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Things You Can Do Now To Cash in On Social Marketing

by como ·

Seven is a magic number. Why? Because there are seven simple strategies every small business can employ to jump on the social marketing bandwagon. The best part: most require only a moderate investment of time and/or money.

1.Start Blogging – Blogging is old news to many. Not quite the distant past, but still not the futuresort of a Web 1.5. Is blogging whats hot at the moment? Well, no. It certainly doesnt compare with chasing a link from the front page of Digg. But blogging is alive and well! It continues to be a great way to get interactively connected with your customers. Dialoguing is the reason social marketing exists. How much time you invest in your blog is up to you, but youll get out what you put in. You dont have to drive yourself crazy putting in daily entries, but you should establish a regular schedule for your blog updates. Otherwise, when people check your blog theyll see the same-old/same-old so often that theyll stop visiting your sitewhich is the whole reason you started the blog! So dont shoot yourself in the foot by creating a blog thats a visitor-repellent rather than a visitor-magnet.

Blogging is not a monologue. Your blog is not the electronic equivalent of Hamlets soliloquy. Just the opposite! Blogging is about creating conversations and joining others in progress. Take time to read what others in your industry are saying. Get in on the discussion (and get your name out there) by posting your comments on other blogs. It’s free, and again, the amount of time you invest can bring some very big returns. The beauty of blog posts is that youll almost always be encouraged to supply your name and URL when leaving a comment. This is a great way to build visibility and create a springboard to catapult traffic from other blogs to yours.

2. Take and Share Digital Photos – Flickr can be a tremendous marketing tool thanks to its incredibly active photo groups. The time and cost investment are minimal, and you can use Flickr to reach thousands of highly targeted prospects with compelling images of your product.

3. Be The Answer Man (or Woman) at Yahoo Answers – Theres one thing you have to offer that no one else does your expertise. If you’re a service-based business, your knowledge is your #1 marketing tool. Yahoo Answers is a great place for you to hammer away at prospects. Imagine being the go-to person that people seek out. Thats who youll be at Yahoo Answers.

Theres no better way to share your expertise and make an instant and direct connection with potential customers. I know dozens of marketing pros like me who spent as little as an hour or two each week answering SEO and promotion-oriented questions there. They tell me that theyve been able to track big results from even that small investment of time.

4. Get Into the Movie Business – Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but moving pictures are worth their weight in solid gold marketing. Fortunately, good video cameras are cheap these days, and a short video needs little editing/production work in todays “everyones a filmmaker” environment. And if youve got the creative “chops” to add some sizzle to a video, go for it! Be the next Scorsese, if you can. Fortunately, the software you need to add special effects won’t break the bank. The most “viral” videos are usually spontaneous and unproducedmerely “captured” by a videographer. For marketing purposes, however, a produced video is the way to go and a how-to video featuring your product is a good choice. If the look or location of your business is a selling point, “tour” videos of a workplace, a restaurant, the homes you sell, the real estate you landscape, etc. are your best bet.

Marketing videos are finding a home on local search portals like CitySearch. The find-it-in-your-town site announced that local video ads will be added to its listings. is also exploring the idea of video opportunities.

Upload your videos to a unique page on your own website or add them to your blog page. But dont stop there! YouTube is the most obvious and the most active sharing destination. And there are so many others. Just nose around the web and youll find em.

5. Dont Wait To Visit – There are many so-called discovery type sites in social marketing. The best-known are Digg, Reddit, and Netscape, but theyre also a bit complicated. StumbleUpon requires the lowest time investment. The sites functionality makes it much quicker and easier to join groups related to your industry and add friends from those groups.

Once youve joined and created your lists, you can start to upload “sticky” (appealing to visitors) content and before you know it, other users will “stumble upon” what you’ve added. Thats when the “magic begins”. When visitors give your pages good feedback, your content is shown to even more users.

You cant sell your product or service on StumbleUpon. The benefit it offers is increased traffic, which can lead to increased profits. Those profits are just a click away because your site is just a click away. Think of StumbleUpon as a way to increase awareness, Blog readership, grow subscribers, etcall of which ultimately feed into your profit stream.

6. Join Up – A HUGE part of social marketing is detective work. You need to find your customers where they like to hang out. Well, if your customers are like most people on the planet, its pretty likely that they hang out at Yahoo Groups or Google Groups to share interests and opinions.

Fetch, Marketer! Go get those prospects.

Like Flickr, the groups at Yahoo and Google are organised into interest-based lists. When you join the lists and discussions, you can offer your expertise (theres that word again) and become a trusted member of the communitythe person that other people will want to do business with.

Theres no better outcome to marketing than that!

7. Make Friends, Not Noise – As you explore social marketing opportunities across the web, be sensitive to the rules and regulations posted on various websites. As a member of a social community, its your obligation to play by the rules so make sure you know them and follow them! But here’s one general rule for using these sites as marketing tools: Don’t spam the system. Flickr doesn’t want your entire product inventory posted, and they have rules against doing so. But a few high-quality photo submissions that add to the community are fine.

Whatever social marketing you do, make a contribution to the community. Try to add content and comments of value, not an endless spew of “Buy my product” messages. In other words, dont be a leech thats merely there to suck up prospects. Give back a little. Or, better yet, give back a lot! When you do that, you’re on the road to social marketing success. (Translation: more money than youll know what to do with!)

And remember, with social marketing were not talking about any old traffic. Were talk about platinum, USDA Prime, pre-qualified, eager to do business, trusting, ready and willing prospects who dont think of you as a business they think of you as a friend.

So be a good friend. Deliver on the promise of quality and service. If you do that, social marketing will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

So stop dreaming and start marketingsocially