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Get Investment Options For Monthly Income

by como ·

Investment plans have been gaining great importance in the recent times because these plans have been providing additional income or can become future source of income to the plan buyer. Nowadays, with high inflation rates, income for most people is not being sufficient and it is forcing us all into looking for alternative sources of income. One of them has been to opt for investment options.
Investment planning today is on most peoples minds because of the seeming advantages of opting for them. One of the major advantages of investment planning is that one can secure income for the future. As there is a uncertainty when it comes to future, it is good to have a backup plan for ourselves instead of relying on anybody else.
Nowadays, there are many investment planning options open to people from the far ends of the spectrum. People falling under lower income groups as well as high income groups can take buy these investment options or investment plans. Some of the investment plans provide income on monthly basis apart from becoming a fund or source for income in the future.
For people who fall under low income category, the main concern is to increase the income. But, trying to increase income through investments might not be a good idea as the income would be sufficient to meet all the expenses. On the other hand, they could decrease their expenses and opt for saving which would secure their future.
On the other hand, people falling under high income category, can save significant amounts of their income in the form of investments or savings and can create a fund which can yield additional income.
These days, thanks to the availability of internet, one can easily search for the best investment plan in India. There are certain parameters which can used to judge and arrive at the best investment plan. Nowadays, banks and insurance companies are offering the best investment plan or investment options to people. These investment plans may require systematic or regular payments which can be turned into a worthwhile investment or those people who can invest in lump sum can invest it and gain regular income on that investment.
In the recent times, many people are coming forward to invest in stock markets and at the same time are also looking for means to minimize the risk of running into losses. Thus, there are ULIPs or Unit Linked Insurance Plans. These ULIPs are considered to be the best investment plan in India. These are basically insurance policies which provide the benefits of both insurance and investment at the same time. ULIPs act very much like insurance when collecting of premiums and paying of death annuity or annuity by maturity is concerned. On the other hand, when it comes to investment, premiums paid will be invested in units similar to mutual funds. These units will gain value (Net Present Value) or NPV over a period of time yielding profit. But, one aspect which must be considered is that the scope of running into losses in case of ULIP investment plans cannot be overlooked.
There are also other investment plans which can also be considered as the best investment plan. These include simple FDs with banks, RDs or Recurring Deposits with banks and post offices, etc.
There are safer investment options with India post offices. India Post also provides various investment options ranging from monthly income schemes, recurring deposits, national savings certificate, etc. These are low risk but best investment plan in India and provide low return in the long run. So, it is up to the investor who either wishes to make high profits can choose high risk investments or he could choose low risk low return investments where the principal amount is safe but the return would be lower.