think there should be some improvement, this is the time to tweak the way in which you work to iron out any of these issues.

Check these processes against the quality policy youve written and identify any that will need processes adding to them to ensure your policy can be upheld before creating a process document. It is really important to remember that your quality management system should adapt and change as your company develops and as new issues arise youre unlikely to get it right first time, so dont be afraid to make changes until you get it right.

You shouldnt be afraid that your business is too small to have a quality management system in place. In fact, smaller companies have a big advantage over large companies when implementing systems of this nature, because having the processes in place early gives a good framework for development and growth.

Remember to include forward thinking processes in your organisation; ensure someone is keeping up to date with the latest changes in legislation and regulations to keep your business one step ahead of the wheel.

Although there is no reason why companies cannot simply use their own resources and people for the task of setting up a quality management policy, help can always be found if youre looking for an expert to give you a hand. Business consultants can help you really lay down good processes and there are standards that you can be accredited to so that you can prove that your quality management system really is of a high quality.


Employment Background Screening

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About fifty years back, hiring a person was a simple process. All you had to do after receiving the application was a quick cross reference with previous employers and hire the person. In many cases, even that was not done; people were hired simply because a neighbor or a friend had something good to say about them. Hiring was a matter of gut instinct.

Not any longer. Today, this casual attitude towards hiring your employees could cost you billions of dollars in lost lawsuits.

A security agency had to pay $3 million after their guard had stolen from a client. Subsequent checks revealed that the employee had a colorful criminal record. ?A sales firm had to pay $175,000 in negligent hiring lawsuits when its sales representative was caught forging signatures.

Many companies have lost millions of dollars in negligent hiring lawsuits because they did not uncover vital information through employment background screening.

The Society for Human Resource Management says that 95% of HR professionals in charge of hiring employees conduct employment background screening before they hire. This is a whopping 35% increase from the 60% who used to screen employees in the 1990s. There seems to be a reason for this sudden jump: more than 40% of job applications submitted in the US contain false or fabricated data. More than 9% of the employees who have agreed to get their backgrounds checked are hiding criminal histories. Thus, it is obvious that hiring is contingent on successful employment background screening.

A thorough employment background screening exposes information that was intentionally withheld or mistakenly omitted. Often, employees embellish the truth, particularly when it comes to educational qualification, expertise or experience. Such hidden information may have serious repercussions if it is discovered in a tricky situation. Needless to say, access to such data will stop you from hiring antisocial elements.

Employment background screening consists of a number of checks: background checks, drug tests and psychometric testing. This helps employers ascertain claims regarding qualification, education, previous employment and criminal history. It also helps them uncover any blemished in the person’s character.

Background searching services are offered by a large number of online services and private investigators. When choosing the right company, select a company that has access to a wide network of information. Most screening companies retrieve data from a common pool of data stored with government agencies. They then dig further for criminal history, credit data, sexual offense registration information and other sensitive material. All the data collected on the potential employee is then compiled into a single background check report. The company you employ must be able to give you quick results, because you obviously don’t want to lose a good employee to your competition.

Whether you conduct an in-house background screening or employ the services of a background screening company, it is necessary to go through the claims of your potential employee with a fine-toothed comb. Companies that fail to perform their due diligence before hiring may have to close shop if the worst happens.


Hr Policy Development Is Perfect For Running Organisation Smoothly

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All companies have their HR policy development. These policies are very significant for because help in overriding all facets of employment within the orgamnisation. The company has to draft policy to deal with the issues like drug policy, workplace violence, records management, hiring, firing, disciplinary procedures, and many others.

In order to run the company, they plan HR strategies and policies, which are drafted according to law of the land where company where it is situated. The writer or drafters of structural review of HR policy and enterprises agreement they must write or draft some of the policies or strategies from global point of view but they must not forget local perspective must be considered while drafting and writing HR reporting.

These policies set effective guidelines for every facet of involvements within the organization which must match with the organizational vision and culture. These drafted policies need to review at regular interval of time in order to maintain alignment with basic laws of governing employment and to accommodate organizational changes.

In the recent years, HR organisation across the globe have become tech-savvy and HR staff is now free from irritating of repetitive and dull administrative to give more emphasis on human resource development programs which objective is to increase employee productivity, performance and retention. Now the most of the companies have increased the value of the most important assets that is employees. They have increased their skills, activities, and incentives with business objectives and strategies as well.
Some of the most important factors are competency, career development, recruitment, performance management and succession planning, which are very important for every organisation. Additionally, the right software, clean data and accurate execution are main responsible factors for success which are commonly often ignored. But one must always remember that these effective elements require the complete knowledge that changing technology alone will achieve little. Change management always begins delivering its value but is only possible when it is supported by and integrated with other components of the infrastructure, which are part of an explicit HR strategy.

The main function of change management programs is to allow organisation to assess and check the maximum use of updates and changes take place in software, operating systems or application platforms in the computer and networking systems of the organisation. Whatever changes taken place, it must be approved within an hour before they can be implemented. The management program is used for handling a robotic request to change (RFC) that prevent the IT department or management team from handling the issues case-by-case basis.

The HR strategy is to align the objective of HR to the goals or strategy of the organisation like recruitment, retention and termination are a small part of it. While developing or drafting HR strategies two main questions must be answered. First is to define that want kind of people require for managing and running business in order to meet the goal of organisation and other is what type of program should be designed, drafted and executed to attract, develop and retain the employee for competing effectively and successfully.

For answering these four important questions, four key features of organization must be remembered, which are flowing:

1)Culture: the beliefs, values, norms and managing style of the organization
2)Organization: the structure, job roles and reporting lines of the organization
3)Workforce: the skill levels, staff latent and management potential
4)Human resources systems: the people focused mechanisms which deliver the strategy – employee selection, communications, training, rewards, career development, etc.


Right Payroll Software Delhi and Its Merits for Business Management

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Payroll management is an integral function which cannot be overlooked yet the traditional system of accounting did not serve the purpose in error free manner. Thus, buying payroll software from Delhi is a decision to be taken after analyzing its worth.

Protection of wages by managing it and its components proves to be an obligation for every business owner to ensure just payroll. To begin with, salary structure of all the staff members varies depending on their designation. Nevertheless, missing out any allowance or deduction while ruling out payroll, the glitches pertaining to calculations can prove to be major interruption in the mechanism of accounting officials! On the other hand, if these issues get neglected due to miscellaneous reasons, then, the entire episode can leave a negative impact on employees. Well, this can be avoided if ERP solution has been purchased by the company owner which compiles necessary modules those in totality make payroll management simplified.

Moreover, this software which is specifically developed for monitoring payroll and its constituents has absolute automated functioning. This in turn is a basic feature which lessens the burden of officials to a greater extent enabling them to make salary slips in most convenient way. In fact, payroll software Delhi has undergone improvisation several times and the best version which is available at present delivers advanced solution. The best part to be mentioned over here is the customization of software which can allow entrepreneurs to make the most out of its mechanism. Before actually proceeding with the finalization of best service provider based in Delhi, it will be ideal to take a look at points of significance those can influence your decision by and large:

USP of the solution has to be determined initially: Ever since payroll solutions powered by high-end technologies have emerged as resourceful yet when it comes to invest on highly advanced payroll management system Delhi, one has to check for its USPs. In other words, the whole idea is to select the solution of managing salary and its components after checking its promising nature that makes it superior as compared to others.

Chalk out your priorities to get tailored services: In case, pre-designed software of payroll available in Delhi does not meet your business targets effectually, then, you should identify the unique needs. After maintaining this checklist, you will be able to request for HR payroll software on the basis of the same rightly. However, you have to make sure your all the requisites have been presented forth the service providers appropriate so that they can offer profitable solution.

Ask the expert to avoid goofing up: In case, you are unable to take a final call with respect to finalization of payroll software Delhi, then, it is ideal to involve consultants. These experts will not just offer free demo of their software of payroll instead they even suggest the potential output. To cut it short, due to their immense experience in dealing with distinct business types, the consultants can recommend which variation of modules within the interface of payroll software will be beneficial for you.

On a whole, it can be affirmed that buying best payroll management system becomes quicker process, if all the aspects are borne in mind beforehand.

Payroll Software Delhi developed by HR Software Solutions is regarded as one of the best and easy to use software comprising of Payroll management system Delhi of both windows and web based modules.


Employee Background Screening -2

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Founded in 1993, Onicra has been a leader in the field of corporate consultancy and human resource services. Onicra has been dedicated to providing a viable commercial identity and human-resource related expertise to companies, commercial corporations and commercial institutions. At Onicra, the human resource services and consultations utilize powerful and accurate statistical tools to facilitate accurate analytical and inferential data, thus correctly rating and assessing potential for commercial growth and performance. To this date, some of Indias biggest and most respected companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Volkswagen, HDFC Bank and Genpact form an illustrious resume of Onicras clientele.

Among its numerous consequential industry-oriented services, Onicra offers the services of Employee background screening. These are in the nature of extensive pre employment checks initiated by Onicra for a particular employee to assess his/her potential for growth, commercial aptitude and efficiency. Onicra goes through extensive personalized individual data, records, achievement statements, certificates and appraisals for each candidate to generate a unique rating, which is extremely accurate by industry standards. Onicra has developed its own system of ratings, using powerful analytical and statistical tools like the PRTS (Performance Rating and Tracking System), enabling an almost spot-on assessment of the potential and the job-worthiness of an employee.

The pre employment screening process facilitated by Onicra assists companies and commercial corporations identify and cultivate the best, most talented and efficient personnel as their workforce. To do this, Onicra maintains an extensive database that tracks and keeps tally of even the minutest relevant details of an employee that could affect or influence his professional career. By setting high standards for quality for the pre employment verification process, Onicra eliminates the possibilities of having wrong people at the wrong jobs, or possibilities of employee incompetence, ineligibility and incompatibility. The vast benefits of the extremely essential employee background screening processes directly accrue to the HR departments, who become free to direct their resources to training and honing employees.

The employee background screening procedures instituted and implemented by Onicra helps to maintain a level of trust between the employer and the employee. These protect companies against fraudulent employees, identity theft and dangers possibly arising from misrepresentation of vital information. The employment screening service offered by Onicra involves extensive checks and verification procedures on employees personal, social and academic background, legal reports and records and also records for substance abuse (if any). References and appraisals are also gathered and collated from previous employers, acquaintances, family members and colleagues.

The Employee Background Screening services offered by Onicra incorporate extensive verification procedures as stated below. Education Checks (verification of academic and professional qualifications) are used to determine the academic validity of a C.V to determine the eligibility of a potential employee. Pre employment checks are carried out to screen employment details pertaining to previously held designations, employment tenure, emoluments etc. Often, this acts as a reflective index of the employees temperament, aptitude and capability. Onicra also checks the applicants criminal records (if any) with law enforcement authorities and existing criminal records databases. A meticulous verification procedure is also done about the candidate with the person enlisted as his/her reference.

Onicra also implements rigorous checks for possible representations and corruption of data in the applicants C.V, substance and drug abuse records (if any) and checks for criminal litigations. Onicra ascertains the applicants identity as well, through checks for PAN Cards, driving licenses, licenses, Passports and other vital documentation. The verification process is implemented to be a perpetual, continuous process, accommodating possibilities for changes of results over courses of time. Thus, Onicra revolutionized background checks in India by appropriating a series of checks that are best suited locally.