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USANA Fraud Is USANA Legit – Or Is It A FRAUD!

by como ·

It seems everywhere you turn there is another USANA fraud claim. Given that you’re on this page right now, you’re questioning whether USANA is a scam – or if it’s a good business opportunity to promote. Here’s the thing: your’e not the only one. More than 1000 individuals every four weeks are on the Internet looking for an honest answer to that inquiry. In this piece of writing, I’m about to reveal the truth about USANA so that you will be able to weigh the facts and decide whether or not this is the business for you. I’ve got to disclaim before we begin, that I’m in no way affiliated with USANA. I do not consume USANA supplements, nor do I recruit people into a USANA team. In spite of this, I’ve been in multi-level marketing since 2007 and can show you some things that may not appear at first glance.

So first of all, USANA is not a fraud – it’s a legitimate business that began in 1992, manufacturing & delivering supplements nearly worldwide through a network marketing promotion model. It’s honestly rather regrettable you’ll find so many negative comments and writings online about USANA. The truth behind these false USANA fraud confirmations is that they are coming from angry former USANA distributors that failed at creating a substantial business with USANA and now want to hurt the company and dissuade future USANA reps from joining. The reason for failure in USANA and in all other legitimate network marketing companies is NOT because of the company – & I’ll explain this further in just a moment. First, I want to help you understand the facts behind why USANA is 100% legitimate.

Verifying False USANA Fraud Assertations…

People who are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing and the laws that govern it now for over thirty years can see right away that USANA is a great network marketing company that falls inside of the FTC guidelines of a legitimate home business. USANA doesn’t just fall within legal parameters, they’ve actually won several honors for their product line and pay plan.

The uncertainty of USANA fraud typically stems from a lack of understanding of the rules which govern MLM corporations in the USA, and confusing a legally recognized Multi-level marketing business with a pyramid scheme. The people who aren’t knowledgeable of these rules have clearly failed to study the foundation for the law suits that happened in America in the early 1970s.

There are 2 simple details about USANA that clearly make it legitimate:

To start with, they’ve got excellent products that are backed by extensive scientific studies. Pyramid scams don’t even have a product. In a pyramid scheme, you can only be paid by recruiting more people into the business and that is obviously completely illegal.

The second point is that USANA’s pay plan is extremely balanced and distributors of USANA earn more money on average than most other network marketing companies existing today. USANA employs a binary pay plan wherein distributors are centered around finding two distributors, that find two, that find two, and so fourth. Any distributor you recruit after your first two, are credited to you as ‘personally sponsored,’ but actually are placed below one of the first 2 people you recruited. This style of pay plan has grown to be widely popular over the past 10 years & USANA was one of the pioneering companies that brought it into existance. The legitimacy of this pay model fits within every International regulation and is one-hundred percent lawful.

So, clearly the response is simple: there is no USANA fraud going on. However, as I mentioned formerly in this article, nearly all the USANA scam allegations on the Internet were posted by former reps who didn’t make money with USANA. This causes one to question the reason for the massive failure rate in USANA and the network marketing profession broadly, and the answer is easy: a shortage of marketing understanding and marketing training. You see, even though USANA falls within the guidelines of a legitimate MLM business and it can be a great company to be a part of, the guidelines do not include training on effective marketing strategies to help insure your success.

Generally speaking, most uplines in USANA teach you to make a list of everyone you know and invite them to a business opportunity briefing. Once you’re done with that, they’ll instruct you to buy leads online and telemarket them until you’re blue in the face. THIS, is exactly why there is such a high failure rate in USANA – telling everyone you know about this business opportunity is NOT marketing! Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t work – I am saying that it doesn’t work for most people, and if you want to be successful in this industry you should try some updated marketing strategies that have been proven to work for more than 1% of the people that attempt them.

So, in conculsion, now that I’ve debunked the USANA fraud myth, if you’re considering joining USANA, I recommend first obtaining some good USANA marketing training to help get you started on the right track and pave your way to success.