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Overcome Financial Strain Of Homeschool

by como ·

Homeschooling is hard work and life circumstances often put a parents decision to homeschool to the test. First of all, Mom was not always Mom. She once was a single girl who probably had an idea of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Now, whether it was an astronaut or to be a mother homeschooling her brood, it makes the actual task no easier.

When the time comes to be a full time mom, she has to decide whether or not she will go back to work. By the time homeschooling has come around, she is probably use to a routine with her home duties. She has probably been planning the transition into homeschool for some time and has developed lessons and dates with other homeschooling moms and even play groups with their children.

However, some families choose to homeschool and perhaps Mom and Dad have both had a career up until that point. Whether it is for religious reasons, poor public school performance, or expensive private school tuition, going from a Careerperson to Homeschool Teacher is a big jump.

There will be a strain on the Homeschool Teacher, be it Mom or Dad, because they will miss the business world and the interaction with coworkers. However, teaching your children is a busy and full time job, so a motivated homeschool teacher will rise to the challenge and push himself or herself.

Another strain will be financially. Even the most well-thought-out plan will have a few unexpected costs. Perhaps you did not realize how much Billy would love playing the keyboard so now he wants a piano. Even smaller things like the cost of a book, a trip to the Science Center, etc will begin to add up. After all, your tax dollars for public school will still be deducted, regardless of where your children are being educated.

If your household use to be a two-income family, and is now a one-income family, there are some sacrifices you will have to be prepared to make. Perhaps it means eating out a few less times per month. You could overcome some food cost by planting a small garden, and what a learning experience for the children!

Sometimes, families who homeschool their children have to find more creative measures to make ends meet. For example, a family with a walk out basement might decide to close access to the upper level and renovate the area, making it a small apartment. This could become a nice place for someone to live who is looking for rental homes . Of course, one should always be choosey when inviting a tenant into their home.

Another option is to become a tenant and look for rental homes in your area. While a family with children will most likely not comfortably fit into an apartment on the third floor of a complex, rental homes are a great answer to get around paying a mortgage and still have your own space.

There are other savings to looking for rental homes as well. The maintenance of owning a house can be tedious, let alone cost a small fortune for major repairs. Rental homes would require the property owner to maintain the structure and upkeep. And if you are very handy, perhaps the owner would credit your rent for any work you do. If your kids are old enough, they could even learn some handiwork and help out.

The trick to balancing homeschooling and finances is to be creative and turn everything into a learning experience for your children.