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Financial Crisis A Great Opportunity For E-commerce

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The turbulent financial tsunami has spread to the real economy. In the current international financial crisis, many foreign trade enterprises, especially export-oriented SMEs are facing difficulties. Experts of different areas give counsel, hoping to help businesses tide over their difficulties smoothly. One of the great expectations lies on e-commerce.

Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping pointed out that e-commerce electronizes and digitizes the traditional business, which significantly reduce manpower, material and cost. At the same time, e-commerce breaks through time and space, which makes transactions more convenient and efficient. In addition, e-commerce also has the characteristics of globalization and open, which may create more trade opportunities for enterprises. It is one of the most reliable means for SMEs to get out of the plight.

Domestic e-commerce companies, daring not to be sloppy, one after another start the “winter” program to reduce the cost of service delivery, improve the quality of service and innovate the forms of services. At this time of SMEs should further increase the use and popularity of e-commerce to improve the efficiency of access to information and further reduce transaction costs. SMEs accelerate the pace of e-commerce, not only for response to the current financial crisis, but upgrade its long-term competitiveness. The number of Chinese SMEs reached more than 3400 million, and the lack of access to the Internet 11,000,000; 70% of the exports is done by SMEs, while exports in the form of e-commerce accounted for only 4%. As a result, there is huge potential for e-commerce to SMEs.

CNZZ data center through the new e-commerce site, type of statistical analysis system providers found that the more integrated e-commerce systems provider to see the business opportunities and have traveled more than technological progress to promote the development of downstream applications, specifically for the performance, they are in the Jiushi Yue on the inter-launched as many as dozens of versions of the new system. One type of e-commerce site has been covered by the general user upgrade from 90,000,000 to 98,000,000, Baidu as the “ah” join the camp Mainland C2C, making domestic C2C site’s overall traffic in the May-October intergovernmental increased 20%, of which 10 The user is on the cover of the National 250,000,000 users of 95,000,000.

Internet analyst Andrew Collier believes that these changes mean that e-commerce is gradually replacing the traditional mode of selling and buying, or at least the traditional consumption patterns become a powerful complement. E-commerce has not the time and space limitations, network products at a glance a good user experience, to quickly get a large number of audiences.

Zhang Zhiqiang, president of the Executive CNZZ told reporters, the impact financial crisis on the global economy is enormous, but to Internet industry, the influence is more on the level of investment, that is to say, live in the past to rely on venture capital companies will face a number of crises, Practitioners in the field of the Internet will face the pressure of employment or unemployment. But for users, the Internet has not diminished demand, Internet users will not reduce the financial crisis, the arrival of Internet access time. According to the monitoring, small and medium-sized sites due to lower operating costs, and not rely on venture capital for a living, a very small impact on its crisis and therefore did not reduce the number, type of e-commerce site was on the contrary there will be prosperity, mainly because of the crisis prompted many Internet users Cost-effective option actively trying to improve the Internet e-commerce to reduce the cost of consumption.

China International Electronic Commerce Center Director Liu Junsheng also said, “The financial crisis, has posed a challenge to e-commerce. At the same time, it also brings new opportunities.”